SWEDISH DEFENCE LEAGUE demonstrates against the Muslim invasion of Sweden


At the Swedish Defence League’s (SDL) demonstration in Gothenburg, supporters gathered to protest against the Islamization of Sweden.  SDL has its roots in the English Defence League, an anti-Islamization movement that was formed in the UK in 2009.

Stutpixlat  In addition to the SDL, representatives from sister Defence League organizations in Poland and Norway also spoke at the protest.  According to SDL’s vice president Vasily Rikardsson is SDL’s goal to stop the Islamization through advocacy. They want, for example, for mosques and full veils to be banned.


“We are an organization that is against Islamization of Sweden. Right now there is uncontrolled Muslim immigration into Sweden, and growing worse by the year. Ungrateful Muslim immigrants keep trying to to impose their ways on the Swedish culture through demands for inhumanely slaughtered halal meat and special religious accommodations, not afforded any other religion,” said Kamil Ryba, spokesperson for SDL.

As usual, the SDL was met by the anti-fascist fascists screaming about racism, even though Islam is not a race., unless you consider Islam a race to the bottom for any country that allows mass immigration of Muslims.

'Anti-racism' Left Wing Fascists stage a counter protest
‘Anti-racism’ Left Wing Fascists stage a counter protest

Unless Muslim immigration is stopped or severely restricted, its enormous strain on the welfare state will bankrupt the country.  Also, since the rise in  of Muslim immigration, rape and crime rates have soared.