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  1. Let them all die of starvation.

    OT: I was on your daily list but some how got removed and cannot figure out how to get back. I have left numerous request but still no subscription. Help!

  2. How did his head get loose from the restraint? Also they’re using lube so it’s safe and gentle even on the most difficult of gitmo detainees.
    Also, has it been lost on the modern world that this forced feeding is taking place during the NIGHT???????? It’s totally dhimmified so what’s the farking problem?
    The people they killed probably didn’t like dying. Islam permits (ahem, encourages) rapes, forced conversions, starvation and beheadings.
    Naturally beheading equals death and I wouldn’t want that to happen to him, but can Mos Def reinact being beaten, forced to take shahaddah, wear a burqa and then be forcibly raped?
    I would like to see that video instead, and then he can tell us Islam means peace.

  3. Fucking over acting bad acting moslem retard. As for those camel shits in Gitmo . Let them die ! Better yet use them to clear minefields and look for I.E.D.s that their ‘ brothers’ are so fond of making.

  4. What a 🙁 baby. We used to practice putting nasogastric tubes in each other when we were nursing training. No one ever carried on like this dweeb.

  5. peaceforever,

    You are not too bright, we are already in WWIII, it started in 1979, we are now in Stage II trying to avoid the realisation of all out war being Stage III. This war is far different to WWII.

    As for calling every one a Nazi proves that you have nothing between the ears. As for wanting peace go out at night and visit around the world Muslim controlled suburbs and see how much peace you experience. You will be safe if you are a Muslim but if you are a non-Muslim you will lose quickly your enjoyment of peace.

    I believe in euthanasia and freedom of choice provided the decision does not hurt anyone else. If people choose to fast unto death no-one has the right to force feed them. Personally, I think fasting is idiotic when food and drink is available; it is bad enough when people are forced to live on rations in hardtimes but to deliberately fast in plentiful times is stupid.

    As for ending this planet, if Islamization of the World is achieved which is the goal of every ‘True Muslim’ the world will slide backwards to 7th Century existence and consequently will cause the end of humankind; and if you cannot figure out why that is true, you are not that smart.

  6. If these muslim prisoners were told they were getting Pork Puree’ thru those feeding tubes they would immediately start eating again and we wouldn’t be stuck paying the tab for the forced meals in addition to all the other luxuries obama lavishes on them.

  7. must be old demo strikers are down to 104. who are being force fed. i really think they should be allowed to die

  8. This is total overblown BS acting!! I had this procedure done from an ENT for a voice disorder. Don’t eat!! I don’t care!! Thanks for the laugh if bad acting.

  9. you are all nazis listen to yourselves, sure they did bad things but no human deserves that sort of punishment or torture. A nazi would support this I just hope you right wing idiots never get into power because once you do I guarentee you will begin WW3 and end this planet.

      • he’s more human then you’ll ever be, I admit that I hate terrorists but they are humans. If anything you should be detained in Guantanamo. This website breaks several laws and I could simply report it, so take your nazi ideology somewhere else because it’s not welcome anywhere.

        • pf, this blog breaks no laws in the USA. Go ahead report me, you will join a line of thousands who have gotten nowhere reporting me. More than 42 million people disagree with you, loser.

    • Peaceforever: WWIII has begun. It’s the Third Caliphate. And wait to see what they will do to you if ever they take over. Beheadings are by far worse.

    • pf: You’re not paying attention. WWIII started 9/11, or some time before that. Ask your friends at the MB: “When did the big islamist Kahuna give the word to start?” Just because your moslem-in-chief says: “We’re not at war with islam.”, doesn’t mean islam is not at war with us. That video is gross, nothing more. I wouldn’t want that, but it’s probably less than a toothache, and does no detectable damage. Christ, those ‘nazis’ are even following the perps Rumba-dumb superstitious wishes. You should be so lucky!

      What Adebolago did to Lee Rigby was nazism. Note that they smashed him off his scooter, so he was in shock, unable to defend himself, before they started carving up his living body. And I’m pretty sure you haven’t watched some of the nightmare videos, gleefully carried out and filmed in the name of ‘allah’. Oh, and remember the islam/nazi connection.

      Just type five keys: – h a j space a – and the FIRST entry is:


      Hitler’s guest, confidant, raiser of 70,000+ volunteer mohammedan NAZI SS divisions, hate broadcaster… Probably your hero. It’s all there. See for yourself.

      It’s always interesting when a leftard or mohammedan chucks out the ‘nazi’ trope. They ALWAYS forget they’re looking at their reflection in their computer monitor!


    • You have not read t he comments pf
      THAT is NOT torture okay ??????
      More of us or our family members have experienced this medical treatment.
      would you prefer they don’t get fed and die from starvation ? I agree myself actually,if they want to die starving up to them.
      Children go through this more bravely. !
      What is the matter with you, is this Nazi ??
      belittling the suffering of those under real Nazi’s, particulary Jews ?comparing a nose tube to concentration practices are you, you are one messed-up person.Are you for real?
      They , these “poor tortured terrorists ” in turn have no problem beheading and blowing innocents to pieces.?
      Get your priorities straight, you are ridiculous.

  10. That was funny, Mos crying like a baby. Shit if they don’t want to eat let them DIE. They are useless pieces of shit. Waterboard them I do it to them for FREE & would enjoy it. They are the RABIES of the world just like zombies. If they only had a brain.

  11. Bonni, this is TOTAL BS.. My daughter who had open heart surgery when she was 20 mo old had a feeding tube put in and she smiled and said it tickled. This is BS Acting….

  12. This is standard medical procedure for goodness sakes, I never knew it was ” torture” ( where do I claim !)
    Hardly brutal, not nice but hey Im a big girl now lol !

    happened to me and I saw it happen to some fellow patients with certain illnesses who needed long – term tube feeding. One was a young student poor girl. After monitoring she went back to college with the nose tube and feeding bottles.
    With me it was after surgery, was in there when I woke until it came loose in my gut and they had to shove it back.
    If they don’t want it, the pathetic cry-babies can eat, their own stupid fault or die
    If they want. At least they have a choice, patients don’t.

    • My Father had one of these feeding tubes insitu for the final months with his battle with the big “C” and he never once complained about it. Seems to me these whining bleeding heart leftards and the pussy terrorists are just a bunch of big girls blouses.

  13. I agree with you Bonni, just let the POS`s die. I thought it was funny and that he over-acted. Wanting us to sympathise with the poor terrorists? Well I don`t, they deserve all they get and more.

  14. This looks like better “torture” than waterboarding. Tell them rats they’re gonna be force fed some more unless they give up some intel. Why aren’t the libs howling? Or, are they and I’ve become deaf to their childish tirades?

  15. I didn’t know Mos Def was an idiot. Loved him as Ford Prefect in HGTTG. There’s another great movie ruined for me.

    It must be said that force feeding those scum is far less brutal than what they did and will do to “filthy kuffar.” That’s why they’re at Gitmo.

    I agree with BNI: Let them starve to death. Saves the taxpayers some money.

  16. I used to like mos def as an actor. Now he is a pagan and is nothing to me. He needs to repent of this evil and seek Messiah.