NORTH CAROLINA: Please tell the Governor to support the anti-sharia bill HB-522



HB-522 re: Application of Foreign Law


CAIR is telling its supporters to demand that Governor McCrory NOT sign the anti-foreign law/anti-sharia bill. This is what they sent out:



CAIR is asking North Carolina residents who value their civil liberties to urge state Governor Pat McCrory to veto anti-Islam bill, HB 522, which may be adopted by the state’s assembly by the end of the month. 

Framed as banning the “application of foreign law” in family law cases in state courts, HB 522 is similar in language to the dozens of other anti-Islam bills introduced in state legislatures nationwide. The bill itself is intended to marginalize and stigmatize North Carolina Muslims and will have a negative impact on the rights of people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Over the past legislative session the state’s House and Senate each passed similar anti-Islam bills, however these bills were never formally adopted due to controversy surrounding amendments that placed restrictions on abortion services. 

During the bill’s consideration, State Senator Thom Goolsby (R-New Hanover) equated foreign law to Muslim contracts, citing a 2012 case in which the North Carolina Supreme Court was petitioned to rule on the “legitimacy of an Islamic marriage and divorce.”

Act now by contacting Governor Pat McCrory and urge that he reject this anti-Islam bill.

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I stand with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in urging you to reject and veto if necessary anti-Islam bill HB 522, which may be adopted by the state’s assembly by the end of the month.


Please tell Governor McCrory to SUPPORT anti-sharia Bill HB 522 as you don’t want American courts to be forced to consider a barbaric system of laws that oppresses women and minorities and discriminates against all other religions. There have already been more than 50 court cases that have used sharia law in their rulings where Muslims were involved. The only way to prevent this is to make sure every state passes legislation that specifically forbids it use.

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