WOO HOO! French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo insults Muslims again in honor of Ramadamadingdong

charlie-hebdo-cartoon2In yet another courageous, in-your-face, anti-Islamic move, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo has chosen the first day of Ramadan to publish images on its front cover that desecrate the Quran, featuring the recent anti-Muslim Brotherhood protests in Egypt. FYI, Charlie Hebdo satirizes ALL religions, but only the Muslims have set fire to the Charlie Hebdo building.

ABNA (h/t Martin)  Islamic organizations in France have called on Muslims to exercise restraint (instead of their usual bloody riots) over the sacrilegious move and remain calm to defuse the magazine agenda. Charlie Hebdo has previously insulted Muslim sanctities several times publishing sacrilegious cartoons depicting Islam’s paedophile prophet Mohammed.

The cover says, ‘The quran is shit. It does not stop bullets.’



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  1. And here we go with Charlie Hebdo, the scum, AGAIN, wants to tell US what to do IN OUR COUNTRY !!!! You have no idea how harder and harder it is not to really go after them and give them the ultimatum of, out of our country walking on 2, or carried out by 6, because we have more so than enough and words can’t describe!

    A newsagent had to go to the police and have charges filed against some vermin who had the nerves to demand he removed from his shop the special from CH, which you can see illustrated on the top right of the picture you’ve used Bonni. He of course refused and they of course stared their usual threats and intimidation.

    Don’t expect much out of google translate as you well know, but here’s a link to it :


    Our rage keep rising as they well know, still they keep provoking us, well they cannot say they weren’t warned, because so help us…. !

  2. That is priceless hahaha. Wish more western publishers would have the balls to print comedy gold like this, too scared of the imminent backlash though!

  3. Nothing wrong with satirising religion as long as it’s an equal opportunity endeavour.

    For instance our past Archbishop of Canterbury was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when it came to defence of Anglicanism. He was the one who deemed shariah inevitable, in one fell swoop abandoning all principles.

    He needed the barbs and he got them which is maybe why he resigned.

    People will then say if all’s fair why is Holocaust denial a crime?

    They are conflating race and religion, not forgetting the absolute immorality of six million who died for nothing more or nothing less than being born of Jewish stock. Even one grandparent was enough.

    Incidentally this is why I get a little uneasy when people talk of deporting all Muslims. That’s how it all started in the Thirties.

    Yes, I know the glaring differences, the passivity of European Jews then and the total aggression of Muslims now is chalk and cheese but you know what they’re like and the comparison even used now by these imbeciles would turn them into martyrs which they definately are not.

    Anyway, let’s see how Hebdo fairs.

    • “Incidentally this is why I get a little uneasy when people talk of deporting all Muslims. That’s how it all started in the Thirties.”

      The jews were not involved in a campaign of terror and insurrection, they were blameless victims of outright bigotry.
      The muslim persecution in my opinion is justifiable due to their constant use of terror, rape and undermining of manmade laws. I see them as cancer cells in a healthy body needing removed before spreading uncontrollably.

    • ”Incidentally this is why I get a little uneasy when people talk of deporting all Muslims. That’s how it all started in the Thirties”

      logdon, the Jews in Nazi Germany were not ‘deported’. They were sent East for ‘resettlement’; ie: to be murdered in the death camps.

      I don’t want to murder any muslims, I just want them out of my country, because none of them can be trusted. So I want them deported, to dar-al-islam, *all* of them, and then all Islamic countries quarantined/ring fenced. Then leave them to get on with it. They’ll either all kill each other, or realise survival and a decent life mean jettisoning islam/mohammed/sharia. I don’t much care which option they pick, so long as they’re out of the West, no longer a danger to me and mine, to my values, laws, and culture.

  4. Thanks for the reminder BNI; I’ll be going out in a bit, to pick up some wine for my wife; think I’ll wear my Achmed, “SILENCE! I KEEL YOU!” shirt…..maybe my “REDEMPTION” shirt when I go out tomorrow, or Friday for coffee with an old friend and USMC vet…..don’t know which one I’ll wear Saturday when I go for BBQ luncheon with some old classmates!….Leaning toward “REDEMPTION” for that occasion, particularly since there are quite a number of muslimes in that area!

  5. A hard day’s murder for Moslems:

    Qur’an:9:112 “The Believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.”

    (Tabari VIII:141), “The battle cry of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah that night was: ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!'”

    Such a religion of peace! Kill, kill, kill.

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