HERE THEY GO AGAIN! CAIR thugs attempt to shut down free speech rights of Florida professor

Matusitz-vidDr.  Jonathan Matusitz, from Belgium, lectures on Terrorism and Communications and is a very popular professor at the University of Central Florida. Terror-linked CAIR has been trying relentlessly to get him fired for speaking the truth about Islam. They failed, but now they are trying to shut down his next public speaking engagement.

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CAIR-FL Asks Brevard Co. Officials to Drop Hate Group’s Event with Anti-Muslim Prof
Brevard County Commission urged to deny taxpayer-funded platform for hate speech

(TAMPA, FL, 8/9/13) – The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) today called on the Brevard County Commission not to provide a taxpayer-funded platform for the anti-Muslim hate group ACT! for America and for University of Central Florida (UCF) professor Jonathan Matusitz, who claims Muslims “procreate like mushrooms after the rain” and that “the problem is Islam.”

ACT! for America will host Matusitz at an August 13 event in the County Commission’s meeting room in Viera, Fla. Matusitz is scheduled to speak about “The Islamic Threat to America” and why Islam is “not a religion of peace.”

“ACT! for America and Mr. Matusitz are free to spew their anti-Muslim hate in any private venue they choose, but offering them a taxpayer-funded platform creates the perception that county officials endorse their extremist views,” said CAIR-South Florida Executive Director Nezar Hamze. (Hamze tried to pass himself off as a Republican and took on Allen West at a townhall meeting in Florida, whereby West wiped the floor with him)


ACTION REQUESTED:  Contact Commissioner Mary Bolin Lewis, District 4, Viera, Fla.





Why CAIR Is Scared Of Dr. J. Matusitz by Alan Korman


CAIR and EMERGE USA Attack Dr. Matusitz

Hassan Shibly of  CAIR Tampa and Ms. Laila Abdelaziz of Emerge USA attacked Dr. Jonathan Matusitz by publicly calling him unsubstantiated vile epithets hoping to derail his academic career and personal reputation as a source expert in Terrorism and Communication.  All CAIR and Emerge USA succeeded in doing was bringing shame and dishonor on themselves, their organizations, and their families.


CAIR and Emerge USA became the laughing stock of the Civil Rights movement in their   anger filled emotional response to the facts presented in this video:

How Culture Shapes Terrorism – Dr. Jonathan Matusitz & Rep. Sandy Adams

51ufl9wae7L-242x3001Dr. Jonathan Matusitz (Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 2006) is currently a tenured associate professor in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He studies globalization, culture, terrorism and health communication. On top of having 95 academic publications and over 100 conference presentations, he taught at a NATO-affiliated military base in Belgium in 2010. Originally from Belgium himself, he moved to the United States in 2000. In 2012, he was honored with a prestigious teaching award by the College of Sciences at UCF.

Dr. Matusitz’s research was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court (2011), Governor’s Office State of Florida, and the United States Congress (2005). His most recent book, Terrorism & Communication: A Critical Introduction, was published in 2012 by SAGE. His research methodologies include qualitative interviewing, content analysis, semiotics and theoretical analysis.

Terrorism and Communication Lecture Series

BDS0rk3CIAA3Za4.jpg-largeDr. Matusitz in 2012-2013 hosted a Terrorism and Communication lecture series that was heavily advertised,  free, and open to the public. By their own admission, no one from CAIR or Emerge USA attended this lecture series in person or by proxy. The UCF  Muslim Students Association (MSA) or the UCF Shia Muslim Ahlul Bayt Society have spoken one unfavorable word publicly about Dr. Matusitz, his terrorism classes, or the lecture series in question.  No one from the Central Florida Muslim community has had a negative word to say about Dr. Matusitz or his academic work.

Dr. Matusitz’s Exemplary Reputation As An Academic And Teacher

Dr. Matusitz’s is a subject matter expert on Terrorism and Communication.  As a subject matter expert his work has been referenced by the Supreme Court of the United States, US Congress, US Military, Law Enforcement, UCF fellow academics, and the one hundred plus academic journals who publish his work.

Dr. Matusitz’s student evaluations are exemplary from both his Muslim and non-Muslim students.  Dr. Matusitz’s positive student evaluations expose CAIR National spokesman, Ibrahim ‘Doug’ Hooper’s lie about Dr. Matusitz teaching ‘hateful views’ when the facts don’t support his false claim.


Soviet propaganda specialists would call Hooper’s amateurish character assassination tactic a ‘big lie’.  Ibrahim Hooper is disgraceful and may be one of the reasons the Washington Times reports that CAIR’s membership has dropped 90% since 2001.

Only the best and brightest academics get tenured early in their careers,  Dr. Matusitz is one of those fast track tenured professors who is not intimidated when terrorist supporters attack him for teaching the truth about Terrorism and Communication.

Why CAIR Is Scared Of Dr. Matusitz

Among the 1400 footnotes in Dr. Matusitz’s textbook is a statistic by the respected RAND Corporation that has Islamic Intimidation Corporations like CAIR and Emerge USA cowering and afraid. They are afraid the statistic below will be common knowledge to all Americas.

FactRAND Corporation determined that 96% of deadly terrorist attacks in Europe and the U.S. between 2000-2010 were committed by MuslimsCAIR and Emerge state they are upset because,“His blatant disregard for distinguishing between terrorists and the Muslim population as a whole is disturbing.”


The RAND Corporation Fact that 96% of the terrorist attacks were committed by Muslims exposes CAIR and Emerge USA’s duplicity in trying to separate all the followers of Islam (Muslims) from Islamic terrorism.  CAIR’s reputation is determined by how effective they are at making themselves victims, while never condemning the Islamic doctrine terrorists use to justify violent Jihad.  Anyone who does not go lock step with the CAIR Islamist Party Line is labeled a threat and must be marginalized.

Groups like CAIR and Emerge USA exist to protect Islamic Doctrine and theology from those who publicly challenge their Islam.  CAIR is the public relations firm for modern day Islamist terrorists.

CAIR – Public Relations Firm For Terrorist Supporters

CAIR may hate Dr. Matusitz but they sure love the terrorist group Hamas.  CAIR loves Hamas so much they were listed as providing material support in a Hamas terrorist funding trial.  CAIR tried to get their name removed from the terrorist supporting list but failed each time.

In 2009 the FBI severed all outside contact with CAIR because of the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding trial.


Tawfik Hamid referred to CAIR as “perhaps the most conspicuous organization to persistently accuse opponents of Islamophobia“. He criticized the way the organization uses the “charge of ‘Islamophobia’ as a tool to intimidate and blackmail those…who rightly criticize current Islamic practices and preachings”, citing its lawsuit filed in the Flying imams incident.  Devout Muslim Dr.  Zuhdi Jasser has been stridently critical of CAIR by claiming that its agenda focused on “victimology“” (Source)

Mission Statement of CAIR’s Founder Omar Ahmad

The founder of CAIR  said to toss the Constitution and Bill of Rights out the window and replace it with a Quran inspired political authority.  This type of anti American speech is offensive to every individual who loves freedom and liberty.



Dr. Matusitz showed the Islamic Intimidation Corporation CAIR has no defense against facts and statistics on political Islam.  CAIR exposed itself as a discredited Hamas supporting organization and the buffoons of the Civil Rights movement.

The FBI severed relations with CAIR because of their ties to terrorism.  It is time the mainstream media start holding CAIR responsible for their discredited status just as the FBI has.

Alan Kornman  The United West Regional Coordinator Email: Contributing Editor at Family Security Matters