EGYPT: Now we know why Mohamed ElBaradei was un-appointed interim prime minister less than 24 hours after he was appointed

baradai_erian_580375660Mohamed ElBaradei called for the Muslim Brotherhood to be included in Egypt’s political future, in a media interview conducted before his candidacy as interim premier hit opposition. ElBaradei told German news weekly Der Spiegel in remarks published Sunday that members of the Muslim Brotherhood camp of ousted president Mohamed Morsi should not be treated as criminals.

TheJournal  “I am calling for inclusion of the Brotherhood in the democratisation process,” he said in comments printed in German. “No one should be taken to court without a convincing reason. Former president Morsi must be treated with dignity,” he added, calling such principles “preconditions for national reconciliation”.

ElBaradei with actiing president Adly Mansour
ElBaradei with actiing president Adly Mansour

Asked whether he feared becoming a “fig leaf” for the military, which deposed Morsi Wednesday, ElBaradei insisted the generals were listening to his concerns. “My red line is that I won’t work with anyone who does not respect tolerance and democracy,” he said.

ElBaradei said he expected new elections “at the latest in one year’s time” and said he could accept another Muslim Brotherhood victory if it respected democratic principles.

The official MENA news agency said on Saturday that caretaker president Adly Mansour had appointed ElBaradei as interim premier, only for his office to later deny any final decision had been taken.

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