EGYPT: Pro-Morsi troublemakers in the street allegedly beat up a young boy who is not one of them

AP338544053697_6Pro-Morsi Islamists poured into the square after breaking their Ramadan fast on Monday. During clashes with police, a boy showed up and angry Islamists grabbed him asking, “Who sent you here?;” “Who are you?;” “Are you with Morsi?;” and “Who are you with?” The horrified-looking boy was then beaten on the back of his head and then he was slapped.

al-Arabiya  When a man attempted to stop the assault, they shouted at him saying that the boy was hired by Morsi’s opponents. “I know he is, but he’s just a child,” the young man responds. The crying boy pleads for help as several men continue to beat him. “This isn’t merciful,” says a man approaching them. He and others take the boy away, but it is unclear what happened to him afterwards. Activists and social networking users condemned the attack, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of not respecting childhood, and of attacking anyone who disagrees with them.

h/t MZ