BANG! BANG! Toronto Police shoot dead a Syrian man who refused to drop knife he was brandishing on bus

flyerLast Saturday night, a young man from Syria named Sammy Yatim, 18, began threateningly waving around a knife on a city bus in Toronto. When police ordered him to “drop the knife” he refused, shouting at them, “You’re a f*cking pussy.” Now he’s f*cking dead. YAWN. Naturally, Leftists are condemning the police.

SUN NEWS  Toronto Police surrounded the bus and the Syrian man Sammy Yatim refused all orders to put the knife down and advanced towards the cop. The officer fired and shot the man. In response, protests and allegations of ‘unjustified force’ resulted in the officer being suspended from duty.

The CANADIAN HINDU ADVOCACY is planning a demonstration in support of the police officer. For details contact Ron Banerjee at

Apparently, Sammy was brandishing a knife in one hand and his penis in the other: Global News