NOT ISLAM, FUNNY: Bear Surprises Samsung Crew on EcoBubble Washing Machine photo shoot in Canada

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H/T Allan Ivarsson

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  • Jotek21 

    Jotek21 5 months ago

    lol, i feel sorry for your stupidity people, for those who believe this – this is FAKE you idiots. There’s no washing machine that can wash a brown fur till it’s white. He didn’t even use a washing powder morons!

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  • Bradley Howlett 

    Bradley Howlett 4 months ago

    85 Polarbears disliked this.

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    • TheFlashstickman 

      TheFlashstickman 1 week ago

      really? I think it’s real.

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    • Clark Kent 

      Clark Kent 2 weeks ago

      It’s called bleach , for all of you cave dwelling idiots.

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    • BamaDillon 

      BamaDillon 3 weeks ago

      If you look closely, you can see that it’s fake.

    • Angelcupcake44 

      Angelcupcake44 4 months ago

      Lol at first I thought this was real, but then it’s like, WTF!

      • IanWebster81 

        IanWebster81 5 months ago

        Bear has some slick dance moves…

      • SCHOGGIproductions 

        SCHOGGIproductions 5 months ago

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      • BGHQ1 

        BGHQ1 5 months ago

        DAMMIT!! I was hoping to see each and every one of them tossed around like rag dolls and ripped to fucking shreds !!!!

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        • jalindal 

          jalindal 5 months ago

          Lol. To all the people commenting about how the bear should be hibernating… did you not get the punchline? It’s a polar bear!!!

          • chaosjacky 

            chaosjacky 5 months ago

            If you look closely, you can see that the bear isn’t real

          • Mike S 

            Mike S 5 months ago

            For those who know it’s fake and say fake. Ok, ha ha we get it. But for those who are saying fake and really didn’t know. Please don’t ever use the internet again. Stay in school and go do your homework. And most important of all, PLEASE do not have children and slap you parents who are most likely related for me.


            MrYoshileon 5 months ago

            I work in the movie industry, and my 10 years of experience tells me that this is definitely fake.

            But I cannot blame you, it is very well done.

            The biggest mistake is the blue underwear. Ask any scientist, bears do not like the color blue.

            • Jimmy Balderstone 

              Jimmy Balderstone 5 months ago

              Seems legit

            • Erdekell Nem 

              Erdekell Nem 5 months ago

              If you look closely , you will see this is fake, seriosly a woman in the winter?

              • ivorin 

                ivorin 5 months ago

                This is fake 100 %, bears don’t have the mental capacity to dance as proven by Murphy and Willkins 1989 research: The Bear Facts (Harper Press, 1990.)

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              • jessaca65 

                jessaca65 5 months ago

                So cute was really afraid at first when my boyfriend first showed me that there may be blood. Loved it

              • Barbara Holland 

                Barbara Holland 5 months ago

                Hilarious! I wish there were more commercials like this, and the funniest bit of all was the post saying the bear was fake. I laughed and laughed. So cute. There is obviously a misunderstanding about the ‘fake’ issue as there are two bears, one real and one fake. I’m sure the person meant the real bear was fake. Not the fake bear. hahahaha.



      yehya083 5 months ago

      whats wrong with you people, one start saying FAKE, the other start lecturing bear hibernation, can’t you just enjoy the humor ?


      firehot006 5 months ago

      Good luck achieving these effects in photoshop…the clue is in the name, photoshop is for photos.