FRANCE: Four Muslim women attack elderly couple for daring to look at them

elderlycouple-viAn elderly couple were walking on the banks of the Loire. Walking towards the bridge of Europe, they came across four young women, of North African Muslim origin. “Two were wearing clothes of a very bright orange, which attracts attention, and my wife just looked at them, that’s all,” recalls the 73-year-old man. “The women started pushing her and struck her so hard, she collapsed.”

Islam vs Europe (h/t Susan K)  She wasn’t staring at them according to the couple, but the young women  (about 20 years old) then attacked the 71-year-old female who was simply out walking, making racist remarks about her, and pushing her. “They struck my wife. Shocked, she collapsed, I had to hold her.”

French and Muslims, what is the problem?
French and Muslims, where is the problem?

At that moment, two men were passing along the riverbank in their car. Noting that people were gathered together as if for the start of a fight, they got out of the vehicle and also took the side of the four young women.

“They insulted us too.” The man in his 70s, feeling that the situation could degenerate further, took his phone and managed to alert the police. The two men got into their car once again and disappeared. The four young women did the same, on foot, first walking quickly “then running, once they reached the fountain.” They disappeared into the Madeleine district before the national police arrived on site. End of story.

A few days later, it is not the physical harm – suffered by his partner – that bothers him but the emotional shock. “You shouldn’t strike a 71-year-old woman, and treat her like that for no reason,” he says, emotionally. “She says she’s afraid, and that she can never walk on the banks of the Loire again.”

An investigation is underway but for now has not been able to find their attackers.