YO, CANADA! Anti-Israel hate group at York University has student club status revoked

Cropped-4745718337_47f6864b37_bThe administration of Canada’s third-largest university, Toronto’s York University has taken an extraordinary step by revoking the status of an official student club, Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA).

Mondoweiss  The administration has also barred antisemitic activist/alumnus Hammam Farah from York’s campus. Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University say these actions represent “an unprecedented attack on academic freedom and freedom of speech.”


The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has entered the fray by releasing a public statement defending the right to peaceful protest.

On July 24th, members of Students Against Israeli Apartheid attended YU’s Board of Governors meeting to express their concern over what they characterized as an “undemocratic decision” as well as to challenge YU’s Pension and Endowment Fund for its investments in companies that profit from selling weapons and military technologies to the Israeli military. The Governors walked out on the action.

SAIA activists have been effective in promoting the passage of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) motions at YU. They lost official status at the university after using a loudspeaker at a demonstration, which the university said broke rules aimed at not disrupting classes.