RAMADAN: Reason #99 why you should NEVER hire a Muslim

image6787631x_370x278-viMuslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) wants to make sure you know how to demand your rights in the workplace this Ramadan. Below is a primer on how to take time off for obligatory rituals to ensure that your fasting, prayers, and holiday time ARE NOT DISRUPTED BY YOUR WORK!!

CAIR  Please familiarize yourself with your employee rights, particularly on religious accommodation.

Did you know that you’re entitled to prayer and iftar breaks, and time off for Eid? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and particularly section 42 U.S.C § 2000e(j) allow an employee to take time off for sincerely held beliefs (MUSLIM time off requests exceed those of all other religions combined). Here are some do’s and don’ts on how to request a religious accommodation:


* Do follow your employer’s policies when requesting an accommodation. Before making your request, review your employer’s policy and follow any procedures stated in the employee manual regarding notification and requesting time off. (But because you are a Muslim supremacist, you can demand special accommodations for your religion.  If the employer refuses, CAIR will help you sue them and publicize your case in all the local and national media, calling in Eric Holder if necessary)


* Do make clear that the reason you’re requesting the accommodation is because of a MUSLIM religious belief or practice.

* Do keep a personal record of when and how your request was made, and whether and how it was accommodated. (Take along a hidden tape recorder which you can use to prove the employer did not treat you the way Muslims demand to be treated)


* Do follow up verbal requests in writing to ensure a written record is kept. (More evidence for the lawsuit)

* Don’t recite the infidels’ man-made law (Muslims only believe in Allah’s law) when requesting accommodation. Most employers will work with you to accommodate your requests for prayer and iftar breaks and time off on Eid. (And Allah help them if they don’t comply)


* To ensure your religious accommodation requests are granted, it is best to begin by following your employer’s procedures. If, however, your reasonable requests for prayer and iftar breaks are not accommodated, please know that you have legal rights. (CAIR has an Army of litigation jihadists ready to file a religious discrimination suit on your behalf against your employer within a few days. Expect to be dragged around to TV News stations with your CAIR lawyer so you can play the Muslim victim card in front of the willing dhimmi media)