WOO HOO! Counter-jihadists now have their very own ‘Anonymous’ hacker group

An independent group of anonymous Israeli hackers have banded together to announce a cyber warfare operation, #OpISLAM, aimed at fighting against anti-Semitic and Islamic jihadist sites.


INN (h/t Liz)  One participating group called the Israeli Elite Force launched a Facebook page on June 5 called #OpIslam aimed at gathering support for the operation.  “This is a call to all hackers of the world,” reads the statement posted on the page, entitled, “Hacker Call to Action, Operation Islam.” “We are calling out all people opposed to Islamic terrorism worldwide, to join our fight against their cyber terrorism,” reads the statement. “A just operation, Op Islam, will launch July 26. We call out every hacker tired of the violence followed by cries of racism carried out by Muslims worldwide.

The operation’s website: www.opislam.com

The Israeli hacking group has an #opIslam Youtube channel here.