Gee, I wonder who convinced the wife of a former British soldier murdered in the street to say she does not want people to “speculate about what happened?”

Oh, excuse us, for speculating that the slaughter of your husband, David Ryding, might have been committed by a Muslim, two of whom made headlines recently for doing the exact same thing to another British soldier in the street, Lee Rigby.

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David Ryding with his wife Nicola and daughter Mollie.
David Ryding with his wife Nicola and daughter Mollie.

Rugby Observer  A hearttfelt tribute has been made by the family of David Ryding, who died following an incident was brutally murdered near the taxi rank at the Clock Tower on Sunday morning (July 7).

Wife Nicola and daughter Mollie paid tribute to the 26 year old ex-soldier, who died after suffering a head injury. Ryding, from Moreton-in-Wirral, Merseyside, was in the First Battalion the Mercian Regiment but retired from the service in 2011.

The tribute reads: “David Ryding was a true hero who touched the lives of all who met him. He was a fun loving character and the world will not be the same without him. In our short time together he managed to turn our lives upside down and taught me what true happiness really was.

“He wanted nothing more than to make a difference to the world we live in. He served for our country alongside many and I was so proud to call him my husband. He was always trying to better himself to provide a better life for me and our daughter.

“Can I please ask that people do not speculate about what happened that night as the events from that night will become clear following the investigation. “For the future I hope that this makes people aware of the devastating consequences of what is an everyday occurrence.

“There is small comfort knowing that others have gained a new lease of life following the organ donation. I cannot encourage people enough to sign up for organ donation, it takes just five minutes and you could save a life – David saved three! He was a true hero right to the end.

“Mollie and myself will miss David dearly, our hearts have been shattered.