SWEDEN: Luxury lifestyles of the welfare-dependent Muslim immigrants

In Socialist Sweden, (mostly Muslim) immigrants on welfare get over ten times more money than a Swedish citizen on welfare. In the video below, we see palace-like accommodations given to uneducated, unskilled immigrants paid for by Swedish citizens, to the tune of nearly $1 million per head, per year.


Skanskan  (h/t IslamvsEurope)  In Sweden, the average immigrant receives 10.2 times more than what an average Swedish person on welfare does. It is the highest figure in the OECD, whose average is 1.7 (Table 3.A1.3). High costs connected with immigration are a major social problem that should not be swept under the carpet.”

Norway is no better. The Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics announced in April this year, an interesting investigation concluded  that the average non-European immigrants in their lifetime costing the government 4.1 million Norwegian kroner more than he generates in revenue.

For more than two decades ago, Sweden had full employment and one could speak of a labor shortage. But since the worldwide recession, no more. There is no economic benefit whatsoever in taking in third world Muslim immigrants. The only thing that  is growing are the crime rates and Muslim on non-Muslim sexual attacks in Sweden.

Also from Sweden: Swedish boy fined 2000 kroner (US $300) for a joke about Somali Muslims:

“A 16 year old boy from Jönköping, Sweden, has been sentenced to pay a fine of 2000 Swedish kroner for posting a joke on Facebook. The boy wrote: ‘How to kill 50 flies with one smack? Beat a Somali in the head with a shovel.”