EGYPTIAN Military has destroyed 805 Gaza smuggling tunnels (80% of total)

The Egyptian army targeted on Sunday a number of tunnels on the Rafah border in the Sinai Peninsula which were used to smuggle everything from luxury cars to weapons for Gaza. Army sources said that 80 percent of all tunnels have been demolished, amounting to about 805 tunnels.


FOX News  The sources added that bulldozers were used to remove several machines dedicated to pumping fuel into the Gaza Strip through the tunnels. They noted that the army’s efforts to demolish all arms smuggling tunnels are ongoing. 

A senior Hamas official says the new Egyptian government’s crackdown on militants in the Sinai Peninsula is part of an anti-Hamas campaign, the first criticism by the group of Egypt’s new leadership. The official also criticized the Egypt’s targeting of smuggling tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border.

The Egyptian military is moving against Islamic militant groups in Sinai that have launched attacks after Morsi’s ouster. Militants have killed eight security officers and bombed a gas pipeline to Jordan.