RAMADAN: Reason #99 why you should NEVER hire a Muslim

image6787631x_370x278-viMuslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) wants to make sure you know how to demand your rights in the workplace this Ramadan. Below is a primer on how to take time off for obligatory rituals to ensure that your fasting, prayers, and holiday time ARE NOT DISRUPTED BY YOUR WORK!!

CAIR  Please familiarize yourself with your employee rights, particularly on religious accommodation.

Did you know that you’re entitled to prayer and iftar breaks, and time off for Eid? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and particularly section 42 U.S.C § 2000e(j) allow an employee to take time off for sincerely held beliefs (MUSLIM time off requests exceed those of all other religions combined). Here are some do’s and don’ts on how to request a religious accommodation:


* Do follow your employer’s policies when requesting an accommodation. Before making your request, review your employer’s policy and follow any procedures stated in the employee manual regarding notification and requesting time off. (But because you are a Muslim supremacist, you can demand special accommodations for your religion.  If the employer refuses, CAIR will help you sue them and publicize your case in all the local and national media, calling in Eric Holder if necessary)


* Do make clear that the reason you’re requesting the accommodation is because of a MUSLIM religious belief or practice.

* Do keep a personal record of when and how your request was made, and whether and how it was accommodated. (Take along a hidden tape recorder which you can use to prove the employer did not treat you the way Muslims demand to be treated)


* Do follow up verbal requests in writing to ensure a written record is kept. (More evidence for the lawsuit)

* Don’t recite the infidels’ man-made law (Muslims only believe in Allah’s law) when requesting accommodation. Most employers will work with you to accommodate your requests for prayer and iftar breaks and time off on Eid. (And Allah help them if they don’t comply)


* To ensure your religious accommodation requests are granted, it is best to begin by following your employer’s procedures. If, however, your reasonable requests for prayer and iftar breaks are not accommodated, please know that you have legal rights. (CAIR has an Army of litigation jihadists ready to file a religious discrimination suit on your behalf against your employer within a few days. Expect to be dragged around to TV News stations with your CAIR lawyer so you can play the Muslim victim card in front of the willing dhimmi media)







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  1. If you can have “SMOKING AREA” for smokers , why so hard to share just for 10 minutes for a space 2.5 ft × 4 ft .

    • Smoking isn’t a religion. Let them pray withe the smokers as that is the official break time. If you give time off on a daily basis to one religious group, you have to give it to everyone for any reason. The quran says you can make up your prayers later if you miss them. 2.5′ x 4′ you say? That’s assuming there is only one muslim. Throwing your so-called religion in our faces and demanding accommodations that no other religious group gets, makes even more people hate you than the millions who do now.

    • It is not a question of sparing few minutes or hours. Koran teaches it’s believer to disrespect and hate Infidel’s belief, faith, way of living and so on. Hence it is disastrous to follow/allow others to practice ISLAM.

  2. Our company will NOT hire muslims, nor hire anyone with muslims in their immediate or near-immediate family.

    If they stage a protest outside our company properties, we will have our Security deal with such. In whatever manner they choose.

      • Nope, not yet. 🙂 Husband and I have plans for a company dealing with Alternative Energy. I’m not a stay-at-home at all, and not a mom yet. I spend half my day oit of the house handling any number of things, and the evenings juggling the internet and home-life. It’s a good thing I only need 4 hours of sleep out of 24…

  3. BNI. Because of my job type. I have to deal with the public and can’t be voicing my opinion or doing things at this time at work, I don’t want to lose my job. Outside of work is a different story. I have the Israel and American flag on my car and wear an EDL pin and voice my opinions to others.

      • Three men that I know are muslims, may be more. Now as for the women, since they don’t wear hijabs yet, even though muslims say their religion requires it, I don’t know but I am sure there must be a few hiding in some crack. I don’t have them in the office but in the company. I have already had some of the employees getting upset at me because of what I say about muslims and they don’t have anything to say to me. I have stickers on my bumper knocking muslims but the company can’t say anything about those. Peace to all non-muslims who want muslims to leave our country.

  4. Such incidences are less in India. Here people know from the beginning what this religion is all about. So these pigs don’t make fuss about such things here. Other Countries are recently being exposed to this religion and due to mysterious fog that surrounds this religion muslims always win. Don’t they have to pray when they are protesting against such issues? Hypocrites!

    • Are you sure they’re not the FATHERS of darkness?

      To rehash the old puzzle:

      Who came first Iblis or mohammed?

      IFTikhar? Nihad? Andy?


  6. Muslims. Sharia. Everywhere that Islamic immigration has penetrated, we see them whining their threats from the same playbook, that we must respect them and their religion, make way for them, else we die. But I know of no other religion that demands respect, conversion or submission by threat.

    Even a village idiot knows that respect cannot be demanded and must instead be earned. Qaradawi, Obama and Morsi, are you listening?

    The fact is that Islam, through the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and all their Sharia-adherent ilk of ideology, is proving on a daily basis that it is no religion of peace. It is proving, by their own words, that all non-believers must submit to the will of “Allah.”

    Hence the word Islam and our need to defeat its satanic ideology.

  7. So the reason muslims are upset and bombing the west is because they are poor. They are poor because they cant find work. They cant find work because they do not want to integrate. They don’t integrate so they sue all the companies that want to hire them for infringing on their absurd rights. The companies don’t want to hire them because they work less and cause more problems. They can’t get hired because they demand too much. They end up poor and on welfare and threaten to bomb the west. They get more welfare and live without working. Hmmm, is my logic wrong somewhere?

  8. Is there anything subtle that can be done that muslims don’t like during Ramadan that we can wear or a color or something else that will piss them off? Something that others will think it wasn’t done on purpose? I want to piss a muslim off during ramadan but don’t want anyone to know that I am doing it on purpose. I guess it is just part of my culture to do it. Peace to all non-muslims who can help with this.

    • Kaafir, do you work with Muslims? Where do you encounter them? I know on the pro-Islam blogs they were outraged at the UK SUN for using the headline ‘RAMADAMA DING DONG’ on the story about Channel 4 announcing they were going to broadcast the Muslim Call to Prayer everyday during Ramadan. Maybe you could make up a T-shirt with that on it?

      • There are three muslim men where I work, I don’t know about the women since most don’t wear the hijab, that they say is a religious requirement and I encounter muslim women on the public bus now and then. Most of the muslim women I see on the bus one day you will see them without their hijab and the next day they are wearing it. I can do a tee shirt, no problems, but they will know that I am doing it on purpose. There is also a college nearby that has a lot of muslims. I just want to piss them off without them knowing it.

        • Does your place of employment have a kitchen area? If so, “accidently” burn a ham sandwich in the microwave and let everyone savor the aroma. Or, get a spray bottle and fill it with water with some ham juice in it and, when no one is looking (or you’re not on camera), spray it around their desks, computers, phones, etc.

    • An ex-Marine I knew observed that scuzzlums would always pray in a certain hallway, near the window. What he did was bottle up some urine, let it ferment, then pour it all over the part of the hallway where the scuzzlums prayed, late at night. It was dry by the next day but smelled terrible, so terrible no scuzzlums prayed there that day.

  9. If, you don’t want to put up with this crap, as an employer. Don’t hire them in the first place. Their are plenty of good Americans looking for work. It’s time to be selective.
    If they are already on your payrolls, rewrite your employee manual, with the help of a lawyer. We need to start nipping all their wants in the bud and make America not suitable to their Islamic needs.

  10. Great post, BNI. My personal code is: don’t hire a Muslim, don’t work for one, don’t do business with one, and don’t ever, ever think one of them is your “friend”. I am especially careful to avoid doing business with a Muslim or buying any Muslim-made product. There is nothing “halal” in our home.

  11. I could just imagine the whole World go,s scumlim, then on ramadam the whole has to stop, the whole bleedin world these people ate not for real

  12. During Ramadan eat as many bacon sandwiches as you desire, leave many crumbs on the floor. Eat eat eat in front of them and guzzle wine and other delicious fluids.
    Say, ‘oh it’s Ramadan? I didn’t know, since I don’t subscribe to backwards barbarian cults’. Ask bizarre questions, like “Are you allowed to fuck on Ramadan?” ” do the men eat first and women get only leftovers?”
    “If you are pregnant, is this healthy for an entire month?” “hows terrorism against the WEST going this month?”
    “so sorry you feel weak, would you like half of my BLT?”
    If a man says, “hey, brought my goats, are you sure you want to marry my sister?”
    Say yes,

  13. Whre oh whre did thos nice neat sgns come from. From the looks of those involved,they can’t write in English, much lses s speak it.
    You can’t see the backs of the signs, but I’m sure there is the equivalent of an arrow or “This way up ” in Hindsi or Farsi.

  14. What are the consequences of employing an all non Muslim staff if you’re an employer in the states.

    I mean if I where to launch a new business in the East end of London and I didn’t employ at least some Muslims I would run the risk of charges of race discrimination being made against me. Even though Islam isn’t a race.

    Who runs the USA these days CAIR, or the United States Government?

  15. Remember people you have a human right to eat, so take in ham sandwiches for yourlunch at the office! If a dhimi boss comes to tell you off for not observing ramadam, politely tell him/her/it that you are hungry and it’s a basic human right to eat. Get in trouble and sue the company via human rights legislation and kerching!!!!
    You need to start using our laws in the same manner as the koranimals do!

    • “For WE (360 idols) have made YOU (mohammedans) the BEST of peoples.”

      What part of BEST don’t you understand?

      Nihad ‘islamist’ Awad: “Why do they HATE us?”