Looks like Anthony Weiner’s Muslim wife, Huma Abedin, has wrangled him some Al-Jazeera blood money

imagesThe New York Post is reporting that Anthony Weiner has accepted campaign cash from a lobbyist for Al Jazeera, Al-Qaeda’s favorite international media outlet, based in Qatar, a major Gulf State Arab oil producer.

NY Post  “Al Jazeera and its lobbyists are no friends to New York City or our Jewish community, and Anthony shouldn’t accept their support,”  “They have spread hate and lies against Jews, not only here in New York but across the world. The right thing to do is to give this money back. Anthony should do exactly that.” said City Councilman Lew Fidler (D-Brooklyn), who has endorsed former city Comptroller Bill Thompson’s mayoral bid.


Although Weiner is the only Jew in the crowded Democratic field for mayor, and often touts his (questionable) support of Israel, Thompson is aggressively courting the Orthodox Jewish community. Assemblyman Alan Maisel, a Brooklyn Democrat who has endorsed Thompson, also chastised Weiner for taking the contribution from Merrigan, who has done extensive work with the network accused of being anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-United States.

Bin Laden often leaked his propaganda tapes to the Qatar-based network, which aired several of his taped messages just months after 9/11. “Anthony Weiner should know better than to accept contributions from friends [at] Al Jazeera, which has been a voice for terrorists and spewed hatred against Jews and the state of Israel,” Maisel said. “They have echoed and attempted to legitimize hate speech about wiping Israel off the map. It’s disgraceful.


“While I respect Anthony, he has done wrong by accepting this terror-tainted money. Now he should do the right thing: return it.”Shea Rubenstein, president of the Jewish Community Council of Marine Park, echoed the call. “Our community has always promoted tolerance, and I have known Anthony Weiner as a congressman who has upheld that value. “That’s why I am deeply saddened and concerned that he would accept money from a lobbyist for Al Jazeera,” said Rubenstein, who has not made an endorsement in the race.

“I hope that Anthony will do the right thing by returning this money and maintain sensitivity to Jewish people and families across the city.” Weiner declined to comment.



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  1. Weiner is living up to his name, he is a dick who is in (office) one minute and out the next. Now he is attempting to get back in using dirty money from his main contributing source (al jazeera). Nowadays, politicians take money from anyone willing to give it. Just as obama, who sold government positons to the highest bidders. That is how the islamic terrorists are infiltrating at the highest levels.

  2. According to Walid Shoebat, because Yusuf Al-Qaradawi attended a demonstration at Rabaa Al.Adaweya Mosque in Cairo in support of Morsi, he will not be allowed back into Qatar. Also, Khalid Mesha’al, prominent Hamas leader, has been expelled from the country. Perhaps the new emir, Tamim bin Hamas bin Khalifa, has seen the light.

    • You know dipshit Yusuf Al-Qaradawi is THE poster boy for mohammedanism? He was chosen TWICE as ‘mohammedan of the year’ by OnIslam.net, despite revelations about his ‘kill all the Jews’ and other antisemitic mumblings in his camel-flea-infested beard. But don’t take my word for it:


      “In a 9 January 2009, sermon during the Gaza War, shown on Al-Jazeera, Qaradawi prayed (as translated by MEMRI):
      “ Oh Allah, take your enemies, the enemies of Islam. Oh Allah, take the Jews, the treacherous aggressors. Oh Allah, take this profligate, cunning, arrogant band of people. Oh Allah, they have spread much tyranny and corruption in the land. Pour Your wrath upon them, oh our God. Lie in wait for them. Oh Allah, take this oppressive, tyrannical band of people. Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.”

  3. I mean!, has he submitted his wife for genital mutilation yet? Why does he not insist she walk 8 steps behind him at all times? Have his two daughters been genitally mutilated yet?? All very honest questions for any Practicing, or covert Muslim to answer!!

    And, why in Ahllah’s name, doesn’t he holler, “Ahllahu Akbar” everytime he comes on the stage to talk to the Stupid Democrats?

  4. A weiner is a perveted exabitionist. Shame on any group who would vote for this man who has no morals when it comes to wanting to be elected. He supports the muslim agenda and will do anything to get elected.

  5. Weiner is emotionally and mentally ADRIFT. He is unaware of the repercussions of his actions. He seems to have no philosophy.

    It’s a question whether or not he’s a Jew. His wife is not permitted to marry anyone but a Moslem. Is Weiner a secret Moslem? Is he deceiving everyone?

  6. Huma is a Muslim, her family ( and she also) is heavily involved in the Muslim Brotherhood . Weiner is a Jew. How can that be tolerated in a Muslim world? In the real world of sick Islamic culture both would have been killed. Yet she goes in and out of Islamic world with Hillary and nothing happens to her…She works closely to the US government… It smells fishy to me… What do you think is behind all this?

    • Huma is an obvious Al Queada plant. She works in a sensitive part of the Obummer Admin. If he doesn’t just give her the info to turn over to her “handlers”, he may just give it to the station manager directly, and, if anybody catches on, he’ll say, “Oh, I never suspected Huma would do a thing like that” (Kit Man for, “I told a bold face lie to get out of putting myself in further jeperty than I am!)

  7. Shame on any New Yorker who votes for this tool and his Muslim Brotherhood-saturated wife. They might as well go downtown and spit on Ground Zero. There is plenty of information on her. This is a recent article by Clare Lopez that summarizes the infiltration of our government by the MB. The paragraphs about Huma Abedin are down near the end:


  8. I’m at a loss as to why Anthony Weiner is married to this woman; it’s so glaringly obvious she could care less about him….being a Muslim, doesn’t he, a Jew understand she hates him….she’s not that clever at hiding it…it’s like watching obscenity in action….I actually could pity the guy for his willful blindness about her….and when you think how pathetic it all is…I actually might consider retching, it’s that revolting….

  9. Weiner and the 70% of “jews” who voted obama are PHONY jews. They just so happen to have been born to a Jewish mother but they have no pride, no honor, no Torah guidance, no truth,, no Patriotism and no testosterone. They have nothing of what I have that runs in my Jewish veins and in every cell of my being. I thank G-D each and every day for being born to American Jewish Patriot parents. Shame on weiner and the 70%’ers!!!!!!!

    • nat you do not have to be a jew to see what this scum is doing, i am lokota and i am aware, and as for the delusional jews, it is 1933 and we are in Germany, its the old make nice policy

  10. Weiner is a JUDENRAT.

    Huma has something on him besides those sex episodes. If he had had a satisfying sexual life, the sex episodes would never have occurred. There is something else involved and it is not pretty. It is also easy to see they are not in love.

    So, she has taken control through his own stupidity.

      • mccain is an OUTRIGHT TREASONOUS TRAITOR, I’m doing everything I can, to see he does not EVER get re-elected! He is a real P.O.S. he is the one who went to Egypt to support the muslim brotherhood. He is a TRAITOR to the United States and should be hung until dead!

    • I’m thinking she’s made him offers that are too tempting for a sleaze bag to turn down. She is obviously using him.

      • Of course. He’s the ultimate poster boy Dhimmi….and you can just imagine where the tentacles go in Huma’s relationship with Hillary. This is “tip of the iceberg” stuff.

        Where force cannot be used to advance Islamic goals, money can, and we (along with all oil-importing countries) have been sending the Middle East billions upon billions for 70 years. Further, it helps little to have a president who sees promotion of Islam as part of his job description.

      • Not stupid, for sure we know he is a narsasis which would explain why he thought he could get away with texting those disgusting pictures of himself. But the real reason would seem to be power and / or money. Apparently he is willing to sell out so diffenately also a Judenrat .

  11. I may be wrong, but isn’t it illegal to accept foreign campaign money or is it just the sleaziest most unethical act in the world.
    I forgot it’s ok if you’re a democrud.