Oh, NOES! After FBI, local and state law enforcement were called in, suspect has been identified in ‘horrific mosque desecration’ incident in Texas

Victoria Police Chief, J.J. Craig, said the man, whose identity and age cannot yet be released because he has not been charged, admitted he was responsible for spray-painting the front of the Islamic center with “H8,” a computer shorthand for hate.

Just learned that this suspect is a juvenile.

This is the extent of the vandalism on the mosque
This is the total extent of the vandalism on the mosque

(Maybe he was describing what can found in any mosque?)

Victoria Advocate  “We’re continuing to talk to this individual,” Craig said. “It’s being investigated as a criminal matter, an act of graffiti at a place of worship, which includes the possibility of a hate crime. 


The Islamic Center’s imam, Osama Hassan, reported the vandalism Wednesday morning. The crime coincided with the start of Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam. The incident went viral (Yet there has been a near total media blackout on the brutal throat-slashing murder of disabled British man by a Muslim) after the Advocate broke the story Wednesday. The case is receiving national attention as a hate crime. (But Nidal Hasan, who slaughtered 14 at Fort Hood is only charged with workplace violence)

Terror-linked Council on Anti-American Relations, CAIR-TX,  is demanding Victoria law enforcement to examine the incident further to determine whether the crime was anti-Muslim.

“Due to the nature of the graffiti and past incidents in Texas and nationwide targeting mosques, we urge law enforcement authorities to determine whether the perpetrator was motivated by anti-Muslim bias,” said Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of CAIR-Texas’s Houston chapter.

If police move forward with charges and the man is convicted, he could face up to a year in state jail, Craig said. If District Attorney Steve Tyler decides to pursue the case as a hate crime, however, the man could face longer jail time, Craig said.