Give me your tired, your poor…your ‘starving’ Muslim asylum seekers

AUSTRALIA, Christmas Island: Here are some of the so-called ‘asylum seekers’ from the hordes of Muslims who have been washing up on the shores of Australia and demanding asylum, even though most are not political refugees, but economic parasites.

Do these Iranian illegals look like they are starving to you?








If you ever wanted to know why Muslim illegal alien boats are coming in droves, this is ‘Centrelink’ (Australia’s immigrant welfare system)

h/t Gerald P (Australia)

We sat in the sun at Coffs Harbour CBD mall last Thursday having a coffee before browsing the now weekly fresh food growers market. The number of well dressed African couples with children were enjoying the same atmosphere. I needed to walk over to the Palm Centre chemist to get my wife one of her meds. I stood 3rd in one line of a four abreast line with others waiting to be served. When the tall African young man in front of me handed over his prescription it was promptly filled. The shop assistant advised the man that it cost $32.20, he looked at her in surprised and said “but we don’t pay”.

After the attendant asked for evidence of why, the man pulled out two reasons – the first was his families Australia Residency Card, the second was his personal Federal Government Pensioner card. The attendant took both back to the owner/chemist, I stood there watching the chemist make a call. A few minutes later the attendant returned and told the man the cost was reduced to $9.40, his response was “but we don’t pay”, to which the attendant said but this prescription is not made out to you, it’s made out to your wife.

The man then went into a “but she not speak with you”. By now myself and others behind me were getting impatient. Then the man pulled out his MasterCard and paid the $9.40 for what would have cost this wood duck $32.20 had it been mine. This man was early 30’s, 6′ tall, well dressed in a suit – yet he had an Australia Pension Card that neither me or my wife will ever qualify for. Whilst Australia may one day gain from the guy’s adult aged children, they too will cost all tax payers on top of their parents untill they finish school, are funded through university, and maybe one day get a tax paying job. 

The above is a real life and true account of a single event that unfolded on just one sunny Thursday in my home town. Now look at this!