Recent Headlines from the Muslim World

Saudi girl ends life to ‘burn hearts’ of family

A 25-year-old poured petrol on her body and set herself ablaze to protest mistreatment by her family. Hanan al Shahri had reported her brother and uncle to the police after they beat her up many times and prevented her from marrying her fiancée. Just a day before she committed a suicide, she wrote on her social network account, telling her sisters:”forgive me if I die…do not give up my rights.”

Newly-wed Saudi man rapes 11-year-old boy

A Saudi man who has just married raped an 11-year-old Arab boy after abducting him near his house and driving to the nearby mountains. The man, in his 20s, snatched the boy as he walked back home and took him to an isolated mountainous area, where he raped him and left him alone.

Islamic scholar’s repeated torture of his 5-year-old daughter causes severe brain damage

A Saudi Islamic scholar known for his regular preaching for kindness and mercy is accused of torturing his five-year-old daughter with batons and hot objects, causing severe brain damage and skull fractures. The mother said her ex-husband had never stopped beating her up while they were married,

“This Sheikh who has always preached for mercy, kindness and sympathy is the same man who has used all machines of torture against his own daughter, throwing her into coma and threatening her innocent life.” Relating her marriage life with the Sheikh, Lama’s mother said it had been a hell as he did not stop beating her up and insulting her for no reason.

Maid ends life in Saudi Arabia

An Ethiopian housemaid committed a suicide by tying a power cable around her neck and jumping off a chair at her employer’s house in Saudi Arabia. Housemaids are frequently the victims of domestic violence by their Saudi employers.

Two maids commit suicide in separate Saudi households

An Indonesian housemaid committed a suicide by hanging herself at her employer’s house in Saudi Arabia. In another area, an Ethiopian maid was found hanged by the ceiling fan at her employers’ house.

Filipina maid commits suicide in Saudi Arabia

A Filipina housemaid in Saudi Arabia committed a suicide by hanging herself inside the bathroom of her employer’s house, a newspaper said on Sunday. Noura, 27, was found dead and a piece of cloth tied around her neck and hung from the power box inside the bathroom.

Old Saudi man tries to rape 10-year-old boy

A Saudi man in his 60s tried to rape a 10-year-old boy but the child escaped and led the police to the would-be rapist. The boy was selling fireworks on the road in the western town of Hawiya when the man approached him and offered to buy all his stuff, Al Saudeh said. He asked the boy to follow him so he will pay. He led the boy to an isolated area behind the road and tried to rape him.

Saudi girl sets herself on fire to end her life over family violence

A Saudi girl drank petrol in a bid to end her life due to family mistreatment but the attempt failed. She then poured what was left of the petrol bottle on her body and set herself ablaze. Relatives say Hanan Al Shahri committed suicide because of mistreatment by her brother and uncle.

10-year-old boy repeated sexually molests his 5-year-old niece

A 10-year-old boy in Dubai molested his five-year-old niece many times and his kisses were so violent that they left blood marks on her neck before he  was discovered by the girl’s mother. The mother also learned that the boy stripped off all his clothes in front  of the girl.

Egyptian man kills and buries wife in his bedroom

Not being able to contact the mother and child for two days, family members panicked and went on a search only to discover the woman’s body buried beneath the newly laid tiles inside a room in the apartment.

Saudi child used by family to rob store