Muslim Brotherhood demands that brother Obama and NATO invade Egypt and destroy Egyptian Army

Obama will give the request serious consideration.

UPDATE: Jihadists fire U.S.-made ballistic missile at Egyptian Security headquarters in Sinai


Canada Free Press  (h/t Mike F) Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed El-Beltagy, asked the United States, the European Union and NATO to send their armies to Egypt to fight against the Egyptian army and destroy it, under the pretext that the army wants to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood and scatter them.

The statement was made after the rally of about 30 million Egyptians, who went out on to the streets in the biggest show of support for the overthrow of President Morsi the world had ever known. The people voted with their bodies and feet, in order to support Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister for National Security Abdel Fattah Saeed al-Sisi.


This statement from one of the leaders of the Brotherhood,  considered as an official spokesman indicates many things, including that the Brotherhood does not care about anything but power, position and the presidency, even if the price to get them is the destruction of their country and the elimination of its army, which is the most powerful army in the Middle East and the tenth most powerful army in the world.  The Muslim Brotherhood does not care if thousands of Egyptians die in order to achieve and maintain power and implementation of the agenda of global caliphate, which is their biggest dream. 


The statement is also consistent with a number of other statements and previous threats issued by the leaders of the Brotherhood, who claim that Egypt will become like Syria if Egyptians do not accept the return of Mohamed Morsi, the former President. The Brotherhood is stockpiling weapons smuggled in large quantities from Libya and the Gaza Strip. Increasing numbers of armed militias of the Brotherhood’s supporters are showing up in the Sinai Peninsula.

The move toward international intervention coincides with the recent statements of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, along with some threats issued by U.S. Congress to cut off military aid to Egypt. The response of average Egyptians was laced with sarcasm, ridicule and strong criticism of the current U.S. administration they define as the Muslim Brotherhood of America.