LIBYA: Anti-Islamofascist protesters storm and trash Muslim Brotherhood headquarters after opposition activist was assassinated

“We don’t want the Brotherhood, we want the army and the police,” some protesters chanted, echoing a slogan used in Egypt. Protesters in Libyan cities stormed Islamist-affiliated party offices. In Benghazi, they invaded and set fire to a building that housed the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing. They also burned the Muslim Brotherhood flag.


DW  (h/t Mike F) Saturday’s clashes in Libya came after the assassination of a prominent critic of the Brotherhood. Hundreds took to the streets overnight to protest the Friday killing of prominent political activist Abdul-Salam Al-Musmari, who was killed as he left a mosque.

Musmari was an outspoken opponent of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose political wing is currently the second biggest party in Libya’s General National Congress. On Saturday, protesters in Libyan cities stormed Islamist-affiliated party offices. In Benghazi, they invaded and set fire to a building the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing occupies.

During the chaos, a jailbreak was launched at Benghazi’s Koyfiya prison, government security official Mohammed Hejazi said. It was unclear whether the jailbreak was part of the protests or if the inmates received help from outside. Amid the chaos, 1,000 detainees escaped from a Benghazi jail. A security official from the prison said most of the inmates being held were convicted on serious charges.

Libyan protesters storm MB offices in Benghazi

In Tripoli, meanwhile, a crowd stormed the Brotherhood political wing office before heading over to the headquarters of the liberal National Forces Alliance and ransacking it. Protesters in Tripoli also set fire to tires in the street and demanded the dissolution of Islamist parties.

Protesters seemed to be inspired by events in neighboring Egypt, where millions took to the streets Friday to answer a call from the army chief, who said he wanted a mandate to stop “potential terrorism” by supporters of the country’s ousted president and Brotherhood-aligned Mohammed Morsi.


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  1. I guess the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t as popular as Obama would lead everyone to believe. But what can he do to rescue them? That’s probably his number one priority right now.

  2. LOL. I guess not everybody in the Middle East likes the Brothers! Geez! I wonder why? (sarc) Could it be that the Brothers are a bunch of pietistic assholes, who don’t know their anuses from a hole in the ground, what with the fact that they have to lift their asses in the air five times a day to make sure they can tell the difference? Clue: it is the stinkier hole! And they obviously don’t know how to run a country, except into the ground! That’s two countries now that have shown their contempt for the hardline Brothers! The Brothers have worn out their welcome.

    You can’t cure all your problems with religion. Having faith is fine, but you still need bread and the basics of life — and human dignity.

  3. This is good news. This and the Egyptian situation give me hope. They are rebelling against the arrogant, oppressive, tyrannical, savage brutality of radical Islam. It’s about time.

  4. Moslems are realizing Islam doesn’t work as a political philosophy.

    Only the separation of religion from politics will guarantee pluralism and democracy. Moslems are beginning to reject Sharia.

  5. Praise G-d! There is hope for America. If the Egyptians can do it, so can we. The muslim in the White House needs to go, and his minnions.

    There is a lesson learned here in this story. The Army alone can not do the job. It takes everyday citizens to make sure every rate hole is cleared out.

      • Very true. But a large march on Washington would be a good start, like the Egyptians did. If that doesn’t work in getting rid of king obama, then we can discuss storming the castle. Surely the military leaders being on the side of the citizens, or serfs is important, and makes overthrow possible. In the meantime I will keep that tinfoil hat handy.

    • Your “g-d” is no less fake than theirs. “Virgin” Mary was just too much of a moral coward to admit she was the rape-toy of the local Roman barracks.

  6. In Egypt, Obama betrayed U.S. ally, moderate Mubarak, in order to bring to power U.S. leaders’ top FAVORITES, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal in America is the DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest. Muslim Brotherhood operatives have been placed into positions of enormous power in the U.S. government. The MB are helping to make American domestic and foreign policy.

    Libyan leader, Gaddafi, had made peace with the West and had his photo taken many times with Western leaders. Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST Al Qaeda. This was unacceptable to US/NATO who waged war for many months for Al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists in Libya against Gaddafi.

    The US/NATO war against the stable country of Libya and Gaddafi enabled and empowered U.S. backed anti-Gaddafi RACIST Arab Muslims to perpetrate satanic atrocities and genocide of blacks in Libya. Blacks were safe under Gaddafi.
    I attended a street demo in Harlem, NYC to protest this evil genocide by U.S. backed RACIST Muslims. The black media and black speakers at the protest blamed the Obama White House for the genocide.

    Anti-human rights, US/NATO did not lift a finger to help the terrified blacks.

    It is clearly American policy to destabilize countries and bring to power the most radical Muslims in country after country. This evil, anti-God policy also places OUR Western countries in great danger.

  7. Good stuff!

    This is a **great start**, but they have GOT to give up Islam completely if they want REAL freedom.

    Anyway – they’re going in the right direction (for now…..).

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