CANADA: Islamofascists and other Muslims turn out to slander Jews at ‘Al-Quds (Arab-occupied Jerusalem) Day’ hate fest


The annual Al-Quds ‘hate’ rally took place August 3rd in Toronto. This Jew-hating festival, invented by Iran’s leading terrorist, Ayatollah Khomeini, has grown over the years to become one of the major Israel-bashing events in the world.

BLOGWRATH  In Toronto the event has traditionally attracted the worst Muslim fanatics, always supported by crowds of women and children from out of town, brought on mosque-sponsored buses. The hostile rhetoric of the speakers has always shocked the non-Muslims listening to the speeches.

Unfortunately, very few people in Canada know what is going on at those rallies. The mainstream media have always done their best to ignore the event and pretend that nothing happened. Only through the efforts of bloggers and lesser-known publications we have records showing the shocking extent of the Muslim hatred.

Many organizations and individuals have been trying to bring public attention to the Al-Quds rallies. All attempts to put the vile anti-Semitism under control have been ignored. What is even worse, the Khomeinists have always been given the opportunity to use Queen’s Park for their gatherings. And the police have always gone out of their way toprotect them – last year they even arrested one of the people who protested against the Muslim fanatics.

This year things looked better – the embattled Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne probably decided that they have been involved in enough scandals, so they decided to ban the anti-Semites from using the public park. All organizations that lobbied for that outcome greeted the decision and assumed that the threat was over. The planned protests against the Khomeinists were cancelled.

JDL-Canada was the only organization, which assumed that the Al-Quds rally will take place anyway. They were right – the Khomeinists gathered in the park just north of Queen’s Park. That park is under the jurisdiction of the City of Toronto, so now it has to be determined how they got the permission to use it.

The small crowd of Muslims gradually increased, because they brought in many people from out of town on seven buses. There were also a few leftards from the Peace Alliance, a bunch of self-hating Jews, and the inevitable “rabbis” from Neturei Karta, the Jewish organization, which wants to destroy Israel.


The small group of counter-protestors consisted of members of JDL-Canada, their supporters, and representatives of the Never Again Group from Hamilton.




The Muslim savages were pissed off that somebody tried to tamper with their event. The anger was reflected in the rally itself – it was much more extreme and vile than before. In the past you could see an occasional Hezbollah flag. At yesterday’s rally many people displayed the flag and didn’t care at all that they were expressing supportfor a notorious terrorist organization.

Just a few days ago we learned that one of the main suspects in last year’s bombing (by Hezbollah) of a bus with Israeli tourists in Bulgaria was a Canadian Muslim. I guess nobody knows how many potential terrorists stood in the hostile crowd, ready to die for their beloved Hezbollah.

Listening to the speeches was even worse. You can see most of them in the videobelow. They were delivered by activists of all stripes, who didn’t even bother to hide their anti-Semitism.

A young boy, dressed like a mujahedeen, delivered a fiery speech, in which he explained how Israel will soon perish. He proved that you can lose your mind at any age.


Even more outrageous was the speech of a guy associated with Palestine House. You can see him say at 4:24 in the video that the Jews must leave Jerusalem and Palestine and the people raised in refugee camps in Syria and other countries must return and take their place. He went on explaining that you cannot bring people from Russia and Europe to the place where the home of his grandfather is.

To illustrate the situation, he made a comparison – how do the police deal with people who are robbing a bank? They don’t negotiate with them. And the Arabs have been negotiating with the Jews for the last 65 years. What is to be done? “We say get out or you are dead.” And that’s the only way the Jews will understand.


Compared to that obnoxious “Palestinian” idiot, Hitler sounded like a respectable country club gentleman. Talking of Hitler – his name came up in the speech of the not-so-useful Jewish idiot Ken Stone. He was convinced that Kathleen Wynne had a lot in common with Adolf Hitler – both were suppressing free speech. Then he bashed B’nai Brith, which was supposed to be a human rights organization, but actually is a mouthpiece of the state of Israel and the Canadian conservative government, and even had the nerve to oppose the Israeli Apartheid Week. They even launched an attack against the great Libbie Davies.

Then the crowd marched from the park down University Avenue to the US Consulate. The whole time the Muslim anti-Semites kept chanting: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” (Apparently leaving no place for Israel.)


From time to time they “diversified” the slogan: “Harper, Harper, you’ll see, Palestine will be free!” or “Netanyahu, you will see…” or “JDL you will see…” Muslims are so dull and unimaginative.

Mallah, the pride of the NDP and the Canadian public employees union, lashed out at Kathleen Wynne accusing her of all possible ills. He complained that his group was the most peaceful group you could imagine, yet they were treated unfairly. In his opinion, those who protested the rally were thugs who should be arrested.


The other idiot, the “scholar” Zafar Bangash, didn’t waste any time before attacking Israel. Zionism is destined for the dustbin of history, although Canada is controlled by the Zionists. The Al-Quds people were supported by many organizations that attended, including rabbis, the Peace Alliance, and Christians. Kathleen Wynne is taking the country to a wrong direction. The whole Palestine will be free from Zionist occupation – the day is near, because the Zionists are desperate.

Attending the Al-Quds rally was a depressing experience. Seeing all those hateful people united is a troubling reminder about how evil and disgusting Islam is. There is no doubt in my mind that, if given the opportunity, those barbarians would be killing Jews the same way Hitler did. The only difference might be that they’ll call them “Zionists”.


Equally disturbing was the fact that there wasn’t a single “moderate” Muslim on the side of the counter-protest. At an event a few months ago I asked Raheel Raza why we never see Muslims protesting the Al-Quds day. She said that it was too complicated – people were afraid to be photographed and intimidated. That speaks volumes about the realities in Islam – the most aggressive and violent followers are those who call the shots in that cult.

How much longer are we going to ignore those problems and import real and potential terrorists and fanatics? Islam is responsible for the majority of violent terrorist crimes in the world.

It’s time to halt the Muslim immigration to Canada.