Radio Host Michael Savage says, “US terror alert is the ‘Muslim’ president’s attempt to justify NSA spying”

Popular conservative talk radio host, Michael Savage* went from skepticism over this weekend’s al-Qaeda-linked terror alerts to confirmation that Barack Hussein Obama is the first Muslim president.


*Happy to report that Savage uses stories from BNI on his website

Raw Story  Michael Savage expressed skepticism on Friday about the weekend’s Middle East terrorism alert, which has closed U.S. embassies throughout the region. According to Mediaite, Savage said that rather than a real heightened possibility of terrorist action, the threat announcement is actually an attempt by the “first Muslim president” to “justify spying” on U.S. citizens.

When his caller asked why Obama had a Ramadan party but no Christmas party, Savage said, “He’s the first Muslim president, everybody knows that. Why are we even mincing words about it? His first father was an African Muslim. His second father was an Indonesian Muslim. Isn’t it true that most boys are impressed by their father’s religion, practice their father’s religion? Why are we shocked by this? Why is it even a question?”

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