HEE HEE! Hamas jihadists ‘ready to revolt’ after wages go unpaid because Qatar stops $$millions in monthly Gaza support at request of Egypt

UnknownHas Egypt become Israel’s new BFF? First they depose Morsi, then they shut down the border with Gaza, then they demolish most of the Gaza smuggling tunnels, then they work with Israel to wipe out the terrorists in Sinai…now this.

Algemeiner  As the world focuses on so-called ‘peace talks’ between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas, representing the ruling Fatah  party in Washington, Gaza based terror group Hamas, its domestic rival, is in total disarray, reports Israel Channel 2, citing sources in Gaza.


Channel 2 said thousands of Hamas activists and hundreds of leaders of its Islamist military wing have refused to work because of unpaid salaries last month, and some are threatening to revolt.

The loss of economic support from the closure of the tunnel network connecting Gaza to Egypt and the crises that Hamas’s sponsors, including Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, and, of course, the recently ousted Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are dealing with, have severely curtailed the group’s revenue creation abilities.

Channel 2 also reported it has learned that the Qatari emirate, which gave Hamas “millions of dollars every month,” has now cut its ties with the group at the request of the new regime in Egypt.