Muslim invaders try to break into Spain again, two die, many hospitalized, more arrested

Comments on this story in the Spanish publication were nearly all to the effect of “Good, it’s a shame the rest of them didn’t die too.” All 344 comments now have been deleted. Below are 10 of the comments before they were removed.


20 Minutos  (h/t Islam vs Europe) Two Muslims invaders died on Wednesday night when a group of illegal aliens tried to break into Melilla,  from the Morocco border. The Moroccan authorities claimed that a group of 300 Muslim illegals  tried to cross the border with Melilla and threw stones at Moroccan officials, causing eleven to be wounded.

These mass illegal border crossings occur almost continuously now, usually in the middle of the night. In the fence jump on Wednesday night, 40 of the invaders made it into Melilla; 64 were detained in Morocco. 2 of the invaders died trying to get in, and 34 required medical attention in Nador Hassani Hospital “as a result of injuries sustained in closing the border fence.”

Violence used by Muslims to access the Spanish city is increasing. This is the fourth invasion attempt this week from Morocco.