MALAYSIA: Non-Muslim students forced to eat their lunches in bathroom during Ramadan

Hey Hillary, is this still your favorite “moderate” Muslim country that “goes out of its way to avoid religious rifts?” Or is forcing children to eat lunch alongside stinky toilets your idea of “moderate?”


News Malaysia (h/t MZ)  Concerned mother Guneswari Kelly posted a photograph of primary students having their recess in the school’s bathroom yesterday. The photo was taken at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Pristana in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. Shortly after the mother posted it on Facebook, the post went viral and netizens are clearly unhappy about such actions being carried out by the school during this month of Ramadhan.

According to Guneswari, students were restricted from going to the canteen as she claims that the school wouldn’t want the area to be dirty. The non-Muslim students were redirected to the bathroom during their break time. Not only that, but throughout the duration of the fasting month, no food will be served in the canteen.

As a mother, Guneswari is deeply concerned not only for her child but also the other children as the bathroom is located right next to the toilet area with a strong stench. She added that when they questioned the school authorities, the children were sent to other bathrooms or stores of the school compound. Despite raising her concerns to the school, no actions have been taken seriously.

Selangor acting police chief, Datuk A. Thaiveegan says that individuals who spread photos of the pupils eating in the school toilet can be investigated under the Sedition Act 1948. “People will not hesitate to take action agains those who disseminate seditious information about the school on the social networking sites,” he said. Thaiveegan believes such action could potentially create provocative and racial issues. [Source]


THIS JUST IN for all you Muslim apologists who said this never happened or if it did, has nothing to do with Islam, teacher at Malaysian school tells non-Muslim students to drink their own urine in the bathroom.

The Star  SUNGAI PETANI: A teacher at a high-performance cluster school here who is in charge of student affairs, apparently said that non-Muslim pupils could only drink in the toilet and not in the classroom during the fasting month. However, he reportedly went further and said that those without water could drink from the pipe and if not, consume their own urine.


The teacher, believed to be in his 50s, allegedly made the remarks during an assembly on Sunday. A complaint letter detailing the incident has since gone viral over social media.

The remarks have not gone down well with many parents who went to the school to demand an explanation from the school Monday morning. At least 30 parents have lodged reports with the police and Kedah Education Department over the matter.

Businessman Jaya Sharma Gopal KR, 37, said he could not accept teachers making insensitive remarks.He initially doubted the authenticity of the letter, but believed it when two other schoolteachers corroborated the incident. “How could he ask students to drink their own urine? Is this appropriate?” he asked when met outside the school Monday.

In a Facebook post, Deputy Education Minister II P. Kamalanathan said he had directed the Kedah Education Department to launch an investigation.



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  1. hello is toilet so clean apparently with a table well dressed, it is toilet or rest room, I am not from there, just wanna draw you attentions towards these points.
    The school could have probably asking the students and as the teacher to eat outside, because if one person who is not fasting eats in front of a fasting person, he is sinned and might be to protect these guys they have been asked to take their lunch in that spot.

      • @Ashqeen : Why don’t you also try to have your meal in a ‘clean toilet?’ Then you might get some sense into yourself. Reality is out for everyone to see. Don’t victimize yourselves for the heck of it.

    • You Idiot First learn how to respect others.Only Islam attacks others.No other religion is satanic than ISLAM.YOU MUSLIMS ARE A DISGRACE TO THE EARTH.May ISLAM Perish as soon as possible…..Hate ISLAM and Quran which preaches nothing but kill rape..then come to Jannath WHERE VIRGINS ARE WAITING…LOL…

    • I have many Muslim friends who are fasting. They have never raised any objection when non Muslim eats in front of them

    • Our washrooms are more clean than Muslims bedroom, it doesn’t mean we start eating there. You moron your comment shows how filthy you must be living who is surprised to see clean toilet which seems like his rest room.

  2. Im wondering why BNI did not post anything about the Low Yat Plaza (gadget mall) event, where the cowardly malay muslims used numbers (over 20 vs 1) against random shop staffs. There are plenty of videos of it online with plenty of snackbars yelling too.

      • Actually im a former muslim still in Malaysia, eager to move out of here. Its peaceful compared to middle-eastern countries. But the problems still exist, merely on a rather different level, the malays view Islam as a purely tribal tool. Regarding the videos, there were plenty of it online only to be removed en masse. I think the government tracked and probably threatened anyone that dares publish the truth. Most of the videos remaining dont show the whole thing: (This is part 1, and next parts show the fight quickly escalating into tribal arguments)

      • Im sorry, I will have to create a new channel for most of the videos that I saved on my comp. Dont wanna risk my current channel being banned.

  3. pakistan now forbids translating islamic sacred terms into english LOL.

    According to Samaa News, sacred Arabic names and words like Allah, Masjid, Sala’at and Rasool are now forbidden to be translated into English as God, Mosque, Prayer and Prophet.

    The channel said that the government’s move has been appreciated by religious scholars.

    …remember the muslims in malaysia were burning churches because of a brouhaha over the use of allah in catholic and sikh publication.( yes they did burn or trash a sikh gurudwara also )

    actually malay has a word Tuhan which also means God ( derived from To’an or Tuan whcih means Lord ) , but Tuan has a more back to nature type meaning more akin to the cherokees or native indians concept of ‘ the Great Spirit ” or the Hawain kahuna ‘ Huna “…so mostly allah is used to denote god , even for christian maronite arabs all over the middle east . The persians can use Khadaw or God, but that sounds to zoroastrianisch , so persian has to use allah .

    so now stupid pakistan want to ban translation of words like allah, masjid , salaat,rasool into god, mosque, prayer, messenger ha ha ha

    would it be ok. to translate them into chinese ? : 上帝, 清真寺,祈禱,先知

    ….. since the pakistanis are getting
    hand outs and assitance from the chinese big time ? hmmmm Lately there has been a rift between Beijing and Islamabad because the out of control islamic jihad groups in pakistan are training and helping the uyghur islamic jihadist in their war against china. If the chinese regime has any common sense they will stop supporting pakistan to spite india and join up with india instead. China and india has shared cultures for millenia. Maverick ( as opposed to revealed religions ) like buddhism, jainism, hinduism has deeply influenced china and all of asia.

    hmmm lots of chinese restaurant in Rawalpindi and Lahore …how do you translate
    HALAL PORK FRIED RICE into chinese since halal probably is disallowed in english —-清真豬肉炒飯 ching zhen chue rou chao fan LMAO 🙂

  4. to “understand” (if that is possible) islam is to know concepts of duality and abrogation. the later verses of the qur’an abrogate the earlier ones – if there is a conflict, the later verses rule. the concepts of al-nasikh w’al-mansoukh and al-wala’ w’al-bara’ must be learned by westerners. muslims do not see through western eyes – as seen thru their eyes, you either convert and submit or you will die. and for the apostates out there who spew “islam means peace” – you’re on the kill lists as well – true muslims know better. IT’S A 1400+ YEAR OLD WAR of Western Civilization (humanity) vs. a criminal warlord death cult of oppression and barbarity (islam). better choose humanity’s side, people – islam and the muslims want you dead. STUDY YOUR ENEMY.

    • Genug….i dont know if you saw the lecture that the snake in the grass Imam Rauf of the ground zero mosque controversy gave to a big group of clueless new orkers… he even told them that the US constitution is shariah compliant and that shariah shares many similarities with the US laws and constitution , freedom of this and that blah blah…and i was like so taken aback when i scanned the face of the crowd and saw quite a number of people nodding in approval as if they were having a moment of epiphany /satori type thing …like an ‘aha ‘ moment…like ohhh ah sooo we did’nt know that, ohh we didint know that shariah also ahve simlar concepts of freedom of religion, life and liberty blah blah blah …. I am trying to find that you tube video which recorded that session

      ….. very scary when you think of the fact that here is an Imam standing in front of a large crowd and telling lies , knowing full well that shariah is the antithesis of freedom and the US constitution and has nothign to do with freedom and all that boel sjit but on the contrary has everything to do with enslavement and violence …and yet here he is an Imam – a defacto field marshal of islam – telling a bald face lie and yet keeping a straight face ! allahuma ! allah be damned ! may all the feral hogs pee on his carpet !

  5. I used to believe that Malaysia was different from all the other Muslim shit holes but thankfully this article showed me the truth. Mohammedans will always be the same bloodthirsty, primitive savages they always were. They have no place in a civilised world.

    Malaysia should be kicked out of the Five Power Defence Arrangements and labelled a terrorist threat. I’m sick of arse lifters taking advantage of the West, and disgusted how they all choose to flee here while promoting the culture they fled.

    • Aussie, NEVER EVER believe there is such a thing as “moderate” Muslims. Just Muslims who have not yet joined the jihad, violent, stealth, or otherwise. The President of Turkey stated, “There is no moderate Islam, Islam is Islam.”

      • BNI, Nimrod, I thank you for the excellent work uncovering the truth about Islam. If it was not for sites like this and Creeping Sharia, the Muzzie rats would creep unnoticed like the vermin they are. The West needs more people like you, people who are courageous in the face of tyranny and to tell Mohammedans that enough is enough. Death to Pisslam.

      • Aussie, I don’t actually run a web site though so I don’t deserve any special credit. BNI certainly does though especially since the anti-ddos-attack service that is absolutely required for any anti-jihad site to stay up is quite expensive.

    • Hi Aussie — here’s a linki to a great essay on ‘moderate islam’ by fjordman.

      Have you joined the Q society ? Islam is trouble wherever muslims settle they carry the dangerous and poisonous bagage of islam with them.Unlike other immigrants, muslims will never assilmialte , they adhere to the doctrine of Hijrah, and are appointed as soldiers of allah hell bent on colonizing and islamizing your country in the long run, by covert and then overt jihad….australia and new zealand is beginning to realize how unfortunate, unlucky and how careless and brainless they have been for allowi9ng for any islamic immigraton in the past … now have to live with it and clean up the mess . Q society critical of islam (ism) — Q society supports australian values AND OPPOSES ISLAM AND SHARIAH …ISLAM AND SHARIAH ARE SYNONYMOUS

  6. Based on this evidence that Muslims who have infiltrated Malaysia and are in the process of destroying it, may I suggest that all mosques in Malaysia be padlocked immediately prior to being dismantled or converted to useful purposes? Muslims and Islam should not be anywhere, much less in Malaysia, which does not need or want Islamofascist scumballs. As for posting photos of Malaysian non Muslim students being forced to have lunch in the restrooms, yes, good idea, we should post them everywhere throughout social media websites such as Facebook and others so that people see how Muslim Islamofascists destroy countries by degrading all the people and gradually setting up shop for their ever-worsening atrocities. All Islam should be set adrift.

  7. An extreme muslim wants to cut your head off a moderate muslim wants to watch an extreme muslim cut your head off they are all pricks

  8. What is the reason for my sincere, non-hatred comment to not be approved? This is just wrong… What makes you different from those evil people when you filter out comments, only allowing those you see convenient for your own cause. providing false information to public does not make you less evil than those people in that religion you hate

        • Wake up. It’s not lies it’s really happening. Do some research on the your own go in open minded. The news and information that we see is sanitized and reflects what the PC world wants it to be.

      • This is not islam. This is madness. I’m a Muslim but a true one. In the quran, we are never taught to do this, in fact we would be hated by god if we do this. The problem is that is not the religion that is wrong but the way some muslims interpret it. I would gladly agree that the Muslims that suggested these poor students from other religion to eat in the toilet to be killed but that’s not up to me or anyone on earth. It’s up to god. Furthermore, not all muslim is hated everywhere. For example, my school. We don’t ask the non Muslims to not eat or eat in the toilet. In fact, my Chinese and Indian friends all eat in front of me but I never complained. Why? Because fasting itself is a test. A test of endurance. If u can’t control yourself just because people is eating in front of you, might as well not fast. And my Indians and Chinese friends, bless them forever, even though I didn’t ask them to not eat in front of me, would not eat in front of me. Why? Because we are friends. I respect them and they respect me. Simple. So the conclusion is, we must not let actions like on the article to divide us all. I as a Muslim HATE conflicts among other races. And please believe me, Muslim is waayyy better than this. You can hate the malay that did this but don’t show your anger to the religion. It’s those who interpret the religion wrongly are wrong, not the religion. As a Malay myself, I always criticise the malay in this country due to their actions. But in order to be a great race, you must have a great leader. And for that, I blame the PM for this racial abuse against other race for not taking any action. Finally, I apologise on behalf of my Muslim wrong doer, I hope it means something.

      •, maybe two questions : Do you considers mohammed to be the best authority on the qur’an? In other words, are the hadith authoratative to all muslims? Because if a muslim denies the authority of the hadith, then he is denying mohammad ‘s authority as prophet. “Oh you who believe, obey God and obey his messenger, if you believe in God and the last day.” qur’an 4:59 . So according to this any muslim who denies the hadith is not only denying allah’s commandment, but allah himself. “If I tell you something between you and me (not a hadith) then it was indeed a trick. I may say things to cheat my enemy.” hadith bk 84 #64

        “Issue orders to kill all the Jews ” Bk 1 #6

        “Wherever you meet them, kill them. He who kills them shall get a reward on the Day of Resurrection.” Bk 84 #64

        There are 599 such statements re. killing in the hadith alone. Plenty have already been cited here.

        So please, answer. One way you’re a true muslim, the other you’re an apostate and you DO know what muslims do to apostates, don’t you? That’s the one cited above. Again ..he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

  9. Hi Jasmine, i have been reading your comment till the end of the page. Well bravo to have you to comment so daring like this, long sentences in each of your comments. Well i appreciated that. Well i agree that you have your point there. But you know, not everyone who born is being born as bad as this. They have been taught or learned to be bad. And thanks for pin-point the badness/wrong-doings of Islam here, so the Muslim’s knows about it and they might or try to rectified it. Well it also depends on that Muslims whether they wanted to change or not, as you have being said that Islam is the world’s most hatred religion.

  10. Thankfully i’m in singapore! I don’t like muslim or islam they both have stupid ideas they had in their minds. why not ask them to go in the bathroom and try and have lunch there see how we feel. DONT JUST THINK ABOUT YOURSELF THINK ABOUT OTHERS PLEASE!

    • antiracistme — Singapore ist in trouble too .Mr. Lee kuan yew privately xpress concern that all different relliguous groups can integrate, but muslims present a special challenge. Did you remember how he had suggested that muslims try to be more social and eat or break bread more often with the other different groups instead of sticking to themselves…welll lhe got into a lot of trouble for that and for some remarks ( whihc is the truth ) he made in his biography before he passed away recently. Well, many infidels don’t know that if a muslim follow strict shariah law, he cannot really take non muslims as friends ( koran says , do not take the jews and christians as friends or else you will be like them !..and we know how the whole of islam hates the jews, christians, hindus ,buddhists, pagans, atheists etc etc.

      antiracistme — do you know that shariah considers us non muslim najis ie filthy ,dirty ,impure / kotor both physically and spiritually ! think about that we in the eyes of islamic shariah are worse than lepers . So, if you becme more devout and your imam start preahing this nazi like apartheid type of ideology and you start thinking if you are a devout muslim : oh my god, i cannot sit down and break bread with the kuffaar/infidel, because if i do ,islam says i will be like one of them and then i will become an apostate and I will be out of the fold of islam and I will be killed and I can’t go to jannah/paradise and enjoy the 72 virgins LOL

      Also koran says , that the unbelievers ( ie all non muslims ) are the worst of allahs creations and even death is too good for us …..are you beginning to see how nazi like islamic teachings are , and do you now know why islam has bloody borders, ( burma , thailand, phillipines ,india, kashmir etc where muslims go on rampage killing others ….indonesian muslim soldiers are waging jihad against the innocent and unarmbed natives of papua new guinea and slaughtering them like animals since they are animists, and who can remember the horrific murder of over a million people during the formation of the ex portuguese area of Timur leste, where muslim indonesian soldiers murdered and raped in cold blood all the infidel christian timorese?….right in our backyardwe have islamic atrocities committed w/in our life time and nobody dare speak the truth.

      I am eurasian female ( orang perempuan serani), i have mixed ancestry malacca and singapore portuguese ,malay ,chinese and some dutch from soerabaya in my background… I have relatives that are on malay side and thankfully many just practise lip service islam and look at horror on the lot of women who are living in areas where full strength islam is applied. Frankly speaking many malay muslims in singapore are open minded, but the people in the intelligence service are worried that the newer generation maybe as many as 30% of the muslim youth in singapore may be secretly radicalized ! Do U remmember the jamaah islamiyah mat selamat terrorist case that got to escape from singapore prison, well it was an inside job, some local muslim malays and his own family help him escape, and luckily he was tracked down in malaysia.

      Recently in singpore mall here was an incident covered up . A veiled muslimah was sitting at the mall with her koran or some islamic book and the hindu lady janitor was touching her book and moving things around to tidy things up on the table..the muslimah was coming back from the restroom and saw the hindu infidel lady touch her sacred text , so she slapped the hindu lady , and the hindu fought back. I think the onlookers all tried to separate them and tried to bring peace…kudus to singaporeans for trying to live and let live . This was not reported for fear of upsetting the harmony apple cart. The muslimah considers the hindu lady ‘najis’ or filthy , and the fact that an infidel touched her koran was a no no. There was another case in malaysia, where a hindu boy had accidentally touched some food ware of a street vendor outside a mosque waiting to sell to the friday jumaah prayer crowd.

      The muslim vendor was incensed that an infidel hindu boy had contaminated his pak/pure islamic food and thus render it unfit for consumption by muslim owrshippers and thus an economic loss. The guy hit the hindu boy with a big stick and broke his fingers. The hindu boy’s mother sued the vendor and the secular court award monetary compensation by wanting to fine the muslim vendor, who then appealed to the shariah authorities. I think the shariah court overruled the secular courts ruling claiming that the muslim vendor was merely obeying shariah which indeed considers hindus filthy /najis and that the boy’s hand was wet which somehow makes him even more najis and contaminating and that the vendor was in his right to defend his religion and honor and that actually the hindu mother was at fault for not disiciplining his son so that such bad out come would not have happened, and that in reality the mother owed the muslim vendor some monetary debt to compensate him for his economic loss because food touched by an infidel especially with wet infidel hands/fingers is now unfit for consumption by devout muslims !

      Antiracistme — I am not making this up !…..Saya ini tidak berbohong … anda boleh pergi ke sumber islam dan membacanya – here are some links and you can see how apartheid and nazi like the shariah and islamic teachings are when it comes to the treatment of non muslims ( # 8 ie kafir = infidels ie non muslims are considered najis or dirty/filthy/unclean like leprosy …we infidels are classified by muslims in the same category as pee,poop, vomit, menses, dead bodies, dogs, …isn’t that a nice feelling lol ) what kind of demonic religion would consider others as filthy and unclean like piss and excrement . God is god of love, if your relilgion tells you to kill and hate and discrinate like nazis agaisnt other people who are also god’s children then you know you are into something really demonic and you should try to leave it if you are truly a good human being and there is any humanity in you …this is to all muslims malay or non malay.;—some muslims even teach that non muslims are najis like dogs ! — these imams teach that kafirs/infidels are dirty like dogs and pigs
      Najis things » Kafir
      107. An infidel i.e. a person who does not believe in Allah and His Oneness, is najis. Similarly, Ghulat who believe in any of the holy twelve Imams as God, or that they are incarnations of God, and Khawarij and Nawasib who express enmity towards th e holy Imams, are also najis. And similar is the case of those who deny Prophethood, or any of the necessary laws of Islam, like, namaz and fasting, which are believed by the Muslims as a part of Islam, and which they also know as such. As regards the people of the Book (i.e. the Jews and the Christians) who do not accept the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (Peace be upon him and his progeny), they are commonly considered najis, but it is not improbable that they are Pak. Ho wever, it is better to avoid them.

      108. The entire body of a Kafir, including his hair and nails, and all liquid substances of his body, are najis.—allah allows for muslims to steal from the kuffaars/infidels wonder islam attracts so many criminals lol —Islam makes a sharp distinction between Muslims on the one side and everyone else on the other. Their laws distinguish this too. In Shari’a law, a Muslim can testify in court against a kafir, but a kafir may not testify against a Muslim. In Shari’a law, it is illegal for a Muslim to kill a fellow Muslim, but it is not illegal for a Muslim to kill a kafir. A kafir is an unbeliever, an infidel.

  11. Here is a different view – what you see in this incident in Malaysia is not related to religion – it is related to the ruling party’s attemp to divide and rule the people by putting them against each other. These politicians want one ethnic group to see them as the saviours of the race – they politicised the education ministry and used it to hamper the educational advancement of other races through quotas, putting people of one ethnic group as headmasters and headmisttresses of the schools etc. Just think about it – making a part of the student body eat in the toilets – what kind of teachers would do this? Do you think such teachers would have a good effect on pupils whether Muslim or non-Muslim? Even if I were a Musllim, I certainly wouldn’t want such teachers guiding my children.

    Although this stream of comments is focused on the negative side of Islam, don’t be simplisitic in your analysis – this is not Islam’s ugly face: this is politicians using religions to manipulate the people. Go to Sri Lanka and you will see them doing the same thing except that here it is Buddhism not Islam.

    • You may be right about the political tactics, since divide-and-rule tactics are common. They get used in the U.S. as well.

      But the thing is that Islam makes this much easier. Islam is divisive and politicaly/violently supremacist in its scriptures and history. I have read a significant amount of the Buddhist Tipitaka and there is nothing in there about oppressing non-Buddhists or violent political supremacy, so what must be manufactured outside of Buddhism to come up with an idea like Buddhist political supremacy is already built in to the Quran.

      So yes it’s true that people can use divide-and-conquer and divide-and-rule tactics any time there are any differences in group identity. But the Buddha himself actually pointed out that different beliefs have different effects. Islamic beliefs have the effect of being extremely divisive just by themselves with no special effort to create division.

  12. This is so dame stupid of the school!! This is not appropriate at all. Is the government sleeping?? Will they take action? How the country can tolerate like this!! Poor students call ill treated!! Please step down to the school fight for the rights!! Or telecast it in the news where the whole world can see about it!! I m sure there will be solution for this! I wish the parents can speak up!! Hope the student are fine doing.

    • So when occurrences happen in the Western World you all scream ‘go back to your country’ when dealing with religious differences and cultures. But when the shoe is on the other foot you ridicule a whole religion, they are the in their country are they not and their laws regulations etc should be respected. I do not agree with the bathroom as a place to eat, but hey then the people should go back to their countries or learn to assimilate!!!

      • Moe, These people are Hindus, them and other Non muslims have been in Malaysia for thousands of years before the Rapist, Sadist, Beheading, narcissist, cross dressing, young boys tongue sucking, pervert, paedophile prophet mohammed (may the sexual release of a thousand hogs drench his rotting corpse) and his absurd cult came along. islam is not Malaysian culture, islam is a parasite infecting Malaysia.
        below is a reflection of the effect islam has on humans after they consume the pedo prophet muhammeds insane faeces..

  13. I think you guys should leave the religion aside if you are not sure of the teaching..I m not siding the muslim school leaders that did this in fact I condemned it but at the same time I also not sure if this really happens for me to judge the religion because I m 100% sure that this act in Ramadan is not written in the Quran which I learn. The internet ot social media as we all know has done many damage so for me to judge islam base on article such this is not my kind of thinking even for other religion if dont believe in islam its ok but dont attack islam and if u have something to say about islam please learn the Quran first understand the teaching.If this article is true.. lets focus on investigation the issues and correcting the human error like what other religion teach which is to solve human promblem peacefully..I believe stop the attack like the way u want it..thank u

      • I love how they come on here and say, “Please read the quran.” Wake up call for you islamapologists! The reason we are against islam is because we HAVE read the quran! DUH! Maybe you should read it, then we can have an informed discussion. Several respondents here have given links and quotes yet you ignore the well informed and peddle the same narrative. Add to the discussion. Inform us. What’s that you say? You can’t because you know they speak the truth? That the MAN (if you can even call him such) was nothing but an illiterate bastard that raped little girls, ransacked entire nations and promulgated the same for his followers. When you admit it and denounce his teachings publicly, then we can talk. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

        • Emma, that’s the problem. They HAVEN’T read the quran, they only think they know what’s in it from the crap they are fed by the imams. I’ve heard that since all this ISIS savagery started, a lot of muslim who never read the quran before are reading it now and are shocked by all the violence and hatred they are finding in it, which motivates groups like ISIS.

        • Alhamdulillah that you’ve read the Holy Quran. But my question to you guys is, did you guys read specific texts or the full interpretation of the Holy Book? Please my friends do not push your agenda by being bias and read specific texts in the Holy Book which has been taken out of context. I am not here to argue nor do I believe my religion, Islam, is superior than all the other religions in the world. I am just asking for everyone to not be ignorant and be fed with lies from the media/internet sites which are anti-islam. Of course you will develop this hateful ideology when you visit such sites. There are evil people in Islam who misinterprets the texts from the Holy Book to push their personal agendas, but there are many of us who just wishes to integrate with the majority and live our lives peacefully. Peace be upon you all.

    • salam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh brother salam…why are you sitting on the fence, you sound like so many typical muslim ( we are condemning the dangerous ideology of islam , not muslims..there are many muslims who dont even know their own relgion they only hear what the imam teach them !.

      take pakistan for example, see how they immigrate to western countries and then abuse the native people…listen to this lecture by an honest muslim who has recovered his humanity and his brains criticize his fellow muslims …you will so schocked at your own religion , maybe you may want to secretly become a murtad /apostate and i will congratulate you….felicitacion mi amigo Salam do become an apostate after you hear this ….anda ini bukan orang yang bodoh , anda ini mempunyai otak and cerdek pls use your brain to leave this horrific fake religion that is damaging humanity : — honest pakistani man telling muslims about what islam is doing to them ! …about the reality of the muslim ummah and the western world that they are abusing the host even when they are the guests !… tell me brother salam is that the adat istiadat of a person of good culture …malay culture is beautiful and polite kebudayaan melayu sesuatu kebudayaan yang indah , cantik dan halus bukan saperti kebudayaan agama isalm yang penuh kekerasan , maut dan perang ! …..schalom aleichim ya akhi

    • Most of us ARE sure of the teaching, and we know of the Islamic history of oppressive tactics used against “kuffar”. We have spent much time reading about Islam in the Quran, Hadith, Sirat Rasul Allah, and various fatwas but we don’t believe in any it especially since there is so much stuff in scriptures and tafsir writing that supports violence and human rights abuses.

      Read my comments below with specific quotes and references.

    • Look at the pictures. Not true!!! Muslim authority do nothing. If this is the Non-Mulims said the same things to the Mulims. 100% sure the non-mulims teacher would be terminated the service.
      Injustice, Bottom line, Muslim people don’t treat Non-mulim as human being, just treat non-mulims worse than treating an animals.
      The teacher should be fired.

    • Blaming the religious leaders only? The Islamic countries expect the West (usu America) to always clear up the shits they create for themselves. Gulf War, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Middle East tension with Isreal, migrant crisis, you name it. It is supposed to be their own fucking problem. Do you know how damaging it is to the economy to substain a war and the tons of soldiers who have to die needlessly for wars that do not concern them at all!

      The teachings in the Quran makes for easy manipulation of believers into discrimination, hatred, violence, pedophlia…

      Verses taken out of context?? Some use this as defense. Might as well rip out all the verses from the book to avoid them being misused in the first place. Any verses inciting possible hatred and violence makes the book questionable and potentially psychologically dangerous to the subsceptible human mind.

      Try take verses from Buddhist scriptures out of context. I bet it is impossible to form nasty suggestions out of the verses.

      Islam (nations)’s frequent terrible choice in getting people with horrible motives to lead believers implies the religion itself is a hopeless cause. Christianity (current era) does a lot better on this regard. So many people has died because of Islam and many more to come. And all you got to say is its because of the leaders’ faults. Come on. The biggest problem is Islam encourages blind faith and mindless submission. Believers are mindless slaves ready to be programmed to rape and kill.

      Once you learn to start thinking and questioning every aspects of the religion from a critical perspective, it is impossible to stay a Muslim and still keep your sanity.

  14. pls check the fact before you judge people…dont jump into conclusion before you know the whole story… and admin, kindly check ur fact before spreading lies….

      • barenakedislam ….ha ha ha…i could’nt have come up with a better answer LOL. many muslims who are ‘secular’ are totally clueless as to what islam is all about …they celeberate eidul fitr, eid ul adha, pay their zakat, bang their head 5x/day , go to the friday jumaah prayer blah blah blah do the mind numbing ritual and hope to go to paradise …they listen to their imam, some dont even read the koran either in malay or arabic or english.

        ….some are just cultural muslims but nevertheless if they identify with islam, they are still supportive with a form of theocratic nazism . Human being is obviously one of those so called ‘secular’ muslims who don’t even know their own religion well, he is probably practising islam -lite or as the prior prime ministers of malaysia likes to tout ‘ islam hadari’ so clled moderate islam.

        Something like drinking miller-lite beer. Islam is a bit like ethanol, if you drink Coors-lite you get a bit tipsy and a high, but if you drink the real stuff 80% proof vodka then it will damage your liver pronto and kill you. So for ‘human being’ i ask the question why would you want to practise nazism-lite …if only you knew that full strength nazism will
        damage you physically . ,mentally and spiritually. Islam is nazism ( with a god …and a fake one to boot lol ).

        Human being do check out http://www.thereligionofpeace and learn more about our own religion and then i invite you to use your common sense and hyour rational mind and your own humanity and leave this hideous death cult of islam that has to date contributed to the death of 590 million souls globally and over the centuries !

    • Islam (people/Muslims) does nothing at all about radical Muslims and terrorists. I know you do not fall into those groups now (maybe?). The issue is what are you doing about it.

      But wait, you are a Muslim. You can’t attack or kill another Muslim (due to Islam law), even for righteous reason.

      You won’t stop or vote against Sharia Laws. You can’t because you will be branded a traitor or apostate if you do otherwise.

      Is killing an overstatement? Not really. In a scenario if the perpetrators are indeed Muslim terrorists, you won’t do anything about it even if you can. If you have a gun you won’t shoot them even if they are about to rape and kill many people. You can’t do no shit because you are a Muslim. You are of absolutely no help to humanity.

  15. It is sad that a lot of people judge islam on this stupid stupid minority muslim which are the extremists..both the blogger and the one who is hate the action of this extremism are empowering this extremists which have not been taught to us in islam i was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and never in my childhood days that we discriminate non muslim!!!!this is wrong no matter how u look at it!!but to the all the muslim in the world or the whole malaysia it seems that u have the mentality of these kind of people

    • Haha, Dear Malaysian Malay muslim…you don’t discriminate non-muslims? How about your special priviledges as a Bumi (Bumiputra)? Just look how your gov’t systematically discriminates non-muslim Malaysians, e.g., entrance criteria to Universities, hiring, bank account interest rates, entitlement to own land, price of condominiums, etc. Discrimination is built into your system, perhaps your so used to it you no longer see it as discrimination.

    Bloody Damn STUPID THING TO DO!

    Point is all religions is the same not to treat people like that and be nice to others.
    Nothing wrong with the muslim religion but something wrong with the little head of them asking non muslim to eat and drink in the toilet.
    They just created what ever they want & like not in even in the Qur’an asking the non muslim to eat their food in the TOILET! .
    This kind of people should live in Saudi.
    WHY NO ONE STOP THEM!! and take legal action – “human rights”

    Wake people this is 2015!

    • Off course no one stops them, because Malaysia is control by muslim majority and the central and local government who are muslims. They don’t give a shit about non-muslim They only care about muslim and the bumiputra, supposely be the upper class malaysian. The govenment suggested Muslim have superior treatment. Let me tell you thing you do not know. the malaysia government discrimate the non-muslim for education. Muslim get 90% of the country’s scholarship and their grade do not have to be good. Non-muslim students who have AAA grade not allowed to enter into Malaya University, while Muslim students who have BBB or CCC can get in. When question why this inequality, the authority replied “you are not bumiputra”

  17. I dont expect this 2 come from the schools. What kind of teachers do we have nowadays…are they educators or stupid is the word for them shame on you teachers
    Dont treat others with such cruelty….eating in the toilets or drink your own urine…this is your most precious month so behave as a human being

  18. What the fish?? M mother for 2. Is this what they call as “1 Malaysia?” Did Islam teach such in Quran? I don’t think so. This country is getting screwed up day by day. You don’t need to give special priorities to the Non Muslim but at least respect us as a human.

  19. So, it’s demonstrated (again) how MUSLIMS treat non-muslims–even children–in muslim-majority societies. And, look…the apologists crawl out to deny it and retail their flimsy lies and excuses. Well, muslims, retail this:

    “…non-Muslim pupils could only drink in the toilet and not in the classroom during the fasting month. However, he reportedly went further and said that those without water could drink from the pipe and if not, consume their own urine.”

    And, if the non-muslim parents dare to protest this travesty against their CHILDREN:

    “Selangor acting police chief, Datuk A. Thaiveegan says that individuals who spread photos of the pupils eating in the school toilet can be investigated under the Sedition Act 1948. “People will not hesitate to take action agains (sic) those who disseminate seditious information about the school on the social networking sites,”

    Classic, typical islam. “That’s right, we;ll treat you kuffar like dirt, beat the shit out of you…and if you speak one word about it? We will make it even WORSE for you.” Pact of Umar, anyone?

    And, muslims wonder why they’re HATED? Why they have a “bad image?” Why nobody wants them around? Well, wonder no more! This is EXACTLY why…

    • I reckon you are being the apologist here. Agreed, this happened in a part of Malaysia, doesn’t mean that ALL schools in Malaysia are like that. But ofcourse, you choose to overlook that?

      • DNS … say it happened in only one part of malaysia,..even if it happens once and it it based on interpretation of islam, that is already bad enough ! and every so called mosque in malaysia should condemn it, but of course they do not…instead they stage a big protest in the stadium and scream and rant and rave against christians because some malay muslim neighbour paid courtesy call to local church for goodwill reason and then suddenly the Parti Agama Islam people suddenly accuse christian of trying to convert the muslims who visited the church for social call. But that is what islam exactly teaches….it says not to take as friends jews and christians or else you will be like them or of them ….so you tell me with this kind of primiitve idiotic teaching how can you teach muslims to become friends and to treat non muslims fairly and as equals ? If you deny my statement and claim that islam does not teach this , then you are totally ignorant of your own religion and the cruel and wicked things that are contained in the koran, hadith/ahadith and sunna !

  20. To the Muslims who say that mistreatment of non-Muslims “isn’t Islam”:

    While you may personally believe this, it is not what is reflected in the Quran, Hadith, and Surat Rasul Allah. For example, and this is just one example, the Fighting Verse:

    “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Qur’an 9:5

    Bad treatment of non-Muslims is just one way of “fighting” until they “feel themselves subdued”. So whoever is doing these things is following the spirit of these things in the scriptures.

    This verse is usually used as an argument against Quran 9:5:

    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” Qur’an 2:256

    The problem is that, according to mainstream Islamic scholars such as the ones at al-Azar university in Egypt, Qur’an 2:256 has been abrogated by the Fighting Verse because of the rule of abrogation. (These two verses conflict, and Quran 9:5 was “revealed” after Quran 2:256. Therefore 9:5 the fighting verse overrides the no compulsion verse.)

    Because of this, the “fighting verse” attitude persists within Islam. More info here:,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Forced_Conversion

    There is much other divisive stuff in Islam that further encourages this attitude:

    “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.” Qur’an 5:51

    This is only a small sample of the divisive stuff in Islamic scriptures. It should be no surprise when someone Muslim tries to follow it, especially if they also have something to gain by it through corruption as well.

    • Since I can’t detect sarcasm in short written word I am choosing to reject that notion therefore i am wondering how a self professed atheist chooses to thank god for his lack of religion when atheists deny the existence of a God???? Atheists deny Gods existence yet openly claim to hate God, the reason for this is because they know absolutely that God exists you cannot hate deny or criticise that which you do not believe exists!!! If you are being sarcastic please disregard every word I just said but all other atheists take note

  21. Malaysia is a sick, evil country with extremists now coming out of the wings to let loose their religious bigotry on the minority populations. Meanwhile corruption at all levels of the predominantly Malay-Muslim government and even in religious circles is considered “Halal”. Disgusting worthless third world country. Sick to the core and deserving of the whole world’s utter contempt.

      • fuck u admin,u look so fucking confident like u know what happen,this happen at my place and I know what the story behind this fake fucking story u make.u really sick psycho mental shit head.
        Stop this nonsense story, you act just to show how stupid this you.I babbling laugh when you hear criticism of Islam, even though you are very foolish not know anything about Islam.I dont care about your fuckin jusus or cross with stupid jusus tie at cross, funny u know,

      • There is no islam. Your whole book was just discredited by carbon dating. Was written before your phony wanna be prophet. How’s it feel to know you were duped by a goat shagging, illiterate camel humper, kay?? Oh. Carbon dating = SCIENCE. Stupid fools! 1.6 billion fools! The queeran was a fake and mohamed is not /never was a prophet!!!

  22. fasting month is important to muslim the goverment should change school holidays during fasting month all children will be very happy think about it if possible change it and give all races happy with united together. thankyou

    • I agree. In my country they make school hours and working hours shorter for ramazan so the situation doesn’t arise.

  23. Wow. Seem like becoming rasist. Blast the School. Y make an issue. To yhe oerson who post it better get a life. Selamat Berpuasa

    • selamat pagi incik taufiq mohamed…i have no problem if muslim want to do puasa/saum fasting…but why must the religion force other people into awkward position and also discriminate against others who do not want to fast or whose religions dont require them to fast? isnt that a kind of moonafiq or hypocrite ?

      jangan paksa orang bukan islam berpuasa …apakah umat islam kurang iman, atau kepercayaan tidak cukiup kuat hingga mesti paksa memaksa kaum hindu ,buddhist dan taoist untuk berpuasa LOL….if your faith that strong, than its between you and allah…dont force it on others, that is the bad thing about islam, it is all ab out control….why force others to wear tudung /hijab as i Acheh once they establish shariah …muslims have to examine their own religion and demand a world wide reform instead of copying the backward 6th century arab cultures and evil pracdtises such as female genital mutilation and constant tribal warfare. Malays need to be proud of their malay tradition and culture/kebudayaan instead of becoming arab clones !

      terima kasih .

  24. Dear all people whom replied for this news. I’m sha Indian girl from Malaysia this incident really happened and I’m personally knew these parents. Guyss this is not about religion. This is about people’s mentality. Even though we have different religious but mental ability is beyond each individual. Anyway this incident happened last year so please leave this and lets pray to not repeat this kind of issues in Malaysia anymore.

  25. yes i’m strongly agreed we needs to respect each other race and religion but to have lunch in the bathroom just because of fasting month is not acceptable. For muslims we have to fast and it’s not a valid reason to let non-muslims to have their lunch in the bathroom. As a muslims we are taught restrain hunger and thirst even though people eat or drink in front of us because fasting month is a blessed month and a month full of trials and challenges. We cannot force non-muslims to fast or to eat or drink in the bathroom just because to show respect towards all the muslims. This laws or rules really ridiculous. Just because of this stupid rules and now all the muslims names rotten.

    • adek manja- barenakedislam is right, the whole world is fed up with islam. You live in malaysia and so called educated muslims are constantly embarrased by the savage behavior of other muslims who are actually the true muslims. Many muslims don’t read arabic and don’t even understand their own religion. The behaviour of your so called prophet is a disgrace…what kind of holy man would have sex with a six , o.k. 9 yr old girl. Remember the muslim chroniclers record that mohammad had ‘thighing’ or interfemoral sex with ayesha at age 6 , that is why mufakhatat or thighing sex is so common in muslim countries in middle east between grown up man and a baby girl. What kind of prophet would behead 800 jews, what kind of prophet would rape a jewish lady immediately after beheading her father and husband and brothers in the morning ?

      Jika anda adalah seorang manusia rasional , anda mesti membaca rekod pembabad Islam dan memahami bahawa anda terperangkap dalam pemujaan yang benar-benar menyembah mohammad yang merupakan seorang yang jahat dan ganas, anda mesti membuat usaha besar untuk meninggalkan kultus berbahaya ini.

      ( If you are a rational human being you must read the records of muslim chroniclers and understand that you are trapped in a cult that really worships mohammad who is an evil and violent person , you must make an effort to leave this dangerous cult.)

      adek manja…recently fanatical muslims even called for the imprisonment of a muslim malay lady who is an animal trainer because she posted pictures of her beloved dog on social media together with greetings for hari raya puasa ! …and then the retired malay judge even insulted hindus and buddhists and christians by telling them not to make large statues of Murugan or Buddha or kwan yin or even have a large cross on the church building…why is islam so paranoid, cannot respect other religions ….that is because the more fanatic muslims are following the sunna of mohammad and they are practising the real islam which is super intolerant. Last year a group of singapore tourist who visited johor bahru was loaned a prayer room in a hotel owned by a singapore muslim and that raised a big brouhaha because the buddhist had done meditation in a muslim prayer room….so now the room is contaminated by the najis filthy non muslims and have to be condemened and the poor malay guy was detained and sentence to jail for insulting islam .. you see how ridiculous islam is b ecoming…and may I remind you of the hypocrite sultan of brunei who recently introduce hudud shariah law where women will be stoned to death and hands and feet cut off for thieves…and acheh and parts of indonesia already practising hudud and several states in malaysia also debating using hudud laws….have you noticed how the more islamic malays become the more they are imitating the arabs and becoming like an arab clone — apakah orang melayu sudah melupakan semual bangsa , bahasa dan kebudayaan mereka sendiri? LOL– seorang melayu yang menjadi lebih islam dia akan menjadi lebih klon arab !

      • I can only read the English part, but well said!

        The problem is that Muslims who don’t want things like sharia law, religious discrimination, and hudud punishments need to come up with a theological way to argue against the extremists instead of just trying to deny that the extremist views have anything to do with Islam.

        Unless they can come up with a theological argument against extremists then all they can do is renounce Islam. Trying to deny that Islam is Islam will not work! Nobody with a brain will believe it.

  26. I dont believe in muslim. They will not take their food during the day. But in the evening at 8 they will eat.. at 12 mn another food. At 4 am.. another food. How crazy they are, right?

  27. This story came out some time ago. (2013)

    Please STOP this RELIGION-HATING posts by doing all this flaming and defaming.

  28. This article better be true and it really happened this way.
    I wondered what happened to the person who implemented this. As a muslim, they shouldnt treat other like animals. This is animal behaviour.

    Islam does teach us to be loving and gracious to non muslims too. Everyone is the same. Until religion made u stupid.

    They could have made a room special for non muslims to eat. Ask students to eat in toilet is similar to asking yr dad eat shit instead of rice. No respect for each other. I am muslim btw. No offence. But this attitude has to stop. Other people want to be non muslim..let them be. Dont critise them la. Love and live together.

    • Suggestion: fasting muslim should stay in a fix aircon room to sleep/rest with toilet provided while the rest (non muslim) continue their own stuff as usual.

      • selamat pagi Gzl..apakabar..terima kasih for the link lah…do U know if the school is now prohibiting serving of daging babi/pork meat, i think all national school in malaysia cannot serve pork right…so what if say hindu or taoist student bring her/his own food in lunch pack and he/she has pork in it , so what will the school do ?

        also does the muslim malay even think for a moment how insulting they can be to hindus when they serve daging lembu/beef/cow meat in main menu and force hindu student to touch beef contaminated food stuff ….you know that hindu respect cows since it is selected as representative of animal kingdom giving milk and also working in the field for the good of humanity, just like they respect the neem tree as representative of plant kingdom. Also what about buddhist students who are vegetarian, what do the schools do for them to respecdt their senesitivity. Buddhists are horrified by the halaal slaughtering of animals which get their jugular sliced and bleed to death slowly in agony? When you cross over to singapore , we have social harmony requirement that all the other religion respect islam and muslim in singapore also reminded to respect other relgion…you have to ask why in muslim majority malaysia there is such a large difference in treatment of minorities whwen compared to singapore ?

        I think you know the answer – islamic doctrine by nature is supremacist. Also in malaysia the ruling party is islamically orientated so they have to prove themselves more islamic than the other parties and so will eventually violate human rights of minority since that is the nature of sharia compliance. In singapore ruling party is non muslim so they emphasize the golden rule ie treat others equally and be nice ! — religious harmony in singapore vs religious islamic supremacist bigory in malaysia muslims angry cos buddhists from singapore borrowed muslim prayer room for meditation lol — subversive imam trying to create religious violence in singapore by inciting singapore muslim youth to do jihad….do you see the problem with real islam ? LOL

        gzl apakah anda ini dari malaysia atau singapura atau serawak dan sabah, keadaan di indonesia lebih buruk bukan ?

    • Why should anyone have to eat in any other room period? Just because they are not Muslim. Having them “eat in a small room” isn’t any different

    • Quran 8:55
      Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are those who have disbelieved, and they will not [ever] believe –

    • I’m a Malaysian and this news is true. Lately this month, a school at Kedah, Malaysia told the non-muslim student to drink their own piss, since the water in school was unavailable, due to the fasting month.

  29. This is unacceptable! The religion does not teach to dicriminate people of other religions or beliefs this way! Respect others like how u want to be respected. All e more being a Muslim, they should know tt toilet is never a place one should be having their meals. I am a Muslim and I am appalled and embarrassed by this behaviour. On behalf of e Muslim community, I apologise on behalf of this stupidity and selfish action that e school made. I hope they will look into this matter seriously..

  30. Done ? What does it got to do with all the muslims in the world ? If the story is right then yes its the school fault and i apologise on behalf of all muslims too . So now isit , about the school thingy or muslims religion issues ?

    • what happened when non muslim start a controversy…will all muslim just make don’t know?????this is not about who is fairer but this is what your religion ISLAM…because it’s muslims always claim they are threat everyone fair and equal but the west is creating islamophobia…….is ISLAM and muslim really show/lead by example there will be no islamophobia………ISLAM is a threat because of MUSLIMS not because of non muslims!!!!

  31. Hey hey guys, I’d like to say that this is not Islamic at all. Please don’t blame Islam for this. This! This is the result of Malaysia’s backwards Muslim authority. I promise you if you went to Singapore, Muslims aren’t like this at all.

    Where I live, it doesn’t matter if we’re fasting or not, Muslim or not, we all cooperate with one another. Those who are fasting were allowed to stay in class for break time, but there are no restrictions for non Muslims. Heck, nonMuslims understand Muslims enough that without being told, they excuse themselves if they were going to eat.

    Please guys, amidst all the hate for Muslims, because of many reasons like ISIS and countries that do things like these, I promise you it is not the religion, but the people.

      • I am a Singaporean and we Singaporeans live together in harmony. We do not need Western bigots to interfere this peaceful country. From my observations, Singaporean Muslims are growing and more mosques are being built there, being approved by the Singapore Government, of course.

        The Singapore Constitution, Part XIII, General Provisions, Minorities and special position of Malays, section 152:

        The Government shall exercise its functions in such manner as to recognise the special position of the Malays, who are the indigenous people of Singapore, and accordingly it shall be the responsibility of the Government to protect, safeguard, support, foster and promote their political, educational, religious, economic, social and cultural interests and the Malay language.

      • Glad to read your article… least i still respect muslim. Perhaps this only happen in msia – only in west msia???? I am Sabahan

      • BareNakedIslam, stop trying to spread hate on Islam. Just stop. Your efforts will go nowhere. Get over it, Islam is the true religion, and it is the fastest growing religion. I pray that Allah gives you guidance and you will be a Muslim too, soon.

      • Heyy BNI you said ” If you respect muslims, you are not welcome here ”

        Hmm, so I guess you want ALL people to hate each and every muslim on the planet? Let me see, you’re almost as bad as the ones who are speaking out against 😉

      • It’s non Muslim way that use muslim’s name so people like u can hv stories:)) it’s a lie tho! Coz it’s obviously not Islam value!

      • salaam alaykum ya Singaporean —-not all singaporeans agree with your assessement of the muslim problem…mr. lee kwan yew was worried that muslims are the only group that will have problem to integrate into the poly cultural society that exemplifies singapore…did you not remember that the mat selamat terrorist broke out of the singapore prison because he was helped from the inside by other malay muslims and even his own family,…and on top of that singapore is not even like america , singapore did not intervene or participate in any wars concerning muslim countries ( in all fairness to america, the americans often intervene to save or help muslim countries…do you remember how america sacrifice her sons and daughters to save kuwait from saddam hussein, how about how americans die to save bosnian muslims from being attacked by serbian nationalists ….so how ungrateful can muslims be, recently a kuwaiti professor even suggested that jihadis should carry anthrax into america thro mexico border to sow death and destruction ! Admit it , it is the evil doctrine of the religion that sows the seeds of 98% of the world’s conflict…many muslims do not even know their religion …they dont even read the classical arabiyah al fus’haa. The singapore intelligence now thinks that 30% or more of the islamic youths are raDICALIZED, IE THEY FOLLOW THE LITERAL SUNNA OF THE PROPHET AND THE LITERAL TEACHINGS OF THE KORAN , HADITH AND SUNNA WHICH IS TO WAGE WAR AGAINST ALL INFIDELS !
        muslim imam inciting singapore muslims to kill their neighbours who are infidel christians, buddhists, hindus, humanists , secularist, even to kill more moderate muslims !

        ya anda dari Singapura sila tengok video ini untuk melajar dengan teliti ideologi islam yang sungguh sungguh merbahaya untuk kaum manusia di seluruh dunia ! — what islam is not !

    • i like your name mohammad firdaus which means mohammad paradise LOL..but actually sorry to tell you mohammad cannot go to paradise for the evil things he did on earth, he may go to jahanam or neraka instead…you should think of changing your name , maybe Antonio paraiso would be better cos you sound like a very nice person, too nice to be carrying the name of a mass murderer , pedophile and warlord, pls consider a name change .. gracias and terima kasih

  32. Typical Muslim. Making it all about them being about the non Muslims having to eat where people shit?
    Guess you’re used to it being the unclean savages that you are. Eh?

  33. The more i see and hear the more i hate them. Which is againt my humanity, but muslims have none to all who are not belivers of Pedofile female mutilators! There will be a piont where we will rise up and smite these throw offs from Cain.

  34. I think no religion go beyond humanity , why such incident arise , is Islamic countries so narrow minded , they only see themself , is there no right for other peoples . where they arise its only 1400 years back where we find about Islam . i got lot of student’s who are muslims but i never give them different , i treat them like my family . so be human

  35. Some places here in australia ,putting iut xmas decorations “offend” a particular rrligion so you are “encouraged” to decline. yet if you wake early for work or need sleep you hear loud middle eastern music and illegal driving and on “ramadan” they get to use a park with carnival rides PAID by rates from the xmas parties it all monies are to ONE community only.

  36. The solution for the Malaisian government is simple … threaten to charge people with sedition for posting the pictures:

    Now, police threaten Sedition Act on those who spread photos of ‘toilet canteen’
    (Malaysia Chronicle Thursday, 25 July 2013)

      • I have. Just read a Quran. It says stuff like this in many places:

        “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Qur’an 9:5

        Also see this:

        Everything marked in purple is similar to the above.

    • don’t blame the muslim community.. blame the teachers there.. i am muslim & i dont think the school should do this kind of arrangement.. they should locate it at the canteen & make an annoucement to all muslim who is fasting not to approach the canteen..

      the teachers there ARE THE REAL IDIOT and SATANIC BEHAVIOR.. premature thinking.. some teacher they are..

      • Washichi Fujikage —–japanese joining islam is a very bad combination. Historically japanese tend to be a bit tribal and who can forget the disastrous blind allegiance to emperor worshipping of the japanese people only a few decades ago. !!!. Visiting workers, technicians etc from muslim countries are taking advantage of the japanese curiosity about islam and opening mosques whereaver there is a concentration of foregin muslim workers.

        Fortunately many japanese are still a bit xenophobic and view islam with disdain and trepidation and consider it a primitive cult . The beheading of japanese prisoners captured by ISIS recently certainly helped tarnish the image of muslims in the eyes of their japanese host…..and certainly this recent disrespectufl and savage animalistic behaviour of a visiting saudi wahabist student? in japan where he destroyed some priceless historical relics and buddha statues in a japanese shinto shrine meant nothing to him

        Saudi Student Destroys Old Buddhist Temple Statues in Japan

  37. This is the backward Muslim affront to humanity dump that Swedish degenerates point to as a model. No matter what they tell us this is not working and I imagine this will, like the economic collapse worldwide will also adjust sooner or later to this very unnatural state of affairs. With or without pc on board that is.

  38. Galloping -sharia-the -non muslim children shouldn’t be eating in the toilets-the parents -must protest and demand this kow towwing to islam -stop at once -and no canteen during ramadan? this arrogant religion is getting away with this because no one is protesting long and loud enough.

    • The religion isn’t arrogant, my dear, the school sounds stupid. Not all kids fast, they need to check the situation and correct it.

      • Another lady-ignoramus or Moslema taqiyya-spouting stoolie…

        Moslems are ALWAYS supposed to be blatantly-superior to everybody else because their IDOL and Antichrist Mohammed said so – and the number of times in the Qur’ân, (not to mention the Hadith and Sira) where they’re COMMANDED to fight and hate non-Moslems is well over 100!!!

        NOBODY of a right mind will swallow the LIES of Islam – BEGONE!!!!

        And, of course never to forget: DEATH TO ISLAM, Darwinism and Marxism!!!!

  39. islam never ceases to amaze me…………
    I believed i couldnt hate muslims anymore…. But suprise suprise…. After reading this i do. I am quite amazed at how downright disgusting muslims will behave in a country they control. Having a mislim leader is a no no for any civilized society.

  40. Dhimmitude is quite humiliating. You know there are ‘progressive’ Muslims in America who actually try to pretty up dhimmitude. It’s great stuff! Those progessive Muslims, are they in denial or in stealth jihad mode? I think stealth jihad, they are too serious not to know their Islam. But lieing to the infidels, the smoother the better.

    • bro. the story here related to malaysia.. not america and i strongly disagree to these innocent child.. the teacher there who are incharge of that school whom should be blammed.. their brains are not on the head but in their asshole..

      • Don’t call anyone here “bro.” We are not your “bros.” I am banning you because as someone who has lived in Japan, I am sick to my stomach at seeing a Japanese person on my blog who is a muslim.

  41. Why don’t they tell the Moz children to sit in the bathroom? Would that be discrimination? What if they told Moz children they had to eat in the bathroom? Would that be discrimination?


    How much BS will the American people swallow?

  42. wouldnt it make sense to have the muslim students in the bathroom as they cant eat and the non muslim students in the lunch room AS THEY EAT LUNCH

    • Yes Rina, it makes perfect sense…and that’s the problem. Such coherent and logical thinking will only get you labeled a troublemaker. Cheers!

    • Im a Malaysian, but the malays have managed to combine a simple minded asian type of savagery with Islamic savagery. They often use religion to insult each other all the time like playground bullies. This is just another instance of such behaviour. The malay apologists that respond here are the “nicer” ones. The ones in Malaysia are much more crueler and are proud if they can record their behaviour.

      • No, it hasn’t! Not since it began in the Soddy Barbarian Desert with Mahound the Original Arselifter! And this crap will NOT end until non-muslimes stop kowtowing to muslimes and expedite them to their Final Destination, that being HELL, not Paradise, no virgins, etc., none of that muslime pislamic BS they say they will get if martyred fo rpislam!….

    • In fact what we call “leftists” have always been in favor of apartheid, racism, ethnic cleansing and so forth, as long as the means justifies the goal.

      The “hip” New York liberal crowd began their worship of fascism as early as in the 20’s when Mussolini was the man on everyone’s lips. This book covers most of it:

      Marxism is basically the same ideology as fascism and national socialism. Colors and banners differ. But their hearts stay the same. Maleficent, hedonistic and violent.

      Here is one of many examples when these arch enemies protest TOGETHER:

      “Held two months prior to the U.S.-led attack on Iraq, this year’s conference — an annual grassroots riposte to the well-heeled World Economic Forum in Davos — had the theme, “Another World is Possible.” But the more appropriate theme might have been “Yesterday’s World is Back.” Marchers among the 20,000 activists from 120 countries carried signs reading “Nazis, Yankees, and Jews: No More Chosen Peoples!” Some wore T-shirts with the Star of David twisted into Nazi swastikas. Members of a Palestinian organization pilloried Jews as the “true fundamentalists who control United States capitalism.” Jewish delegates carrying banners declaring “Two peoples – Two states: Peace in the Middle East” were assaulted.[1]”

      The animosity between them is just play pretend and prestige. Their “anti-racism” is just a thin veil