Pro-Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Washington DC

847_largeDid Obama come out to shake their hands? I do hope the FBI was taping this. A rally outside the White House Friday offered a clear example of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Grand Deception” in action in America. To a casual observer, it appeared that a few dozen people came out to support ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Protesters shouted his name and spoke passionately about democracy and how they think it was violated in Cairo.


IPT  Signs like “We love Morsi” and “Egyptian Americans Support Democracy” made it seem Morsi was a beloved and unifying figure. In Egypt, opposition to his rule triggered massive street demonstrations considered among the largest in history.

Nobody at the White House rally mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi emerged a year ago to become president. No one referred to Morsi’s attempts to monopolize power for the Brotherhood via edicts and appointments – moves that fueled widespread discontent and drove millions of protesters to the streets of Egypt.

But an examination of the rally’s organizers and speakers shows deep connections to the Brotherhood, an 80-year-old religious and political movement that seeks to establish a global Islamic Caliphate governed by Shari’ah, or Islamic law. Its motto: “Allah is our goal, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle [jihad] is our way, and death in the service of God is the loftiest of our wishes.”

The July 5 rally was organized by the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center of Falls Church, Va. mosque that has been home to some notable Islamic extremists. Law enforcement records obtained by the Investigative Project on Terrorism in 2010 show it has served as “a front for Hamas operatives in U.S.,” and “has been linked to numerous individuals linked to terrorism financing.” It was home to the late American-born terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki before he left the United States.


9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour attended the mosque, as well as Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.

Dar al-Hijrah also has a long history of supporting both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. One of the mosque’s founders and former imams, Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Adam el-Sheikh, also founded the Brotherhood-related Muslim American Society (MAS) along with former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mahdi Akef. (Reports claim that Akef was among the Muslim Brotherhood leaders arrested during the July 4 roundup.)

MAS and Dar al-Hijrah have shared several leaders. For example, former MAS President Esam Omeish served on the mosque’s board of directors. Omeish had to resign from a Virginia immigration board in 2007 after he was seen on videotape praising Palestinians who chose “the jihad way” to liberation. And Imam Shaker Elsayed is a former MAS secretary-general.


In a 2004 profile of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, Elsayed praised Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna, saying that his ideas are “the closest reflection of how Islam should be in this life.” Earlier this year, Elsayed told an Ethiopian group that Muslim men should be “the first in jihad line.”

At the White House rally, the former director of the MAS political arm, Mahdi Bray, spoke first amid chants of “Democracy!” and “[in Arabic] Wake up Al-Sisi, Morsi is President!”

“We will join our voices, we will join them together, we will join them together as Muslims, Christians, Jews, secular, wherever there are people, wherever people care about democracy and justice, we’ll raise our voices together,” Bray said.

Bray has repeatedly defended alleged terrorists and, during a previous rally near the White House, proudly raised his hands in support of both Hamas and Hizballah.

Joining Bray at the pro-Morsi rally was Mauri Saalakhan, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who has defended former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and blames Israel and its supporters for a host of global problems. Like Bray, his message seemed benign.


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  1. The Muslim Brotherhood, al ka’ada and all other gangs considering themselves Muslims are nothing related to Islam. Islam is innocent from talk and acts and they will all burn in hell. Those groups are just equal to KKK or any group that decides to take certain subject in an extremest way. I disagree with the banner, totally. Nothing you have here say that Islam is bad or good but certain weaklings decided to go extreme in Islam driving themselves and anyone who follow or believe a word from their mouth. If every single person take a stereotype as fact then America Support terrorism all over the world, I am not saying it does but it support Israel. Or That Jews are all bunch of dogs and monkeys, no some of them are real clean hearted and I as a Muslim respect those. Keep in mind, media emphasize certain news and generalized to the related people. They may also start a propaganda to gain effect on certain people. Don’t listen and take everything as general and don’t attach it the root of it. If you plant a random fruit, still you will get from the same tree good harvest and some ruined by warms or other stuff, but that doesn’t mean that the tree is bad or the fruit is bad or the land is bad, does it.

  2. A bunch of inbred, mostly muslim males, as usual, chanting the same old BS, because they can not think nor are they capable of one original thought other than what their insane mohamadd told then to say and to think. This is an example of pure ‘brain dead’, savages of the cult of islam.

  3. I think the constitution allows peaceful assembly to redress grievances. If these ragheads want to call for Jihad, let it happen and let it happen now before my grandchildren have to deal with it.

  4. Soon blood will flow. The lack of faith in the government is almost overwhelming. When this is achieved by BO there will be blood loss. Already KKK Sharpton is building a fire under the people to riot and cause damage if JUSTICE is not forth coming. Talk about extortion.

  5. The depth of ignorance of the American people astound me, much to the glee of the head bangers, and those of the female orientation in head bags.

  6. What can we do to stop this Islam crap from infecting our society. It seems that the major news media outlets are in love with Islam.When a radical Muslim does a crime, the major news media outlets never tell you he is a Muslim, or put near the end of the story, or make excuses for his action.
    These fools defending Islam are too stupid to understand that if Muslims were in control, they would give you and me two choices, covert to Islam or die.

    • Man you are so racist, but how much do you know about Islam, other then what you know about from the media. One of main laws in Islam, it is forbidden to force anyone Islam, but it is a must that I give you a feed back about it whether you convert or not. That is totally up to you, God is not expecting from anyone to correct himself before he dies. If you are a good Christian or Jewish and you believe in him and follow your religion and not say god will forgive me on this and this always then just stick to what you believe. However, you might need to open your mind to gain certainty that you are correct and ignore all the bad stereotypes and never listen from one source. Once a source gains your trust in what you know, it will fill your head with lies about the unknown

      • Well, Jack, it’s easy for you to say someone only knows, about Islam, what they get from the Media, and then you call them a racist. So what are you going to call me after you read this? I guarantee that I know far more about Islam than you. I’ve studied it, read it, gone to lectures by top scholars, written about it, blogged about it, and given talks about it to groups.

        1 – when you say Islam doesn’t force people to convert to Islam, I immediately know that you don’t know Jack (pardon the pun) about Islam. Througout history, as Islam was overrunning parts of Africa, all of what was to become the Middle East, most of Europe, and parts of Asia, they slaughtered millions who refused to convert to Islam, raped the women and girls, and carried millions back home as slaves.

        2 – Even today, Saudi Arbia does not allow a single church or synagogue, and you can be jailed for simply possessing a bible. Several Islamic countries that technically allow Christians, often burn down their churches and murder parishoners

        3 – When Islam takes over, you come under Shariah law. You get three choices; you can convert to Islam, you can be allowed to stay and keep your religion (But, you must pay the jizya, a tax on non-Muslims, and become a second-class citizen, where you won’t win a case against a muslim in court, the police will rarely protect you, and you must give way to a Muslim coming the opposite way on the sidewalk, and much more. The third choice is to refuse to opt for the first two choices, in which case they kill you. Period.

        4 – If you are an infidel (non-muslim) living in a Muslim country, and your wife is raped, better not tell the police. She will be charged with adultery for sleeping with someone who is not her husband, and be severely lashed or even stoned to death. Women have no rights in Muslim countries

        I could go on for hours, but I think you get the idea. I not only know more about Islam than a lot of “experts”, but I have been in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Lebanon, and a few other places.

        Next time you want to put someone down, try not to do it by showing your ignorance of the subject. Always be sure you know what the facts are, first.

  7. Well, there weren’t many there. Was any of that reported by the MSM?

    Tip: When you look at videos or photos, meta-comment, think. How many people are there in this image, what angle is it taken from, does it show the whole venue (room, stadium…). If there are few people there, the cameraman HAS TO move in closer, so there are a few, relatively large images of faces. If it is a large crowd, the cameraman will move back to show that crowd. Think of the aerial shots of Cairo which showed people on the bridge, shoulder to shoulder, and HORIZON TO HORIZON. THAT is a crowd.

    If you attend, or see a ‘rally’ or ‘demonstration’, try to count/estimate the numbers. Practice “Kim’s game” (Rudyard Kipling). What does a group of ten or a dozen look like; how many of those groups can you define? In a ‘parade’, how many go past you in five seconds; how long does the whole parade take to pass you? In a hall, count how many seats are filled in a section, how many sections, how many rows, then multiply all for your answer. Very often, a hall will have a code required Occupancy notice (Fire Regulations) which will state the maximum number of persons allowed in the room/theater…

    Photos are best as evidence, especially from the front of a room, if only a fraction is filled. Then if the punk group which organized the ‘performance’ claims ‘standing room only’, wait to see if the local media or MSM parrot that ‘fact’; then you can try to get the truth published, by a competing outlet or the ‘other’ political party. At the least, you can write to the deluded media, or publish on blogs like BNI. And KEEP RECORDS if you can, so that you can help trounce taqiyya, when the time comes for a reckoning.

    So in the above, 50 punks turned up? And from Virginia? Was there no local interest? Was that the best MB cair could do?

  8. Did Obutthole come out to shake their hands?!…Our POS-in-Chief would be likely to not only shake their hands, but to take the —-ing arselifters on a tour of the WH, something the Traitor-in-Chief WILL NOT do for non-muslime school children who were born in the U.S.A!!………The filthy lying MB sonsofbitches should not even be allowed in the U.S, much less demonstrating just outside the White House!!…..Ah, but, as I have said before, THIS is just one more indication that you can put a fork in us; WE ARE DONE as a nation!!……….

    • Your only done as a nation when that nation has a defeated attitude like you seem to have.Toughen up and start fighting back if you want to save your country. Think of your kids. Dont they deserve to have parents who are willing to fight for their future no matter what the cost. Remember Its not over til its over. You want to kick some muslim butt , then start kicking.

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