Look across the pond, Americans, the Islamic Republic of Europe is already here. What are you doing about it?

The Other Muslim BombThe most persistent myth of the Western Dhimmi narrative is that Muslims are a minority and must receive special protection and accommodation. But Muslims are not a minority. There are 1.5 billion Sunni Muslims worldwide, outweighing Catholics as the next largest religious faction at 1.1 billion and Hindus at 1 billion. They are still a minority of the overall population in Western countries, but a demographically trending majority.

Sultan Knish (h/t RF) In the UK more people attend mosques than the Church of England, that makes Muslims the largest functioning religious group there. Mohammed was the most popular baby name last year, ahead of Jack and Harry. In France, in this generation, more mosques have been built than Catholic churches and in southern France there are already more mosques than churches. Mohammed-Amine is the most popular double name, ahead of Jean-Baptiste, Pierre-Louis, Leo-Paul and Mohammed-Ali. 


In Belgium, 50 percent of newborns are Muslim and empty Belgian churches are being turned into mosques. The most popular baby name is Mohammed and of the top 7 baby names, 6 were Muslim. A quarter of Amsterdam, Marseilles and Rotterdam and a fifth of Stockholm is already Muslim. The most popular baby name in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague is… Mohammed. 


Europe’s Muslim population doubled in the last generation, and is set to double again. By 2025, (a decade and a half away), a third of all births in the EU will be Muslim. The demographic writing is already on the wall. A third of Muslims in France and Germany are teenagers or younger, as compared to a fifth of the native population. A third of Muslims in the UK and Belgium are under 15 versus a fifth of the native population. Counting all age groups, they’re a minority. But in generational demographics, Muslims are swiftly becoming a majority.

Looking at these numbers it is hard to argue that Muslims are a minority. They are not a majority at the moment, but majorities are not just a statistical snapshot, but a cultural and demographic trend. Countries are not defined by the past, or even by the present, but by the future. By the direction in which they are headed. And Europe’s future is a Muslim majority. Most European governments have accepted that and are acting on it. There may currently be more warm European bodies than Muslim ones, but the culture is being steered by the assumption of an Islamic future.


America is not nearly as vulnerable to the Muslim demographic bomb, because it is less socialist and more multicultural. It also has no former Muslim colonies, like England or France. Or at least it didn’t have any before. But the liberation of Iraq has touched off a swarm of ‘refugees’ moving to the United States. While some of them are Christian, the majority are Muslim. By law we are obligated to accept 5,000 a year. The 2008 target for Iraqi immigration was 12,000, far more than most of the former Soviet Union combined. Not significant numbers alone, but they are part of a bigger picture.

In 2005, almost 100,000 Muslims became legal residents of the US. In 2009, it was 115,000. And the numbers continue to rise each year. That means that already they make up around 10 percent of immigrants to the US. The number of Egyptian and Syrian immigrants has more than doubled since 9/11. The number of Turkish immigrants has more than tripled. The number of Afghanis has tripled. Somalis have gone up from nearly 3,000 to nearly 14,000 a year. Pakistan hit a high of 21,000 in 2009 and Saudis are up by 50 percent. 

SWEDEN (English begins at 0:10)

Not nation shattering numbers in and of themselves, but let’s look at them in relation to birth rates. 

The United States birth rate was 13.5. Pakistan’s birth rate is 24.1. Egypt’s birth rate is 24.6. The Saudi birth rate is 19.3. The Afghani birth rate is 37.3. The Somali birth rate is 42.7. What this means is that we are importing Muslim immigrants with a birth rate that twice or even three times higher than our own.

The United States birth rate is already inflated by its own immigrants, including large numbers of Latinos and the million plus Muslims already in the US, so the baseline numbers are even worse. But these numbers are bad enough, as the social services departments of Amsterdam or Malmo could tell you. We are not importing 115,000 Muslims a year. No, we’re importing as many as 2,500 Muslim babies a year into our demographic pool. 


Compare that to the 25,000 Korean immigrants in 2009, from a country with an average birth rate of 8.5. Increase Korean immigration fivefold until they outnumber the annual number of Muslim immigrants, and you still aren’t even importing a 1,000 babies a year. A thousand Somali immigrants are the demographic equivalent of 5,000 Korean immigrants because the Somali birth rate is 5 times the Korean birth rate. The 25,000 Korean immigrants represent a mere 212 babies a year, but the 14,000 Somalis represent 600 babies a year.

This is how demographic suicide creeps up on nations. And this also is an incomplete picture. The Korean-American intermarriage rate is at over 50 percent. There are no statistics for Somali intermarriage rates in the US, but Muslims do not leave their religion upon marriage. And in Sweden and Norway, Somali intermarriage rates are very low. Which means the Little Mogadishus growing across the United States are not going anywhere. And given time, there will be a Little Mogadishu in your city too.


Despite all this Mohammed won’t be the most popular baby name in the United States any time soon. But a Muslim population boom will sneak up on us. It already is. Yet population-wise Muslims are a minority. But are they really?

There are two kinds of minorities. The first kind come from countries where they were a minority or under foreign rule. The Irish, Jews, Tibetans, Armenians and Norwegians are all examples of that. The second kind of minority isn’t really a minority at all. This ‘minority’ immigrates from countries where they are the ruling majority. They are not persecuted and are not escaping anything except living in a failed state. 

These “Majority Minorities” are designated as minorities by political correctness, but they don’t think of themselves as minorities or act like minorities. They are used to being the dominant culture and when they are hostile, it is not because of a sense of persecution, but xenophobia. While they are labeled minorities– they actually behave like majorities.


They are acting like the majority culture– which in their minds they are.  Muslims are “Majority Minorities”, who act with all the entitlements and privileges of a majority. When Somali cabbies refuse to carry airport passengers with duty free liquor or almost half of Muslims in the UK want Sharia law ––  they are behaving as if they already are the majority entitled to force their culture, their law and their religion on the minority. And in their eyes, we are the minority, because they have no cultural tradition of how to be minorities.

The Irish, the Jews and African-Americans have a cultural memory of being persecuted that they retain in song and story. But Muslims have rushed to wipe away the shame of briefly living under European colonialism by casting back to the golden age when they were the oppressors, reviving the Caliphate and lashing out violently at even the slightest criticism of their religion.

Muslims in America and Europe are still numerical minorities, but they act like majorities. And they are doing everything they can to become majorities. Treating them like minorities is a mistake, that Europe has already come to regret and that we are only beginning to learn the folly of. Muslims can either be a minority or a majority. If they choose to act like a majority, imposing their culture, religion and worldview on others– then they should be treated like one.


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  1. The perception here in Australia is that: Europe is lost! For non-Muslims I say, pack your bags, come to Australia, regardless of the cost. Help us keep this nation as the last bastion of the free world.

  2. I think the muslims know the only thing that could stop the wave of islam is genocide. After WW2, and what happened to the Jews, I think many people shudder at the thought of another Holocaust happening. I’m not advocating such a thing, merely pointing out that they know that only extreme actions can stop them, and they’re banking on nobody having the stomach to do it.

    • Paul, This is just the last few lines of her editorial in the Mail today.
      Written by Melanie Phillips and every word is true.

      “. Anyone who has the audacity to uphold the rule of law over illegal immigration, the duties of citizenship over global freeloading and the legitimacy of safeguarding Britain’s historic identity by expecting immigrants to assimilate into that identity rather than create a new one altogether, is denounced as a bigot.

      Thus the progressive wreckage of a country has been enabled and sanctified. And now we can see that, whereas Labour concealed what it was doing to dupe its core vote, the Tories have concealed what they are not doing in order to dupe their core vote.

      What was that double bang in the distance? Why, shares in the Home Secretary, Mrs May, dropping like a stone — and the UKIP rocket taking off again with a fresh injection of fuel.”

      See Daily Mail UK and her name for all of it.
      But immigration alone isn’t the problem of course. It’s the many traitors and enablers and multi culture adherents who absolutely must be eliminated by any means. Extremism in defense of one’s country ( is a virtue) and may yet be the only answer. The thought might be scary but the cards are definitely stacked against us all. In America as well as everywhere in Europe. Here in the UK, you can face charges and be in court defending yourself just for ‘hurting someone’s feelings.’ Ever hear anything so nuts?

        • BNI … NO! She did? When ? I must have been asleep at the wheel. I had thought that Phillips was pretty good on most issues. Didn’t agree with everything. Heck. Even close friends don’t always agree with each other. I have a friend or two who don’t like the Dodgers but they’re still friends. What did she say about Geller? We get the Mail 7 days a week, I don’t read Phillips all the time cos sometimes her column gets over wordy and my eyes get tired. That isn’t meant as a joke. Gee, I am disappointed to learn that. Sometimes no matter how well they think they know us, many Brits think they know better how Americans should be. Geller is straight up and knows her stuff. What was Phillips complaining about? Gee, just what conservatives need right now, two cons on the right and one bitching about the other. When what we need is unity and not fight in the public eye.

        • I looked but couldn’t find. Must b e looking in the wrong place. ??
          I am disappointed in Phillips tho, if she saw fit to abuse PG. I heard her (phillips) on the radio last night. Panel thing called the Moral Maze. Usually quite interesting except when some folks like the panel liberal insist on talking over or interrupting a person speaking. Have you ever noticed that it’s the liberal of the left who do that sort of thing most often? Anyway, back to Phillips. Sometimes her questions of guests, referred to on the program as witnesses, sound more like a speech the question can be so long. She is correct on many things, but I don’t understand what her gripe with Pam Geller would be.

  3. BNI, I’m sure you’re already very well aware of the immigration nightmare, read muslims and benefits, that the UK has. Here’s another example you will be interested in perhaps. Here’s the headline form our morning paper.
    £2M HOME FOR SOMALI ASYLUM SEEKER … That over 3 million if you think in USA dollars. AND … the family was none to happy because there wasn’t enough room for everyone and so they got this, with compliments of the Brit txpayer.
    Here’s the link.

    Somali asylum seeker Saeed Khaliif was given a £2million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods in 2011.
    The 49-year-old was granted housing benefits of almost £8,000 a month to live in the six-bedroom property with his wife Sayida and their children.


    And most unfortunately, the UK has another problem that is just as bad and just as big. They are called Romas, Gypsies, Travellers and by whatever name you call them, they are a menace of the first order. I posted a story about just two who beat a poor man to death with a crowbar because after invading his house they didn’t find enough of value.


  4. You think this is bad in Europe? Come to India. In the state of Kerala, Hindus overall make 56% of the population but we only make 48% of all the newborns in the state. Muslims are 25% of the population but are 33% of the newborns in that state. We are already a minority in that state among newborns. In West Bengal and Assam, we have been demographically annihilated in entire districts and villages. Kashmir had a 100% Hindu population 800 years ago, today, not one Hindu remains in Kashmir valley. We’ve been ethically cleansed in that region. We have been demographically destroyed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are over 170 million Muslims in India out of which 25% are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. There were only 35 million Muslims in 1951, so you can see that their population has increased more than 5 times in the last 62 years whilst Hindus have been cleaned out in neighbouring countries and within individual states in India. The average fertility rate for Higher Caste Hindus is 2.4. For Muslims it is 3.5. Then there are those who are scheduled castes and tribes who are at 4.1 but otherwise, you look at the cities, you don’t find them, you find us being cleaned out by Muslims, both with higher birthrates and illegal immigration.

      • Gandhi is responsible for it. Plus our traitorous government is also facilitating the Islamization of India. Only groups like BJP, RSS VHP, Bajrang Dal, Abhinav Bharat, Shiromani Akali Dal and Shiv Sena are there to confront them but we are all labelled as communalist if we every talk about these things

  5. their plan to turn Buckingham Palace into a giant mosque and evict Queen Elizabeth II is quite ambitious . the only way to save Europe is to dissolve the EU and have massive deportations

  6. When people left the Old World for the New they left their old life to start a new one, left their families and friends, started new families and found new friends. Now it’s different, thanks to Facebook, Skype, Email and cheap telephone calls they are only seconds away. Plus cheap airfare, they are not going to spend weeks on a leaky boat or rely on snail-mail taking weeks. Today a person starting a new life in a new land does not need to leave the old; they can keep their families and friends and are only hours away by cheap comfortable flights.

  7. your going to love this bni

    The Muslim Council of Britain wrote to the Home Secretary on Monday, urging a serious national response to the spate of terrorist and arson attacks against mosques and Islamic institutions since May. In the last month, three mosques have been targeted by terrorists who have left viable explosive devices at each site, a fourth mosque in Liverpool has had a controlled explosion carried out following reports of a suspicious package at the site. This follows the arson attack against a mosque in North London in June, which saw the building destroyed. The MCB says: ‘Despite this spike in incidences, there has yet to be a coordinated national effort to ensure that these sorts of attacks never happen again. It cannot be right that a minority community is allowed to be targeted in this manner’. Does the way Muslims are portrayed by media and elsewhere play a role in creating an environment where Muslims are made to feel alienated – or are these the actions of a small minority of criminals, who have paid no attention to constant efforts from politicians and public figures who try to explain that Islam is a religion of peace? This Sunday from 10am on BBC1 we ask: Are Muslims being demonised? You can vote on that question now online: http://bbc.in/tPVC8F

    • GW, I’ve been reading those kinds of Boo Hoo stories all over the UK media. WAA WAA WAA! Too bad we can’t find out how many are real and how many were set by muslims looking for pity/insurance.

  8. The time is coming when we will have to secure our borders , bring down a new Iron Curtain between us and the middle east and Africa. Then eliminate the threat from within. We can’t afford to deport them that is obvious and we are incapable of forcing them to leave. So first we have to stop the P.C bullshit with extreme prejudice , the Quislings , the enablers , the dhimmis etc .Then the muslims All of them that don’t leave voluntarily. A bullet is cheaper than a deportation order and there is no right of appeal against a 7.62mm or a 5.56mm round.

    • I’ve been saying much of the same for a long time. But I really do not see it happening. OK, I’m a cynic after years and years of the lies and weak kneed politicians. What we have these days is a dictatorship of political correctness, and it’s supported in the USA just like it is here in the UK. By a strong and well organized 5th column. People like the aclu, amnasty intl, liberty, and god only knows how many more under many different names. And many are foreign based and operate in the USA btw. Openly. When was the last time someone did a good deed and took out a leader of one of those human rights groups. And btw, they should all be eliminated. But no. It will not be done. And so expect the worse to happen in time.

  9. If something is not done soon we will have lost our culture and history.

    In my little town in the UK, We have had a Hindu community for many years they are a part of our town and blend in, they were offered money to build a temple under the free money the labour government was giving to minorities in the late 90’s, they declined.
    A filthy muslim dr opened a mosque 3 years ago, now suddenly hundreds of bagheads have appeared from nowhere, in town people just stare, the other day there were 4 of them, 2 in the full bin laden out fit, with 2 ghosts in black binliners walking ten paces behind and a big bunch of kids. (one local nearly crashed his car as he was staring at them and talking to his wife, they do not care they just give dirty stares back) now they are demanding a big mosque as they need a proper place to worship, and so it begins!!

  10. Europeans have flaunted their education, refinement and culture, and their “superior morality” for generations in the face of the world. But they don’t have the courage to defend any of it. They’re not capable of seeing when and where it’s threatened, and why. If anything, they’ve shown themselves to be hollow and indifferent to the future. And if you live this way, you do deserve what you get.
    They’d better experience some kind of spiritual and intellectual awakening before all their daughters go under the veil and their sons are put to the sword.
    Do they really want to live and die for NOTHING?

  11. BARENAKEDISLAM: Islamic studies soon to be forced down the throats of British schoolchildren…
    A spokesman for the Blackburn Diocese Board of Education spoke favorably of the new draft curriculum.
    “As is well known, the early Islamic civilizations gave much to the world,” the spokesman said…

    The dreadful, terrible LIES of British TRAITORS: Blackburn Diocese Board of Education: “As is well known, the early Islamic civilizations gave much to the world,”
    End of quote. STOP the TREASON! TELL the TRUTH you EVIL traitors!

    Britain’s EVIL traitors have a MORAL responsibility to protect NON-Muslim British children and WARN all students of their great danger from Muslims:

    BARENAKEDISLAM: Gatestone Institute: Great Britain is in the throes of a Muslim rape and pedophilia epidemic unlike anything the country has experienced in living memory. Many of the sex crimes are being perpetrated by Muslim child grooming gangs responsible for drugging, raping and torturing hundreds and possibly thousands of British girls.

    But another wave of sex crimes involves predatory Muslim taxi drivers who are raping female passengers. The number of so-called taxi rapes is snowballing to such an extent that a British judge has issued a warning that no woman can expect to be safe while traveling in a cab…http://www.barenakedislam.com/2013/07/17/uk-taxi-rapes-no-woman-is-safe-in-a-taxi-with-a-muslim-driver/

    BARENAKEDISLAM: Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend… http://www.barenakedislam.com/2013/03/11/traumatized-16-year-old-girl-was-brutally-raped-by-90-different-muslim-men-in-one-weekend/

    THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP THE CHILDREN! That is why we desperately need Paul Weston’s new political party, Liberty GB!

    British Schoolgirl’s Testimony – Muslims Threaten Children With Violence & Rape Outside School Daily

  12. Barbaric Muslims invaded and occupied many countries. The story of India is just one of many countries how Muslims cause dreadful suffering of hated non-Muslims:

    Will Durant, famous historian:
    “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.”

    Koenraad Elst, german historian writes in “Negation in India”

    The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves.

    Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter.

    The Bahmani sultans (1347-1480) in central India made it a rule to kill 100,000 captives in a single day, and many more on other occasions. The conquest of the Vijayanagar empire in 1564 left the capital plus large areas of Karnataka depopulated. And so on.

    Islamic crimes against humanity: the Indian (subcontinent) population decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate)… End of quote.

    This is the education that must be given in ALL media, schools, colleges and universities in Britain and ALL non-Muslim countries .

  13. There must be virtually no room left under the carpet by now. The charlatans and other miscellaneous profit nomads will find in more difficult or even not possible to deny the muslim agenda by misunderstanding the truth coming down the tracks. The EU may very well be kidding itself about successfully avoiding conflct.

  14. Regarding my last question, “where are the white people?” Almost one hundred years ago Europe disintegrated into all out war, between 1914 – 18. Millions of young men were slaughtered. This resulted in millions of young ladies who never married to have families, and in that era the families would have been larger than those of today. So we had a generation of spinsters unable to bare children, then, twenty years later a repeat though smaller resulted in WW2. This resulted in more spinsters who had no children. This has devastated the European population where today those whites who do have families, those families are far too small to support the economy. So the politicians import workers who do not wish to assimilate but set up their own communities who oppose the indigenous population and care nothing for the great sacrifice paid in two world wars that gives them the freedoms that the indigenous population paid such a high price for.

    As noted in my last post, baring in mind the lack of workers, the indigenous population has been encouraged to have small families whilst the politicians import workers who care nothing for our traditions, but outbreed us through large families. I am frustrated that those who vote for the LibLabCon cannot see through this – something is very seriously wrong. Maybe parties such as Ukip and Liberty will make the populace in the UK more aware how treacherously the indigenous peoples have been dealt with.

  15. great article although depressing..
    what i do find hard to accept is that Europe is lost. can’t believe European nations will give up so easily. do u think this trend is reverseable?

      • As usual, you hit the nail on the proverbial head. Not enough do. Or, at least here in the UK, the left wing lobby is so strong that the multi culture fairy tale will continue and yes. Europe is lost. I hate the very idea of it but I really can’t see anything else.

  16. Where are the white people? In many European cities including England there are few if no whites in the cities and whilst towns and villages have had an influx known as ‘white flight’ this does not explain the dwindling numbers of whites overall. Abortion and over contraception are murdering the future white population, another issue is, many whites are emigrating and the ‘brain drain’ has been going on for over forty years. Governments attack traditional values, Same Sex Marriage is very much aimed at making those who hold traditional Christian values change and hence, secularise Christianity. The authorities turn a blind eye to Muslim men with more than one wife, which of course is bigamy or polygamy for whiteman. Nikah, the Muslim word for marriage is excluded from the new marriage legislation (or was the last time I read the proposals). Yet as pointed out, it will soon by more Muslims marrying and having families than any other group! So, why are they excluded? There is sufficient evidence that European Governments are anti-Christian and pro-Islam.

    Immigrant business tends not to reciprocate trade, in other words, they spend with their own whilst selling to the indigenous people. Immigrant business often ignores laws, which gives them an enormous advantage over the over-legislated business run by indigenous people.

    But the real problem s getting the message over to the indigenous population, traitors run Europe!

  17. Yeah, muslim pieces of shits always cries that they are minority, in arab world they cry “we don’t have true sharia so we are worse than minority”.. Sad.

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