DENMARK: Copenhagen Hospital to force feed barbarically slaughtered, Islamically-blessed meat to ALL patients now


Hvidovre Hospital has introduced halal meat to its menu for the sake of Muslim patients. The hospital’s decision to serve only halal-slaughtered beef to all of its patients is being met with criticism.

CPH Post (h/t Maurice)  “We have freedom of religion in Denmark,” said Mehmet Ümit Necef, an integration expert and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark. “This policy implies that one’s religious beliefs should be prioritised.”

Hvidovre Hospital’s vice president, Torben Mogensen, said it is impossible for the hospital to use both kinds of beef and that they have received no complaints from patients.



35 comments on “DENMARK: Copenhagen Hospital to force feed barbarically slaughtered, Islamically-blessed meat to ALL patients now

  1. Thoricha – ISLAM have to change!,

    Excellent well said; thank you for sharing that with us. I am first generation Australian, my father and grandparents are Danish. I have been opposing Islam since 1984; I joined forces with BNI and many other persons and organisations around the world in 2011.

    This Global fight against ‘Islamization’ now demands head-on unity around the world. My portfolio is fighting for ‘Liberty’ against Islam and Marxism; I specialise in ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ which includes study of all ‘Belief Systems’, History, Pre-History and Science. I am not Theist, Deist or Atheist.

    I believe in open mind, thinking outside the square and the right of every person to live free in speech and choice provided such freedom is not used to hurt others. Islam is so evil that it must be closed down and banned by whatever degree of force is necessary.

    I communicate by e-mail with many persons around the world on a daily basis. You are welcome to write to me at

  2. I am 100% Danish, liberal, moderate, Atheist. And I am in shock over the decision by Hvidovre Hospital. This is only possible because the general Danish person is uneducated about the topic or is afraid of criticizing Islam or Muslims. We have 270k Muslims here, and we have experienced Islamic terror more than once. This is bad, because Denmark solves social problems by talking about them.

    Freedom of religion and democracy means that the minority have to adjust to the majority, and NOT the other way around. If I were Muslim, and had Denmark as my new home or just a ‘host’ country, I would be so incredible embarrassed over the behavior of Islam and Muslims here. Now the sick and weak Danish people, that have bigger problems than halal food, are being forced to eat Halal. Slowly, step by step, the unique and beautiful Danish values are getting killed by Islam.

  3. Most people who object to Halal products (which also include non-edible products such as cosmetics) do so from the grounds of unnecessary cruelty to animals, further Islamization of Western countries, forbidden on Christian religious grounds to not eat food sacrificed to false idols/pagan gods, depriving native peoples of jobs (butcher shops, slaughterhouses), or the immigration scam of using halal as an excuse to import thousands of ‘halal butchers’.

    What so few people seem to realize is that the profits which come from the entire Halal industry are used in part to fund JIHAD. There are profits for Moslems all along the line of Halal; these incude the Halal Certification which means paying an imam/mosque or islamic organization; the employment of only Halal butchers, Halal slaughterhouses, advertising the products, and obviously the profits from selling Halal to schools, restaurants, councils, governments bodies, supermarkets).

    The Koran (9:60) addresses the issue of ZAKAT (‘alms’ or ‘charity’). ZAKAT is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is therefore an essential component of it. ZAKAT is the annual and obligatory tax on all Moslems of their annual income (2.5% is the usual percentage of Zakat tax). That passage in the Koran lists the uses or parties who are meant to receive ZAKAT: the poor, the ZAKAT tax collectors, for Da’wa, to free captives, for those in debt, for the ‘wayfarer’ AND “FOR ALLAH’S CAUSE”.

    “FOR ALLAH’S CAUSE” is for JIHAD (“warfare to establish the religion”, derived from the word ‘struggle’ in Arabic). The expression FOR ALLAH’S CAUSE appears throughout the Koran and Hadiths and always refers to warfare against the unbelievers, Jihad. Islamic law manuals (i.e. ‘Umdat al-Salik) state openly that a portion of ZAKAT is For Allah’s Cause and that this is to fund the Mujahideen (those who fight in the Cause of Allah) and includes their weaponry, transportation, their stay for however long in enemy territory to carry out their jihad and even possibly paying support to the families of Jihadists. Islamic law is very clear about this use of Zakat for Jihad.

    Therefore, part of the profits from all the aspects of Halal are donated to ZAKAT and a portion of those charity donations can, are, and will be used to fund JIHAD. Islamic ‘charities’ serve as conduits for JIHAD and Muslims have been giving ZAKAT for Jihad since Mohamed set it up.

    This is the main reason why everyone should oppose and seek to end the production and sale of all Halal products: it is a source of funds for warfare against us. And it might prove useful to inform bodies who serve Halal (hospitals, schools, councils, governments especially) that by purchasing Halal they may possibly be liable for legal action as being conduits for funding terrorism.

  4. Readers,

    I read with interest all of your good comments; but it should also be noted, that all of Europe was caught unprepared by the Nazi Invasion as the people then naively believed that World War I was the war that ended all wars. In fact the only reason Britain was not successfully invaded was because in the early stages of the European Invasion Hitler procrastinated about Britain. Underground Resistance Groups fought the Nazis in every country of Europe and I remember ‘Nancy Wake’ an Australian woman that joined the ‘French Resistance’ and fought the Nazis. Yes there were traitors in every Nation that sided with the Nazis but in the end most were wiped out.

    There were people during the 1930’s warning politicians about the ‘Clear and Present Danger of Hitler’ but the majority of politicians ignored the warnings in much the same way as most ‘Western Politicians’ are ignoring the warnings about Islam today.

    Throughout history the common people have never been able to rely on politicians because most are ignorant, vain and self-centred. But the problem has always been the same and still exists the majority of the common people are intellectually lazy and by their apathy are ignorant.

    I have talked to Americans, Canadians and Europeans and most of us are experiencing the same problem. Since as individuals we all started standing up against Islam we are losing friends and being shunned by a large percentage of our own family members. In short most people don’t want to discuss the ‘Islamic Problem’ and usually delete all e-mail information they receive about Islam refusing to read it. Educational information about Islam is being treated as spam. Many of us have received e-mails telling us that e-mails denouncing Islam is offensive. This problem is not about just Denmark, Sweden and Britain this problem exists in every Western Nation and Australia, Canada and America are heading down the same road as Europe is now experiencing.

    It is time to push harder to get every person to join a ‘Resistance Freedom Fighting Organisation.’ And every ‘Global Resistance Group’ must start creating alliance bonds supporting each other. To turn the ‘Islamic Tide’ and defeat ‘Islamization Process’ we must unite and first smash Apathy.

    Apathy is our number one enemy.

  5. As for the ridiculous muslim claim that halal slaughtered meat tastes better; it’s just that—ridiculous. All professionally slaughtered meat is bled, and all serious hunters know that must be done. muslims just love to see anything–animal or human–writhing in pain.

  6. As a Christian, you can refuse to eat halal food on the basis that it is food offered to a foreign god. It is profane to Christianity, and therefore not to be touched by Christians.
    The Danes who are aware of this should say out loud, “I will not eat halal, it is blood sacrifice to a demon.” Refer to Psalm 50. end of story.

  7. This contravenes the rights of the majority of Danish Lutherans who are members of the established church. It’s going too far. Danes love their ‘fleskesteg’ (pork roast) and sausages. Danes would not accept tortured meat if they were better informed, but informing them about this barbarity is ‘Islamophobia’.

    The Danish government is kowtowing to the Islamic definition of ‘slander’ as well: it’s saying something true that Moslems don’t want anyone to know.

  8. What is wrong with Denmark? They let the Germans in overnight in April 1940 and now they’ve done the same with islamists. Denmark’s clearly full of cowards who can’t stand up for themselves. I’ve crossed that putrid cold little country off my “to see” list.

    • To: “Wordfromthewiser”. No, Denmark fought against the Nazi’s during the war and protected Jews. Sweden, a much larger country and which sits above Denmark, was a neutral country and grudgingly, allowed Germany to pass through their country to get to Denmark (which they over-took). The Danes hate the Muzzies who they originally thought would esimilate into and follow the laws of their country. They didn’t and now the Muslim population there (and in Sweden) has risen drastically. It’s sad but too late for them.

    • Actually, Denmark is a beautiful, friendly little country, but that said, I must admit the actions of Danes regarding the parasites who have infested their little country puzzles me; but then it’s the same in England, France, Germany, Norway, Holland, well you get the message.

  9. The decision by the Danish hospital to impose Halal meat upon all patients is in fact an act of ‘High Treason’ against God, decency, children, humanity and the ‘Free World.’

  10. Susan K,

    I am first generation born Australian. My deceased father and Grandfather were both Danes and our origin over two hundred years ago is Sweden. My Father and Grandfather were both very tough men and would never submit to Islam.

    My father is ex Navy and served in Sydney Water Police, Flood Rescue and Rescue for over 30 years. Just because there are weaklings in every Nation does not mean that all are willing to submit to Islam.

    I was trained to be very hard and tough true to the ‘Viking Spirit’ and I never give any quarter to those persons that say and do the wrong thing.

    I am highly educated about Islam and other subjects; ‘Generalisation Statements’ are usually very inaccurate.

  11. It’s just a matter of time before you see the heads of the animals slaughtered displayed on the front of butcher shops. The meet that goes with the heads will be laid out for customers covered with flies and the and the germs of the dealer who never washes his hands.
    Downtown Tunis, Baghdad, Cairo etc. in all of it’s gory glory. Bon apetit.

  12. Once again the majority (90%) bows to the minority. My wife and I used to buy lamb from NZ and Australia here in British Columbia, but no more—it’s all halal, so Australasians can sell to islamic countries. My query to the NZ Meat Board elicited the response that the NZ public were not complaining. (they probably don’t know)

    In order to accomplish halal slaughter in Australasia meat processing plants are hiring thousands of muslims, and while initially the Kiwis demanded the animals be stunned first, it seems there are two types; “terminal stun” (which kills the animal) and “non terminal stun”, which means the animal is still alive and which muslims demand since they apparently love to see pain.

    While it may seem downright nasty of me to say that, the fact remains that the animals could and should be given a terminal stun 1-2 SECONDS before the throat is cut and it will bleed just the same if held upside down. (which they are) What muslims are demanding, that the animals must bleed in agony, is totally unnecessary cruelty as I can attest having been a professional hunter; but then with muslims it’s not only confined to animals, as anyone watching TV news or reading newspapers should know by now.

  13. “Hvidovre Hospital’s vice president, Torben Mogensen, said it is impossible for the hospital to use both kinds of beef [and, no doubt because the hospital was threatened with law suites and other unspecified consequences of a harmful manor] and that they have received no complaints from patients [because they were warned that any complaint would be prosecuted as hate speak].

  14. When I was hospitalized once, I was told to say I was a vegetarian, because the food was better. May I suggest all infidels say they are vegetarian for hospital stays. At least you’d be taking a stand against “halal jihad”, and you might get better food.

  15. Christian should not eat meet, sacrificed to IDOLS !!
    What about the Christians and the respect for there religion ???

  16. I don’t have a problem with Muslims needing to eat only halal meat, and it is not a sin for me to eat meat that was prepared the Muslim way. What I do have a problem with is when Muslims tell people from other religions that they cannot practice their religion because it offends Muslims. If Muslims want us to change our ways so they can have their way, then they also need to be willing to change their ways so we can have ours. Right?

    • WJD, you may not have a problem eating halal meat, but you should have a problem with the way it is slaughtered. Type “Halal Slaughter” into the Search box on the right and watch some of the videos. Then come back and tell us if you don’t have a problem with it.

    • “…. What I do have a problem with is when Muslims tell people from other religions that they cannot practice their religion because it offends Muslims..”

      As the numbers of musims increases in a host society – the issue becomes not that just your religion that offends muslims – but your lifestyle and eventually your very presence there

    • Halal slaughter is extraordinarily cruel, and in fact, practice for jihad. As I’ve written before, the animal’s head today, yours tomorrow.
      Do you really honor blood sacrifices to entities you don’t know?
      Do you really believe that you are safe from spiritual consequences if you deny the continuum of sacred and profane? Maybe some things exist in spite of your thoughts. Maybe you really don’t control the world you live in.

  17. Danes love pork roast, sausage and they are famous for bacon.

    The majority of Danes are Lutherans which is the established church. This denies the rights of the majority by DECREE. No one asked the Danish people what they want!!! Including if they want to be ethically cleansed by genocidal Mozzies.

  18. Danes, in general, are completely stupid meaning ignorant of true islam.

    If I was a hospital patient and I was served hallal beef, I would spit on it and ‘drop’ it on the floor for the staff to pick up.

    • Susan, I would bet this story didn’t get much publicity in the media there. They probably did it without telling anyone until some whistleblower ratted them out.

      Maybe some of our Denmark readers can tell us if this story is in a lot of the media there? Or just the Copenhagen Post?

    • Susan, you have to realize that Obama’s passing laws on the sly are a very common
      practice in the EU too, We are not stupid when it comes to islam, It’s very difficult to be right if your government is committing treason in favor of the enemy.

  19. What the F is Denmark doing and thinking to allow this disgusting method of killing animals? I would never in a million years ingest the meat of an animal that’s spirit had been tortured right before death. Is this why these f’ing people (muuuzlims) are so evil and full of pure hatred? I hate these people even more now.

  20. So where are all the animal rights activists when it comes to halal slaughter. Unbelievably sickening, does their cruelty have no limits?

  21. Where is the freedom for our religions of Christianity and Judaism that teach mercy and compassion to humans and animals? We are accountable to Almighty God for not allowing cruel slaughter where animals slowly die in great agony. God created humanity and animals with great LOVE.

    Cruelty to animals is against OUR religious beliefs, OUR culture and OUR Western civilization. Why is it considered acceptable by ruling elites to utterly violate OUR religious beliefs for Muslim immigrants? WE are the indigenous people. It is despicable and wicked.

  22. There have been no complaints from patients because they don’t know about Halal slaughtered meat and probably don’t realize what is being fed to them.
    I would never eat meat blessed by Satan’s messengers unless I was absolutely starving to death.

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