LEBANON: Muslim family upset by daughter’s secret marriage cuts off the penis of her new husband

Rabee Ahmed, a 39-year-old Sunni man and Rudayna Melaab, 19, from Baysour, eloped two weeks ago in the presence of a Sunni sheikh after the couple lied to Melaab’s family and told them Ahmed was a Druze from the Abu Diab family in Jahilieh.


Daily Star  (h/t Julia A) After the couple married, Melaab’s family discovered the deception and were outraged. The newlyweds were living in a chalet in Tabarja when Melaab’s family called and invited them to dinner under the pretense of reconciling.

Instead, the woman’s relatives, led by her brother, who is reportedly a soldier in the Lebanese Army, took Melaab and dragged Ahmed to the main square of Baysour where the beat him and cut off his penis, the local sources said.

According to a resident of the village, no one has seen the girl or her male relatives, some of whom come from the nearby town of Btetir, since the attack.

Ahmed was brought to al-Shohar al-Gharbi Hospital in the Chouf late Monday night where he was stabilized and scheduled to be transported to the Rafik Hariri Hospital in Beirut Wednesday.