CANADA: Justin Trudeau, leftist useful idiot for terror-linked Muslim organizations

Justin Trudeau under fire again for giving a speech at ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) whose charitable status may be revoked because of its suspected ties to Pakistani terrorist groups.

Tarek Fatah speaks with David Menzies about Justin’s relationship with Muslim Brotherhood front group ISNA and his Saudi foreign policy advisor.









17 comments on “CANADA: Justin Trudeau, leftist useful idiot for terror-linked Muslim organizations

  1. our worst nightmare has come true – idiot trudope the 2nd is now the leader of our great country – how something so outrageous could happen boggles my mind and many others – it is a grievous situation

  2. Harper is selling armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. A country that routinely beheads people on charges of “witchcraft” and “sorcery”. Harper is supporting radical Muslims, the country, from which, all the 9/11 hijackers came – the country from which radical Islam “Wahhabism” comes from. Why are we at war with ISIS? Because they burn people alive, kill homosexuals and behead adulteress women? If so then why are supporting the tyrannical regime in Saudi Arabia? Why are we arming them?

  3. he for sure did not inherit his old mans intelligence, how anyonecould think this person should be prime minister, of course idiot liberal Canada voted 4 jean chretien I hate the gst and of course his mythical friends on park benches

  4. Trudeau is an embarrassment. He’s a17 year old in a 40 odd old man’s body. He could truly do damage to this country. Let’s hope the love affair with this booby is over by 2015.

  5. Justin Trudeau is a vacuous man whose only claim to fame is having an infamous father who was PM of this country.

    That he should fall in with muslims was inevitable, since he has discovered the way to be popular with the country’s women and “teeny boppers” is to embrace everything “chic” and “now” like legalizing pot and govt. injection sites to further drug addiction.

    The truly horrifying thing is that with the certainty of doom, the voters of this country will one day install this idiot as Prime Minister.

  6. Perhaps I’m overly cynical but whenever I see a Western politician getting into bed with Saudis I suspect Bakshish of sorts under the table. Bakshish is the Middle Eastern word for bribes and tips. Politicians through the ages have sucked up to the rich in the hope of getting contributions. Now if the politicians happen to come from a background in the world of academics, the biggest whores of all, then this suspicion in me grows dramatically. Trudeau has no academic background, of course, neither as an educator or student but he seems to have the same phony ways about him. The polls show him neck and neck with Prime Minister Harper, a decent and capable man but, alas, one who suffers from Canadian dullness and low brow voters (who are always in the majority in a Democracy) like flash, youthful energy, plastic smiles and bullshit. Canada is presently walking on very thin ice. Trudeau has the capacity to ruin this country.

    • This is he. He has good form with the brutish islamist CAF:

      On Canadian democracy, Omar Alghabra of the Canadian Arab Federation stated:
      “I was raised in areas where they don’t believe in democracy and civil rights, cultures of equality and justice, and there is no belief that a citizen has the power over their own destiny…now I have a unique appreciation for Canada and what Canada has to offer, so it is that passion about striving to protect the idea and the noble concept of democracy.”

      Taqiyya anyone?

      “In February 2009, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced that he would review and possibly reduce or eliminate federal funding to the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF). Reportedly, this was prompted when CAF president Khaled Mouammar called Kenney a “professional whore” for supporting Israel and criticizing the presence of Hezbollah and Hamas flags at recent protests in Toronto. Kenney justified the decision by stating groups whose leaders say “intolerant or hateful things” should be denied taxpayer funding. Kenney stated that “We should not be rewarding those who express views that are contrary to Canada’s best liberal values of tolerance and mutual respect.””

      “In a subsequent interview, Kenney again criticized CAF President Mouammar, stating that:
      “The more Mr. Mouammar… speaks, the more clear it is that he doesn’t speak for the vast majority of Canadians of Arab origin, who are honest, decent, thoughtful, democratic, moderate people; most of whom came to this country seeking life in a stable, liberal democracy, not this kind of shrill, cartoonish voice of extremism that he too often represents.””

      “On June 30, 2009, Omar Shaban, CAF’s executive vice-president for Western Canada, allegedly wrote on his Facebook page that Canada was a “genocidal state” and referred to Canada’s national holiday as “Fuck Canada Day” and added that “It’s finally Canada Day…Couldn’t be more ashamed to be Canadian.” “

  7. Trudeau also wants to support Taliban incursion into Canada by legalizing marijuana. Might as well just invite Mexican Islamist cartels into parliament. Trudeau promotes insite government funded works and needles for drug addicts so that Taliban-driven drug dealers can move into our communities, devalue our property, cleanse our communities of those who object, ghettoize our communities, then protest our system of democracy doesn’t work, that our whole system is corrupt and needs shari’ah to correct the crime they brought in. Justin Trudeau is high on drugs so far as I can tell.

    Good old Menzoid and thank God for free-thinkers like Tarek Fatah and also Salman Rushdie who address the Satanic Verses in the Quran in a youtube video, not his novel Satanic Verses but the actual controversy within Islam that Satan, not the Angel Gabriel, dictated parts of the Quran to Mohammed. Thank God for enlightened people like Tarek Fatah and Salman Rushdie within the Muslim communities.

    • this country will die like usa and many others by muslems they will win
      we are so stupid we look for one person
      when attaced
      ok we can raid every house of hells angells
      to look for a gun
      but a person killing several with a bomb we cant search there house
      just wait watch as they bomb school with children
      and we look for the one guy
      who went to training camps in the middle east
      fundend by your local mosces
      chapter of muslems
      and we protectec them
      dont say nothing our u go to jail
      as they comspire to kill your children

  8. Justin Trudeau, the product of a drugged-out hippy-chick (now suffers from manic depression due to her excessive pot smoking as a teen) from British Columbia and communist Prime Minister who designed the Canadian Constitution that is plaguing Canada to this day. He’s just the moron what Obama needs in Canada.

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