AUSTRALIA: What in the world was Pauline Hanson’s ‘One Nation’ party thinking?

The problem isn’t that the ‘One Nation’ party has nominated a woman facing criminal charges over alleged anti-Islam behaviour to contest the Queensland seat of Rankin, it’s that she thinks Islam is a country.


NEWS AU  (h/t David P) Stephanie Banister, a 27-year-old mother of two, is facing criminal charges after allegedly placing anti-Muslim stickers, like “Halal food funds terrorism”, on Nestle products in a supermarket. Never mind that though. Ms Banister has bigger problems.

In an interview with Channel Seven, which aired last night, Ms Banister revealed her dearth of knowledge on, well, everything.

“I don’t oppose Islam as a country, but I do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in Australia,” she said, apparently oblivious to the fact that Islam is a religion, not a country.

“Less than two per cent of Australians follow Haram,” Ms Banister said, arguing for a ban on Halal food.

In any case, Ms Banister doesn’t have a problem with Jewish Kosher food.

“Jews aren’t under Haram, they have their own religion which follows Jesus Christ,” she said. “They don’t have a tax on it, they’ve just got a certain way of making it where Haram has a tax on the food.”