WOO HOO! Counter-jihadists now have their very own ‘Anonymous’ hacker group

An independent group of anonymous Israeli hackers have banded together to announce a cyber warfare operation, #OpISLAM, aimed at fighting against anti-Semitic and Islamic jihadist sites.


INN (h/t Liz)  One participating group called the Israeli Elite Force launched a Facebook page on June 5 called #OpIslam aimed at gathering support for the operation.  “This is a call to all hackers of the world,” reads the statement posted on the page, entitled, “Hacker Call to Action, Operation Islam.” “We are calling out all people opposed to Islamic terrorism worldwide, to join our fight against their cyber terrorism,” reads the statement. “A just operation, Op Islam, will launch July 26. We call out every hacker tired of the violence followed by cries of racism carried out by Muslims worldwide.

The operation’s website: www.opislam.com

The Israeli hacking group has an #opIslam Youtube channel here.


28 comments on “WOO HOO! Counter-jihadists now have their very own ‘Anonymous’ hacker group

  1. קבוצת ההאקרים שנלחמה ב OpIsrael
    והקימה את OpISLAM
    מזמינה אתכם להשתתף בהגנה על ישראל במרחב הסייבר
    עדכונים, חדשות ועוד – בדף הפייסבוק

  2. And a big Woo Hoo from me! Great news indeed. I hope they go after the stupid, divisive “Zionist Conspiracy nutters” too! Stormwatch comes to mind. Youtube is awash with such trash as these. I’ve heard stupid anti-Semites from Sweden ranting on negatively about Israel, Jews, and Zionists whilst their Volvos burn and their vulvas are violated by you know who, and it damned sure ain’t the Jew! Hands down, these fuckwits earn the Nobel Prize for stupidity. They’ll never earn one for Mathmatics if they cannot crunch the numbers, namely 18 million Jews and 1.5 billion muslims, then grasp which one has the greater, overwhelming proclivity to negatively impact their very lives and existence.

    Lucky for them, the Darwin Award exists. A “no-brainer” there, I’d say.

  3. They’ve been attacking them non stop. Here is one of their Iranian targets. Their FB page had been hit by endless hate comments. Muslims are going nuts! http://www.dibadent.ir/ site was defaced with laughing pig. hahhahaha

      • Israel faces roughly 100,000 cyber attacks per day, and during wartime that number jumps to one million. Huh! Muslim hackers retaliated by attacking Israeli barbers, events planning sites, inserting words “fuck you” as one of the tabs. Effing retards. Some of the OpIslam targets (not victims): Pakistani High Education Commission, Lebanese Consulate in Jedda, 48K Paki government officials personal data dumped, Turkey, Denmark, Morocco, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, they are all getting hit.

  4. O/T again:

    Red Crescent to make ‘halal’ drugs with Muslim-only blood


    Posted on July 21, 2013 by creeping

    “Islamic supremacy knows no bounds.
    We are just watching events unfold in complete shock,” Aktan [Turkish Medical Association head] said.”

    Just when you thought you’d heard it all from The ‘Religion’ of Peace™.

    What say you Nihad ‘islamist’ Awad, racist?

    • Bonni: Save you some time. There are 1,584 images at:


      15 Halloween
      14 Valentine
      9 Hanukkah
      9 Mandala (Hindu?)
      7 Kwanzaa
      4 Pig
      3 Rosh Hashanah
      3 Passover
      1 Yom Kippur
      1 Shofar
      1 Israel
      1 Poppies Remembrance

      So the six mohammedan images (and 57 OIC flags – I didn’t check) are not ‘excessive’, and they might boycott Crayola for any of the 68 items listed above.

      But, they’re new (I think) right at the beginning, breaking the alphabetic organization of those images. How long have they been there? Why were they added? I bet some smart alec marketer, maybe even a mohammedan new-hire, told his bosses: “I can boost sales 50% by tapping into the mohammedan market.” Or maybe islamist cair threatened lawfare if mohammedanism wasn’t represented.

      Maybe they should have a page of mohammed images to keep them happy, dogs bombs and aisha optional?

  5. GREAT! And knowing they are Israeli only makes it better. Chances are great there are Israeli women on board also which doubles the jackpot.

    Hope to hear from them soon.

      • Lol! I was gonna say muslims should hack at what they hack at best, body parts, not websites, but that would be sort of counter-productive for the counter-jihad don’t ya think?

  6. It is about damn time! Fight back – we all should! I am tired of Anti – Israel sentiment in the world – Israel is blamed for everything while these animals spread like cock roaches and are just as desirable

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