CANADA: Sudden Saudi ‘Pool Cue’ Jihad

baby_cry_d-viKAMLOOPS, B.C. A 27-year-old Saudi Arabian man who thrust a pool cue through the eye of a fellow student at a nightclub, causing permanent brain damage, breaks down in tears at hearing his ‘guilty’ verdict.

BC Local News  (h/t HF) Yousef Almotairi, a student at Thompson Rivers University has been found guilty of assault for stabbing a fellow student in the eye with a pool cue during a bar room fight last November. The B-C Supreme Court Justice determined Yousef Almotairi thrust the cue at his 28-year-old friend after an argument.


The judge heard that the victim punched Almotari in the face, and Almotari then thrust the cue out — piercing his friend’s eye and brain. The victim spent 6 months in hospital, and suffers partial paralysis.

Outside the courthouse, Almotari was in tears– and blamed his lawyer for the ruling going against him. Michelle Stanford had argued her client reacted by reflex (Sudden Jihad Syndrome) when he thrust the cue at the victim — but did not intend to harm him.  Stanford says after reviewing the judge’s decision there may be an appeal launched. Sentencing is set for next Tuesday.