[UPDATED] Despite a nationwide effort, CAIR failed to stop Brigitte Gabriel, president of ‘Act! for America,’ from addressing the Central Minnesota Tea Party Patriots on Monday, July 29th


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Act! for America responds to CAIR:


We know that CAIR reads our national emails, so here’s a message for them:

We won’t be intimidated by you, and there are a whole lot of patriotic Americans that won’t be either. We will not let up or give up in our mission to educate America about who you and the Muslim Brotherhood really are, and the threat you pose to our nation. And as Concrete, Washington and Little Falls, Minnesota demonstrate, the more you try to stop us, the more you help our efforts.

UPDATE! I mistakenly attributed the author of this article to the person who did the Tweets below – Josh Moniz. In fact, it was the website ‘City Pages’ that put together the article with Josh’s Tweets, not Josh himself. Josh’s actual story on the event does not have the same biased slant as this article does. I sincerely apologize to Josh, and am posting the link to his actual story here: Nu Journal


But the slimy little leftist no-account reporter named Josh Moniz who was not allowed to film the event, titled his article under the heading ‘Teabaggers,’

“Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel bans journo from filming speech because camera could hide gun.”

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

I’m a reporter at the New Ulm Journal. I cover city and politics. I also produce a weekly movie review for our TV insert. nujournal.com #mngopsurvivor


Minneapolis City Pages  Does the headline have you confused? Well, don’t expect to be any less so after reading further, because this is pretty zany. According to the New Ulm Journal’s Josh Moniz, nationally renowned Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel barred reporters from filming her Minnesota Tea Party-sponsored speech last night in Mankato because she was worried about being shot by a gun hidden in a video camera. Seriously.

Here’s a selection of Moniz’s tweets from last night:

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

I’m @ the Brigitte Gabriel event in Mankato. She required the Tea Party official to hire several local cops for the event.

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

Gabriel told me I cant shoot video. Said not cuz speech, but cuz she is @ risk somebody hiding gun in camera & “shoot me w/ laser”

That’s pretty wild, but so were some of the allegations made last night by Gabriel, a native of Lebanon who calls “Islamofacism” a “cancer” that “is coming out of one source: the Koran”


Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

Gabriel: ACLU being used as useful idiot by radical Islamists

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

Gabriel is really laying unto CAIR. Says is front for Hamas, says she showing its its terrorist rap sheet.

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

“CAIR messed with wrong person when they messed with Brigitte Gabriel”  

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

Gabriel: We need one language, one border, one nation. …Should have English as official language.

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

Gabriel: Problem when faith thats less than 2 percent of population is responsible for 80 percent of our terrorist attacks & plots


Also scary:

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

Very big turnout for event. Very loud applause from audience at each talking point

Josh Moniz @Josh_Moniz

For the record from last night, this was the Flip camera I was asked to shut off over gun concerns