A new Muslim EID stamp for 2013. The US Postal Service issued its first Muslim EID stamp on Sept. 1, 2001

1094820_10151601154667695_1836201777_nOne must question why, after the Muslim terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, we would continue to issue Muslim stamps? Did we issue Japanese stamps in the decade after the attack on Pearl Harbor? NO.

CAIR  The U.S. Postal Service today announced the 2013 Eid Forever Stamp.  The Postal Service issued its first Eid stamp, with gold calligraphy against a blue background, on September 1, 2001.  All Eid stamps to date have featured the work of Muslim calligrapher, Mohamed Zakariya, of Arlington, Virginia.

Here’s the 2013 stamp followed by a few of the earlier ones.






Personally, I think this is the only Muslim stamp that should ever be sold in America.



55 comments on “A new Muslim EID stamp for 2013. The US Postal Service issued its first Muslim EID stamp on Sept. 1, 2001

  1. Whoops! The word in the second paragraph of my post should be “perpetuated”, not “perpetrated”. Plus I misspelled “MUslim” as Mulslim” in that same paragraph. See what happens when you let the ignorance or deceitfulness of other posters annoy you? :-)

  2. This stamp reflects a mindless political correctness taken to its idiotic extreme. It is offensive to those who suffered the consequences of 9/11, and even more offensive to persons all over the world who have suffered from the 20,000+ Muslim terroirist attacks since 9/11, all over the globe. Freedom of religion is one thing, but the foremost country of the free world should not be promoting a throughly anti-democratic, anti-human rights ideology through its postal service.

    Justin Case and Coli, you bore intelligent posters with your mindless repetition of Mulslim lies. All your claims about “religion of peace”, “qur’anic verses a matter of interpretation”, “Islam honors women”, etc. have been disproved through analysis of the source texts a million times over. Such falsehoods can only be perpetrated when a majority of the population is ignorant and illiterate – as is the case throughout most of the Muslim world. Citizens of the free world have become aware of the real, ugly truth of Islam by studying the source texts themselves. Accusations of “islamophobia” (a made-up word referring to no real entity) and “racism” (Islam is NOT a race) will not alter the facts or change the minds of those who actually know the facts. Enough of the taqiyya and kithman! Why not reject your psychopathic creed and join the human race?

  3. Not fair. No Malcolm X stamps. no KKK stamps, no Confederate stamps are there? No Japanese…good point. I will not buy these, nor will I accept any mail that has one on it. How about Pictures or the names of victims? That will keep us very busy from all of the murders they have done. These flags don’t honor us, they taunt us. Why is their a line through FOREVER…so the stamps can’t be copied? Put the Worls Trade Center, the USS Cole, pictures of dead men murdered by them. That I would use. In my lifetime, a Muslim stamp…NEVER, SO HELP ME GOD!.

  4. The first Muslim stamp was issued on 9-01-2001. They have since become a tradition, President Obama has NOTHING to do with this stamp other than not telling the USPS to desist. Do not be led by the fear of the ignorant. Educate your selves, the truth is much easier to find than it used to be.

  5. This is not exactly flying off the presses like hot cakes. The issue was 5.5 million. For a comparison, Working Dogs (2012) had a run of 80 million and Holy Family (2013) is scheduled for a run of 300 million.

  6. I will not support this trash. What in the world is wrong with this Government? They all are foaming over this traitor of a President. Just another sign of the fact that we are living in the last of the last days!!!!!

  7. Sorry that doesn’t make sense… it’s easy to put a line through a word.. and why would anyone want to make a copy of a Muslim stamp, anyway?

  8. Has anyone noticed that the word ‘Forever’ has a slash in it?

    USA… then the word Forever… has a line right through it….

  9. It’s high time to start boycotting all things Islamic. I don’t buy their produce, their meat or anything that is even re-distributed by the Muslim world. Anything from Dar-Ul-islam is useless to me. Every muslim you fund, is funding terrorism, directly or indirectly, knowingly or unwittingly. It’s a great idea to avoid talking to them too. They tend to leave countries that offer them no social fabric, unless they dwell in their muslim coteries. There is nothing wrong with discriminating openly against all muslims. They’re all useless anyway.

  10. All should write their representatives and express your displeasure with this stamp. I will personally boycott using this stamp or any like it.

  11. totally agree on the ‘only stamp that should ever be sold in America’, though I would also want that a lot of stamps exposing the barbarism of Islam should be sold worldwide. To remind us of the heinous animals that most Muslims are.

  12. WTF? Why does this insane religion get all the glory?? Now I want a Diwali stamp from the US for Hinduism, A Buddha stamp for Buddhism, a scientology stamp and a fucking stamp for atheism. The script is ugly on this stamp too, just like all muslims.

  13. Justin Case is a pedophile and has sex with sheep and goats. Yah, baby – he loves the Koran. He gets to diddle children and animals ’cause the Koran says so.

    Who cares if isn’t the celebration of a country, it is the celebration of the most evil, sick political ideolgy known to man.

  14. Don’t buy them – simple. This is just sickening. How many muslims in America, and they get a stamp for one of their sick perverse holidays. Whose fault is this anyhow – YOU – Americans!!! Quit putting up with everything – it has gotten so stupid. There comes a point when enough is enough.

  15. With all the problems with operating capitol at our post ofices,
    the Postmaster General wastes money by ordering plates, and materials, and printing stamps that NO patriotic American would use.
    Good MOVE ! Do you suppose they would tell us if the have any of the old filthy muslim eid stamps left ?
    I wonder if our SLITWH * is gonna throw another million + dollar shindig for the ragheads ?
    Hey Barry ! How white house shindig for Easter and Passover too, huh ? What’s that you say ? Minor holidays ? Not as big a celebration as getting to eat at mealtime again ? Well Goldarn ! I never thought of that.
    * Serial Liar In The White House

  16. I recommend that we change our voices and start with the new call: “We, American and other people of the free world declare that we LOVE Muslims who love none Muslims. We call to deport all Muslims from USA and keep only those who declare that they love and respect Non Muslims humans.

  17. This is so disgusting. They should put a picture on the stamp of what actually happens on EID: animals slowly tortured and killed on a massive scale. That is what they are celebrating. Or, they could just get rid of the piece of garbage stamp once and for all!

  18. You lying, deceiving Islamaphobes!!

    First and foremost, as you ask your Islamaphobic, hypothetical, rhetorical question about a Japanese stamp, ask yourself this: did the USA print a Japanese or any foreign country stamp before the Pearl Harbor attack? By the US Postal Service printing a stamp to honor the holiday observed by some of its citizens, they STILL are not printing a stamp acknowledging any foreign countries!!

    Of course, my sane and truthful comment won’t be allowed to post on the website that insists on lying and exaggerating against Islam and Muslims, as your intent is only to lie and deceive and it would not serve your purpose to have the truth about Islam and Muslims posted here.

    • Poor poor poor Justin… you are clearly losing your mind. What you fail to see through your rage is the disdain most civilized humans have towards atrocious animal cruelty. On top of this, we certainly know more than you, I am certain, about islam, the murderous conquering ideology.

      Pearl Harbour is a drop in the bucket compared to muslim atrocities committed since the inception of islam. The U.S. doesn’t even have a stamp with planes crashing through the Twin Towers.

      But, I understand, you are performing your duty this Ramadan, that of DAWA.

    • jc, you really are a total DUMB F-CK,.. . why don’t you just get the hell out of this country and go live with the camel breath muslim in their caves you f-cking muslim Pig idiot!

  19. The first thing we need to do is to get rid of the islamophile in the White House.

    We should become students of the koran and make note of all the violent, misogynistic, hateful passages that mandate devout muzzies to slay the enemies of Allah (any non-muzzie) and die for the cause of defeating democratic freedom, forcing shariah law and a universal califate. With this we can demonstrate that muslim culture is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution and our system of laws, such that any person who bears allegiance to the koran and shariah law will be deemed a seditious traitor, unfit to live within our borders.

    We need to do this NOW, because they are breeding little jihadis like rabbits and will soon have a demographic edge like they have in Europe and the UK. America, It’s time to wake up and smell the Ayatollah.

  20. unbefuckinglievable! I will boycott the US mail. All my bills will be paid online and I will use the shipping services of fed ex and ups. I hope this is the end of the U.S.mail service. They have gone too far this time. This story NEEDS to go viral!

  21. Isn’t there a law that makes us able to print our own postage if we put up a certain sum of money? Lets make our own Muslim stamps, featuring Mohammed, Larry and Curly. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk

  22. If these muslims make you sick, you should tell everyone possible to email, call or write their reps in congress, and tell them you want these muslim out of this Country and to stop letting them in this Country.

    Here is an email, I just sent to my Congressman Trent Franks from Arizona;

    Honorable Congressman Trent Franks,

    I am curious if there is any talk about the growing muslim problem in the United States
    floating around in the halls of Congress? I am aware that president obama is allowing
    many more somalis muslims into this Country. I’ve read that there will be approximately
    200,000. This must stop!!!

    I believe that we in the United States, will have the same problem Europe has, by allowing
    many more muslims in this Country and eventually they will overrun us as they are in Spain,
    France, Germany, England, Italy and Russia, just to name a few. They repeatedly scream on
    video’s that want to kill Americans with a vengence and that they will bring the U.S. down from
    within! I am also aware of the muslims we now have, not only in Congress, but now the muslim
    brotherhood are in the white house, the administration! huma abedin who was with hillary
    clinton as Secretary of State, is directly associated with the head of the muslim brotherhood
    through her immediate family. Here mother and father are the head of the muslim brotherhood.

    I believe we as a Nation, are in deep deep trouble with having muslims in this Country. The
    islamic theocarcy is completely and totally incompatible with the Constitution, and our Laws.
    There is,… NO OTHER LAW IN THE U. S. but the Constitution!!

    Are we prepared to fight the influx of these barbaric muslims! I make that statement
    knowing the hell they are creating in Europe! They literally are living like animals. They
    have over 750 “no go zones” in France alone! These are zones where police refuse to enter,
    its second largest city, a ‘NO-GO’ Zone due, primarily, to rampant muslim violence. The Government of France has lost control of these areas completely. Eventually, we are going
    to have the exact same muslim criminals in this Country,… this must not happen!

    I would be interested in meeting with you or someone in you office to talk about this grave
    concern. I think most people in the Valley are not aware that there are over 20 mosques in
    the Valley as we speak! I will not sit by and do nothing about this, I intend to take action … !



    I respectfully ask for an answer to this email and a time an date in the near future when we can talk!

  23. I have never seen these. If this is true, they need to remove the U.S. from the postal service. Congress should immediately start a new postal service that is actually of the United States and not promoting anything but American values.

    • Don’t be communal madam.. Islam definitely a religion of peace….. Islam include all sort of perspectives. Love to hate…peace to war….. Life to death… Its a complete picture… The word givn in kuran about slane of idol worshipers has to be read from different perspectives.. Islam advice to respect others religion because if u disrespect them that may lead others to dishonour the true god of the entire universe. Islam is the religion who honour the women to their maximum, unlike the modern world materialistic world whom considered women to as object..try to find the beauty of Islam… Its a true religion in all sense

  24. Now watch. Mark my words. You know how they hate pictures and symbols of Islam being in croissants or whatever. Even though these stamps are intended to promote Islam, there will be some Muslims against this and demand they be discontinued – or they start beheading people or blowing up embassies!

  25. I would neither buy or use any muzzie stamp. It is disgraceful that the postal service is doing this. SHAME ON THEM!!!

  26. Makes me sick too. But according to them islam is not the problem but radical islam is. I say a pig is a pig no matter what type of breed it is. Complain to the USPS. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

    • …”ask if the Koran is the work of god,and you will discover the truth. And the truth is’ that the Koran asks all muslims to reject, persecute and eliminate all non-believers, And therein lies the DICHOTOMY that any Muslim who professes to be moderate must face. But the book (Koran) they fervently believe in tells them not
      to be. ” Jihad Watch 8-2-12
      There is no moderate there is no extreme —ISLAM IS ISLAM!

    • Justin Case – Shame you have swallowed the Halal Kool Aid. First of all – the Koran has been altered and changed – plus has been a manual for Hitler to create his Mein Kampf from and Al Queda to utilize it to slay others in the name of Mohammedism. Of course you would be supporting the enemy of Humanity via your verbage. Perhaps if we had seen throngs of the Cult of the Pieces in our streets condemning the many attacks made against Humanity our take would have been somewhat different but we do not. We seen children being slayed (i.e. Honor Killing); we see young girls as young as 9 being groomed to be a bride to a man old enough to be her grandfather – i.e. like the false prophet who nearly killed a child as been retold many times in the hadiths. So spare us your dribble. As FDR once stated during WWII, Either you are with us or you’re against us. Which are you?

    • The USPS has not received any government money (subsidies) for quite a few years. But, if it had, that money would have been wasted just as some of it’s earned funds are.

    • Is it possible to object to those stamps, insist on buying anything without arabic? If necessary, buy two to make up the value.

      It would take millions of complaints for that outrage to register, and maybe a 99% complaint level for anything to ‘maybe’ be done about it.

        • ButtfacedIsiot:

          That was an ignorant comment that you made, considering that Judaism and Christianity were founded in the same region as Islam (the 3 Abramic Faiths) and they are, therefore, as “un-American” as Islam.

          We don’t see you protesting and lying and exaggerating against Judaism or Christianity, you hypocrite….!

        • Judaism and Christianity do not order killing us if we don’t convert. It’s mentioned in the ‘holy’ book of war, the Qur’an, some 200 times I believe. But also have the Golden Rule which islam lacks.

        • Susan K:

          You’ve obviously been drinking too much of the Islamaphobic Kool-Aid. I suggest you become much, MUCH more educated about the facts about Islam to replace the fiction that you’ve posted.

          Islam doesn’t advocate killing someone who does not convert to Islam, to correct the misinformation against Islam with which you’ve filled your head.

    • This is CREEPING SHARIAH — HOW do you like it? This is what dhimmi is.
      I have never bought these and never WILL.—They are totally wrong and not the AMERICAN CULTURE. THIS is like a mozque built on a church site –this is like the mega mosque at ground zero.

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