Popular New York City AM970 Talk Radio Host fired for controversial anti-Islam views

Jeffrey Lichtman, renowned criminal defense attorney, was the popular half of AM970’s The Answer 5PM – 7PM weekday radio team in the New York City metropolitan area. His partner was Curtis Sliwa, long time radio host and founder of the Guardian Angels.


Jeffrey Lichtman (left) Curis Sliwa (right)

Jeffrey Lichtman (left) Curis Sliwa (right)

An outstanding voice among the counterjihad warriors, very few of whom are on talk radio anymore, Jeffrey didn’t pull punches when he talked about all the problems around the world because of ‘radical Islam.’ I emphasize ‘radical’ Islam, because unlike yours truly, Jeffrey was careful to draw a distinction between non-violent Muslims and the rest of Muslim world. However, he never shied away from condemning non-violent Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR and Hamas-supporters like Rep. Keith Ellison and other Islamofascist-apologists among Democrats in Congress and the White House.

Interestingly, Jeffrey is a Democrat himself, to the left on many social issues, but to the far right on fiscal and foreign policy issues.

Below are the kind of remarks you would hear from Jeffrey:


I spoke to Jeffrey and he believes he was done in by political correctness on the part of management who no doubt received the usual barrage of threats of ‘litigation jihad’ lawsuits from CAIR because of Jeffrey’s outspokenness about Islam, radical and otherwise.

I will miss his voice on air as I’m sure many of my fellow New Yorkers will. But he is a very successful criminal defense attorney (defended John Gotti and other names you would know), so I am sure he has more than enough to keep him busy.

Good luck, Jeffrey, and keep fighting the enemy within – Islam.





23 comments on “Popular New York City AM970 Talk Radio Host fired for controversial anti-Islam views

  1. The truth is the truth. The radical ilsamic apes are eggs that belong in a different basket. Stereotyped as they are, one radical pig fucks it up for all out in my part of the country. Thanks for speaking out on the radical end of islam. The world knows about it, it just needs to get pissed enough to start cleansing the problem.

  2. I certainly hope he finds other outlets for his intelligent – and persistent – badgering of pisslam and shariah crap; he sounds like quite a mensch! Voices for Truth may be temporarily sidelined (notice I didn’t say “silenced!”), but as long as he draws breath, he’ll find a way and/or someone will help him find a way to project that voice once again.

    • Haha, muslims are so adorable ;D
      You guys really think that we will fall for the typical american “Joe” signature!
      Maybe this is evolution in the making, muslims finally developed a brain capable of thinking and they try to develope internet terrorism, so far succeeding only in name theft and caps lock rage.

  3. Say good bye to freedom of speech and when we lose freedom of speech we will lose our democracy because freedom speech is the life blood of democracy.

  4. I knew eventually he would be sacrificed or hung out to dry. He was the only talk show host besides Michael Savage I could listen to here in NY. There is too much Moosie money and they make TV,radio,cable succumb to them. I truly miss him. Maybe another station will have the balls to hire him…NAAA they are all scared. God Bless You Jeffrey and may He keep you safe.

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