GERMANY: Looks like the Brown Shirts are alive and well

stuerzenbergerAt a rally to protest construction of a mega mosque in Munich, police rip down a poster showing the faces of Muslim murderers. How long before they start burning books again?

Islam vs Europe  At one of the ongoing events to collect signatures demanding a referendum on the construction of a European Islamic Centre (ZIEM) in Munich, the organizers displayed a poster showing the faces of Muslim murderers or foreign origin. Bizarrely, while the event was ongoing, the state prosecutor ordered the poster to be confiscated because of a suspicion of incitement to hatred against peoples. Here you see the confiscation taking place.

The speaker, Michael Sturzenberger, complains of a two-tier justice system (dhimmi justice system in effect) in which you are permitted to show pictures of German murderers but not foreign Muslim murderers. 

Later he refers to a poster which says, quoting a Turkish writer, “The terror comes straight from the Koran”. This poster, too, was confiscated the previous year on suspicion that it incited to hatred against peoples.