PALM BEACH County Jail Muslim inmates are furious that they no longer will receive Halal meat in their meals

PBCo-jailThe prison says they are serving Muslims halal-approved vegetarian meals only because it is too expensive to serve them halal meat. Jewish inmates will continue to receive Kosher meals, most likely, because there are no more than a handful of Jews in the prison.

WPTV  A religious battle over food is erupting at the Palm Beach County Jail after Halal and Kosher meals were taken away from Muslim inmates and replaced with a vegan meal. Imam Jaabir Muhammad, the jail chaplain, said he is concerned Muslim inmates are not being treated fairly and not given a tray catered with the Islamic faith in mind.

Muhammad claims inmates were informed on July 15th they would no longer receive kosher or halal meals although  Jewish inmates would continue to receive kosher meals. “If you’re just feeding them vegetables, you’re not going to have the nutritional value to be able to survive and abstain the rigors of affairs,” said Muhammad. (Affairs, rigors of WHAT affairs?)

A jail spokesperson later clarified that the kosher meals were taken away from the Muslim inmates to cut costs. “It sends to me that there’s favoritism, discrimination and that they’re discriminating against the Muslims in favor of other religious beliefs,” said Muhammad.