ZANZIBAR: Muslim savages throw acid in the faces of two British Jewish teenagers

The question is why? Oh, not why were they attacked, why were they staying in a Muslim country in the first place?


INN  In the tourist filled location of Stone Town, Zanzibar, two Jewish British teens had acid thrown in their faces Wednesday by men driving by on a moped. The incident followed two previous attacks they had suffered at the hands of locals.

The report claims the girls were “walking through the town singing on Ramadan when a Muslim lady came up to her shouting. She lost her temper and reacted violently, and hit her in the face for singing”.


 The Telegraph reported that Katie Gee and Kristie Trup, both 18 years old, were on their way to dine in a restaurant on the beach when two unspecified men drove past the pair and threw liquid at them before speeding off. There was a previous run-in with another local who slapped Trup in the face for publicly singing during the period of Ramadan.

The teenagers had been volunteering in Stone Town for a charity called Art in Tanzania. A member of the charity, Bashir Ismail, said that the girls had argued with a nearby shop owner a few days ago while grocery shopping.

Ismail said the two women were “properly dressed” when the attack happened. “The two attackers passed by several white tourists in the area and threw acid after reaching closer to them which raises suspicion of a planned attack,” Ismail said.

Here are all the reasons why no non-Muslim should ever step foot in Zanzibar.

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