WOO HOO! French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo insults Muslims again in honor of Ramadamadingdong

charlie-hebdo-cartoon2In yet another courageous, in-your-face, anti-Islamic move, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo has chosen the first day of Ramadan to publish images on its front cover that desecrate the Quran, featuring the recent anti-Muslim Brotherhood protests in Egypt. FYI, Charlie Hebdo satirizes ALL religions, but only the Muslims have set fire to the Charlie Hebdo building.

ABNA (h/t Martin)  Islamic organizations in France have called on Muslims to exercise restraint (instead of their usual bloody riots) over the sacrilegious move and remain calm to defuse the magazine agenda. Charlie Hebdo has previously insulted Muslim sanctities several times publishing sacrilegious cartoons depicting Islam’s paedophile prophet Mohammed.

The cover says, ‘The quran is shit. It does not stop bullets.’