Oh, BOO HOO! Muslim woman, Iman Abdulrazzak, claims she was harassed for wearing a bag on her head during Massachusetts bar exam

headscarf-e1375463633522It is school policy that bans hats, hoods, scarves, and visors from being worn during the bar exam. But religious headgear is permitted, as long as special written approval has been obtained before the test from a state’s board of bar examiners. A proctor in Massachusetts passed a ‘distasteful’ note (below) to a Muslim law graduate during the morning essay session.

Well, after all, we know what Muslims are capable of doing when they wear extra material (like backpacks)


Above the Law  It seems that this bar examinee was wearing a hijab, a headbag meant to cover the head and chest, and she had received prior permission from the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners to wear it for religious reasons. 

The young woman took the exam at the Western New England University School of Law. We have absolutely no idea why this proctor couldn’t wait to bring up the issue until after the morning session was completed. To interrupt a test taker during the bar exam with a religious issue — one that she thought was already taken care of, and one that was sure to make her even more anxious than she already was — is not only insulting, but cruel. We suppose the term “Masshole” exists for a reason.

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The young woman, who was understandably upset, spent part of her lunch break “calling the Bar office to convince the proctors [she] was all set.” Did we mention that this young woman may have been fasting for Ramadan, which fell during the exam this year? (Oh, noes! She may have been hungry, too? Horrors)

This was a very unfortunate miscommunication, and it could have ‘dire’ results for the Muslim woman involved (like what?).  Not only is it incredibly embarrassing for the Massachusetts Bar, but it could be viewed as an affront to Islamic religious customs (EVERYTHING in the West is considered an affront to Islam…except welfare benefits). We can’t even imagine how the state Bar would handle the situation if this woman were to fail the exam as a result of this religious note-passing absurdity. (Oh, give me a break. If that would cause her to fail, she doesn’t deserve to practice law)

This woman’s story has been shared more than 350 times on Facebook, and the Muslim community from around the world that’s seen it is shocked and outraged (Only the psychotic Muslim world). Just as the women in Pennsylvania weren’t hiding answers inside their tampons, this woman wasn’t hiding them inside her hijab.


Notice what Egypt has to say about the above Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize winner:

Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakul Karman has been denied entry into Egypt after she landed at Cairo airport “for security reasons”, officials say.