Why do Muslims get so fat during Ramadan, when they fast from dawn to dusk everyday for a month?

big-belly-e1373937431787Fasting for a month may renew the spirit but it often does little to reduce waistline. What happens between dusk and dawn – gorging, inactivity and disrupted sleep – Muslims often stay up until 4 a.m. to eat a last meal before sunrise, often packs on the pounds in a population already struggling with one of the highest obesity rates in the world.

LA Times Many Muslims  tend to overeat upon breaking their fast, and usually the meal involves heavy, fatty foods that are high in calories,” Dr. Al Madani, head of Emirates Diabetes Society, told TradeArabia, an online news site.


The breaking of the fast usually begins with fresh dates and lots of water, followed by soups and juices, including a popular one made from berries and topped with pine nuts. Soon after evening prayers, a large meal called iftar is shared. The feasting continues after dinner as Egyptians visit with family and friends. Special desserts such as creamy konafa and syrupy basboussa are served throughout the night. The next meal, or sohour, comes just before morning prayers; there are more sweets to supply fuel through the day’s fast.


This is repeated for 30 days.

Patheos  Not eating all day and having your stomach shrink in size is usually an effective way to shed a few pounds. Yet, many Muslims gain weight during Ramadan. Why? We become fat morons who stuff our faces senseless with the unhealthiest foods possible. There’s no better way to get in touch with your spiritual side then by eating yourself into a carb coma. Everything we consume is fried, breaded, greasy, or abnormally sweet. The craving for empty calories and saturated fats infects your decision-making process.


You start making odd demands: “I want French fries ON my slice of pizza.” You get creative in how you can cram the most food inside of you: “If I let the ice cream melt, I can use it as a drink to wash down my cheesesteak!”


It’s supposed to be a month of simplicity. The traditional food for breaking one’s fast is a date. It’s a sweet, refreshing fruit that is light, yet filling. But when you deep-fry it and cover it in bleu cheese? Now we’re talking!

Not being able to place anything in your mouth for 12 or more hours doesn’t exactly keep your breath fresh. On top of that, imagine the last thing you had in your mouth was some greasy fried amorphous blob, a glass of milk, or an onion stuffed with garlic. (OK, so no one would actually eat the last one, but that’s what most Indo-Pakistani Muslims’ houses smell like.) By not introducing new flavors and scents into the stale warmth of your mouth, a stagnant, toxic stank incubates within your jowls, creating a vapor of lethal toxicity that when released is capable of singeing the eyebrows of innocent bystanders.


If you’re around a fasting Muslim, keep your distance. As for hungry eyes, by no means am I referring to Eric Carmen’s hit from the ‘80’s. (Think Dirty Dancing. Actually, if you’re a fasting Muslim, don’t think of that at all.) I refer to that mile-long, off in the distance, unblinking stare that spontaneously appears on the face of a fasting Muslim. If you witness this, that means the person has stopped listening to you and is longing for the taste of anything – fantasizing about feta cheese and dark chocolate, together. In a bowl of mustard. With pickles.


Zombie: A being of the night bent on feeding its most primal hunger.

A Fasting Muslim: A being of the night heaven-bent on feeding its most primal hunger.

In other words, try not eating all day, stuffing yourself late at night, standing and prostrating in prayer for an hour or so afterward, waking up at 4:15 a.m. to stuff food in your face before the morning prayer, laying down afterward for just enough time to get extremely tired but not to fall asleep, and then getting up and ready for work to do your job without eating or drinking. Now do that for 30 days.


So, why do Muslims eat more when they’re fasting than when they’re not fasting? Why put a mask of piety on gluttony?

From David Wood of Answering Muslims

The answer, I think, lies at the very heart of Islam. Islam does not make people more holy or spiritual. Rather, it gives them a religious framework for carrying their desires to perverse extremes.


If a non-Muslim man hits a few clubs and somehow manages to have sex with ten women in one day, Islam will condemn him as a fornicator. But if this same man converts to Islam, marries four women, and takes six sex-slaves as his captives after a battle, he can be perfectly righteous before Allah, even if he has sex with ten women in one day.

Likewise, if a man hires a prostitute and sleeps with her, he has sinned, according to Islam. But if the same man sets up a “temporary marriage” (a practice called “Muta“), he can hire the same prostitute, for the same amount of time, have sex with her in the exact same way, and bear no shame whatsoever in the Muslim community.

If a psychopath goes on a killing spree, brutally murdering men, women, and children, he is surely going to hell, according to Islam—unless, of course, he is killing men, women, and children in a terrorist attack for the sake of Allah, in which case his violent massacre will earn him a one-way ticket to Paradise.

Even according to Muslim sources, the tribes of Mecca were violent, lascivious, and gluttonous. Muhammad didn’t change their behavior by forcing them to convert to Islam. He simply made their violence, lasciviousness, and gluttony pleasing to Allah. Should we be surprised that Ramadan is a month-long feast that Muslims call “fasting”?




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  1. This is literally so rude, you are saying untrue things. It is okay to have an option but you are blatantly insulting another religion

  2. You are wrong ..
    not because this is false information, No. most of these information are true. but you are picking the wrong image to present (that all what haters do) it is all hate. if you want to present the truth present both pictures.
    as every society in the world we are human, and some of us are good and some are bad. so don’t judge by only observing the bad things. and in the same time you presented the bad habits of some Muslims. but you never mentioned the original teaching of profit Mohamed (peace be upon him) . :
    Let me tell you some about these teachings: (either we follow or not , this is our mistake not something wrong with the teachings)

    1- If you don’t fast on doing wrong things, so you don’t need to leave food and drinks (it become useless fasting and Allah will not accept it).

    2- Profit Mohamed said “Nothing is worse than a person who fills his stomach. It should be enough for the son of Adam to have a few bites to satisfy his hunger. If he wishes more, it should be: One-third for his food, one-third for his liquids, and one-third for his breath.”

    Finally, please read about Islam from a reliable sources. it is religion of peace. a piece comes from dignity not weakness.

    • Aptly named Hate’m talks about his ‘religion or peace’ where there is no religion, and definitely no peace.

      Do you know what an IDIOT you sound like, like ALL rabid worshipers of mo the terrorist?

      “…a piece comes from dignity not weakness.” ???

      A piece of what, twat?

      Supremacists don’t manifest ‘dignity’, they manifest boorishness, idiocy, inbreeding, jihad, murder, mayhem, bloodthirstiness, bigotry, hypocrisy, taqiyya, lasciviousness, pedophilia…

      BTW, that ‘islamophobic’ cartoon of the gluttonous worshiper of mo, is from a Soddy Arabian newspaper.

  3. This is w@ makes me certain bout Allah’s patience..He has promised u..one day u wil literally eat ur words..

    • Never in a million years bint.
      Have you ever seen ‘allah’ née al-lat strike someone dead?

      It’s ALWAYS the slavish worshipers of mo, like you, who murder people, in her name.

      And that dumb pair ‘allah’ sent to Garland didn’t succeed did they?
      You think mo’s sock-puppet is so strong, or are you having doubts?
      Why do you think people LEAVE islam EVEN under threat of death?
      And that’s death from previously ‘friendly’ worshipers of mo, not from ‘allah’.

      Educate yourself; most visitors to BNI, Jihad Watch, etc., HAVE read your “Book of Hate™”; do you DARE look at these?:


      http://wikiislam.net/wiki/People_Who_Left_Islam [More than 290 NAMED persons]

      Or this:


      “Maher Abdallah: So 6 million Muslims a year convert? [to Christianity]
      Ahmad Al Katani: Every year”

      Or how about THIS:


      “In February 2013, on an episode of Shariah and Life show, which broadcast on Al-Jazeera, Qaradawi stated since the 15th century, the application of the DEATH PENALTY for those who leave Islam IS A NECCESSITY, stating, “If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam WOULDN’T EXIST TODAY.” [What do you think of THAT? If you think.]

      “Qaradwai also cited several speeches and writings by Muhammad and his followers, such as Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:33, which Qaradawi quoted as “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle is that they should be MURDERED or CRUCIFIED.” Qaradawi further explained, “… MANY hadiths, not only one or two, but many, narrated by a number of Muhammad’s companions state that any apostate should be KILLED. Ibn ‘Abbas’s hadith: ‘KILL whoever changes his faith [from Islam].'”

  4. Please don’t call it ‘prayers’, as it refers to Christian prayers, that include asking for forgiveness and other human emotions.

    Reciting the quran is NOT a prayer, it’s hate speech….

  5. Eat my pretties, eat…Fill yourselves, feel that perspiration bead on your brow as you snatch, grab, snort and snuffle at the feed lot. Then go visit one of your useless Islamic doctors, in your useless Islamic world. Eat my pretties eat, a curse on your Halal food.

  6. I should have been clearer- the ones that have their own businesses or are in school can do this sort of thing as can women who are home with children. Most that work will save up vacation days so that they can at least take a couple of weeks off.

  7. Coming from someone who unfortunately knows about these things- starving yourself is the absolutely worst way to lose weight possible. If you make it past the first few days without stuffing yourself crazy at the end of the day your metabolism takes a nosedive and you actually lose weight slower than you would if you simply reduced calories and increased activity level. That said, it is true that most Muslims (especially in Muslim countries) will stuff their faces all night so that they can sleep all day without really having to deal with being hungry and thirsty. I even heard that it was somehow good manners to actually vomit so that you could eat more. Personally I hate to puke and couldn’t imagine eating after having to barf. Diabetics have it really rough but anyone else who has an issue where they have to remain hydrated is in just about as bad a state during Ramadan. Supposidly you can “pay” a certain amount if you are physically unable to fast but many just go ahead and do so even though it is detrimental to their health.

  8. Islam is STUPID and FUNNY religious. If fasting is good why not implement every day? Because of fasting it make Muslim lazy, tired, weak, slow dll. That is no worth to employ stupid and funny Muslim

  9. Food prices go way up during Ramadan because the consumption of food increases greatly during the month of supposed fasting.

  10. Mohammed “simply made their violence, lasciviousness, and gluttony pleasing to Allah. ” Damn straight. Islam merely justifies the lowest behaviors in men, not condemning them, but giving them free rein under the veil of convenient revelations from Mo’s sock puppet and holy words to make cheating on your wife sound pious.

    Islam forces all Moslems to be hypocrites and liars because they all live in constant fear of discovery.

    By the way, MOHAMMED gave himself a special privilege to eat after sunrise so he wouldn’t suffer too much from the fast he himself imposed on others! Hypocrisy from the top down!

  11. They hide and sneak around so their peer muzzies don’t see them while they gorge themselves during ra-mad-an, sometimes by licking each others feet during their prayer rituals…toe jam and bug juice and poo, oh my! They are a disgusting bunch of knuckle-draggers.

  12. What else should we expect from a culture that models its peoples’ behavior – under threat of death and eternal damnation – after a long-deprived, depraved, sociopathic epileptic?

  13. BNI,

    A brilliant presentation that highlights the stupidity of Ramadan.

    What amazes me is the idiotic politicians and so-called academics that support Ramadan and don’t want to offend Muslims. The world population scales are now facing a balancing act between smart technological people and complete stuidity of people on the rise clinging to belief and respect for insane ideas.

    I wonder which way the scales will eventually tip down?

    The survival of humanity needs intelligence to rise higher than the backward thinking of Muslims and those fools that support their doctrine.

  14. muslims always gain weight during ramadingdong fasting. In fact the hospitals have been known to put on extra diabetic shock medical staff to save the muslim idiots, who are diabetic and have starved themselves all day and then pigged out at night and gone into a diabetic shock. This is part of the insanity of this cult to starve yourself, pig out, gain weight and then suck up the time of medical staff and medical benefits of truly ill people to help savages who have done it to themselves. This is the cult that tells people to bang their heads on the floor and so on. You can not fix stupid.

    • cat: Does that happen in the US? How to do an epidemiological study of that? I REALLY doubt that ERs keep records of cult/religion. But if you could just show a quantifiable jump in certain problems at Obamadan, from the infamous ‘metadata’, then go looking for the cause… :o)

      Does any of that come out of public funds?
      Did anyone else die because the ER was clogged?

  15. Yippie! Keep on gorging, keep it up. Gotta’ pump up the heart disease rate and diabetes rate so these scum die faster.

  16. This is so sad, really. No wonder they grow up so twisted, plagued with cognitive dissonance but not allowed to question “Allah” (as if it would do any good). Let’s hope the real God hears the prayers of those who dare to reach out silently for guidance.

    • Oh dear, I thought you were going somewhere with that comment, but then you showed you are just as bad as them by displaying your belief in an imaginary friend that you call ‘God’.

    • From David Wood? “Rather, it gives them a religious framework for carrying their perversions to desirable extremes.”

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