GERMANY: Looks like the Brown Shirts are alive and well

stuerzenbergerAt a rally to protest construction of a mega mosque in Munich, police rip down a poster showing the faces of Muslim murderers. How long before they start burning books again?

Islam vs Europe  At one of the ongoing events to collect signatures demanding a referendum on the construction of a European Islamic Centre (ZIEM) in Munich, the organizers displayed a poster showing the faces of Muslim murderers or foreign origin. Bizarrely, while the event was ongoing, the state prosecutor ordered the poster to be confiscated because of a suspicion of incitement to hatred against peoples. Here you see the confiscation taking place.

The speaker, Michael Sturzenberger, complains of a two-tier justice system (dhimmi justice system in effect) in which you are permitted to show pictures of German murderers but not foreign Muslim murderers. 

Later he refers to a poster which says, quoting a Turkish writer, “The terror comes straight from the Koran”. This poster, too, was confiscated the previous year on suspicion that it incited to hatred against peoples. 


7 comments on “GERMANY: Looks like the Brown Shirts are alive and well

  1. Quote read on BNI yesterday: By Winston Churchill – “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog. Personally I see islam as Marxist anthrax from dinosaur dung which needs to be totally wiped out. Muslim with nuclear devices could make this planet as devoid of life as Mars.

  2. The Koran and other writing of the muslim terrorist code cannot stand the light of day in any nation. If the poster incites muslims let it happen so the problem with these a**holes can be settled once and for all.

  3. Sickening BUT isn’t this the point that the USA is almost at today, also???? I know that a lot of the European Countries are at this point. You can’t speak out against the ragheads. You can’t write or say negative things about them or their pedophile leader. Yep, free speech isn’t long from it’s day of death.

  4. All this while in Egypt the population erupts in revulsion at first glimpses of the Muslim dream for them. Ultimately we are responsible for the creation of the beet root and sireyahhoo just down the road. Nobody rides free.

  5. I consider the possibility of these actions as a result in the understanding of the natives as to who is really the guilty party in this entire mess, the brothers from their hood,, islam, are the culprits, and they damned well know it, truth is, like everything else they are involved in, they lie to all around the issue. Instead of fixing THEIR problems within their tribe, they instead, release the victim cards to further their lies, making the native the object of their scorn more obvious to all to witness.
    Of course, they can’t acknowledge THEIR problem is THEIRS alone, that would be an admittance of the truth, and since we all understand lying is permissible in their minds, culture, and mandated by their so-called holy shit book, it does little good to point that out to the average idiots who define and defend it.

    One does not have to look any further then the truth in this case to understand why it is these so-called leaders want tranquility to reign, to do otherwise would only stir the festering hatred for the infidels alone to cause massive reprisals against the members of the tribe from hell, muslims in general. The word is, COWARDS, fix that to your mind and understand, any time one party denies, denies, and then accuse others for which they alone are responsible, it secures only resentment, anger, hatred, disgust and contempt and it begins to look like favoritism is in the works, truth and justice has nothing to do with the outcome, community peace is the objective, but again truth has nothing whatsoever to do with it in the process.

    The problem now is that, as more and more peoples are slowly understanding the concept that lying to the general population is part and partial to the process of domination over the infidels, they are not in any mood to either accept or relinquish their personal safety over the matter of demanded subjigation. Who could not understand the meaning of this action, obviously, the mutts of the tribe of Ismael, or in modern day speak, the sons of Satan, i.e. arabs are the cause of all of this discontent, anger, resentment, hatred and especially the political favoritism being held hostage to the threats and intimidation by these mutts from hell. It spells pent up anger and frustration over flowing with resentment, disrespect, and discontent towards the favored and as we have all come to understand in life, when this occurs, someone is going to pay dearly for the one sided attitude. We understand when one is threatened into submission, well, millions upon millions of peoples all around the world have seen this footage before and then took actions to CRUSH the LIFE out of IT.
    Now what would be a shock to observe, is when the German’s, true to their history, start rounding up all muslims, and place them into cattle cars headed for extermination, book burning, not going to happen, but if the mutts insist upon demanding all else subject themselves under the confines of shairia, watch out, hell is ah coming and knocking at the nations door, as it should. Who pray tell would have a problem with that?
    Nazi’s, muslims, what the hell is the difference anyway? Both were born to plague this earth of the false prophets from hell as they both were the spawn of Satan’s desire for disobedience to our GOD of Moses, Isaac and Jacob.

    I, mohareb……………………………………………..approve this message.
    Semper Fi.

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