SWEDEN: Luxury lifestyles of the welfare-dependent Muslim immigrants

In Socialist Sweden, (mostly Muslim) immigrants on welfare get over ten times more money than a Swedish citizen on welfare. In the video below, we see palace-like accommodations given to uneducated, unskilled immigrants paid for by Swedish citizens, to the tune of nearly $1 million per head, per year.


Skanskan  (h/t IslamvsEurope)  In Sweden, the average immigrant receives 10.2 times more than what an average Swedish person on welfare does. It is the highest figure in the OECD, whose average is 1.7 (Table 3.A1.3). High costs connected with immigration are a major social problem that should not be swept under the carpet.”

Norway is no better. The Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics announced in April this year, an interesting investigation concluded  that the average non-European immigrants in their lifetime costing the government 4.1 million Norwegian kroner more than he generates in revenue.

For more than two decades ago, Sweden had full employment and one could speak of a labor shortage. But since the worldwide recession, no more. There is no economic benefit whatsoever in taking in third world Muslim immigrants. The only thing that  is growing are the crime rates and Muslim on non-Muslim sexual attacks in Sweden.

Also from Sweden: Swedish boy fined 2000 kroner (US $300) for a joke about Somali Muslims:

“A 16 year old boy from Jönköping, Sweden, has been sentenced to pay a fine of 2000 Swedish kroner for posting a joke on Facebook. The boy wrote: ‘How to kill 50 flies with one smack? Beat a Somali in the head with a shovel.”



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    • They need to stay in the countries where they were raised. They do not want to assimilate into other countries and their cultures. They want to live off the wealth of other hard working people. The Muslims should stay home and demand that their leaders figure out how to have a fair government where the wealth also includes their citizens. Then they would not have to leave their countries. I feel that they are very ungrateful to non Muslims and that they are brainwashed into thinking they have to change the world by forcing Islam on everyone.

  1. Nice diggs! I wonder how long it will take the ungrateful refugees to trash the place, much like the freeloading refugees that come to the US and get welfare and section 8 housing?!

  2. This is bullshit! When we came to Finland camping area for immigrant, we had the shittiest places to live in!!! 2 families living in small place in a dirty place and using a shower and toilet with many other families!!! You people are idiots to believe what the media or any bullshit people post about immigrants! I swear I hate these kind of patriotic people since these assholes themselves immigrate themselves to other countries too and never mention that they are immigrants in other countries…But those kind of people only look their own dirty bellies….Really pissed off where this world has gone to hatered of other nationalities!

  3. Islam is a viral disease, almost impossible to cure. Apart from everything which is true about Islam and Muslims, I liked that joke.

  4. While Sweden does not keep welfare statistics specifically for Muslims, experts estimate from available government welfare statistics on the foreign-born that somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of Sweden’s welfare payments go to Muslims , with the percentage on the rise.

  5. This Insanity has to stop ! It is not just in Sweden it is everywhere , eg Abu Qatada’s family still living in a ‘Townhouse’ , that the average Brit couldn’t afford if they saved all their money for a lifetime , and at the taxpayer’s expense. Why are they still in Britain when he’s ‘back home’ in Jordan ?

  6. Besides the luxury in accomodation,isn’t Sweden one of the locations where blonde girls can’t safely go out at night for fear of being raped by some panting raghead ? Or is that Norway ?
    Or is it both ?

    • Another Swedish Somali joke: Q: How do somalis impregnate their women?
      A: They jack off the load onto their feet and the flies do the rest.

  7. Hope they trash it to their level, and SOMEONE records that, then start asking questions. WHO authorized it, voted for it? Did NO ONE object? Was it done secretly?

    Aren’t there any disabled or destitute Veterans, or other worthy, ethnic Swedish citizens who should have first dibs if leftard idiots decide to create such a white elephant?

    • Huck, they will trash it. And the reason?

      Seething rage against a kuffar who are so affluent they can provide facilities like this for refugees.

      It’s how they think. Nothing follows logic. Just hate.

  8. Well, what can I say. I need to travel to Morocco, catch some sun rays to get a nice tan. then destroy my passport, then clime the wall(s) in Ceuta or Melilla to get into EU territory. Pretend that I’m Muslim.
    Pick Sweden as my final destination and Voilà, I’m set for life.
    Maybe I will open up some “Swedish Hospitality Defence League” or something to kill time. 😀

  9. Swedes are the worst at self-flagellation. Isn’t Sweden’s greatest worth defending? Why do they want to change their country into a third-world hell hole?

    Moslems hate us because Allah hates the kufaar and wishes Moslems to kill and conquer them. There is no compromise in a supremacist.

    It’s suicidal for Sweden.

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