IED: A new radical extremist Muslim vigilante group in the UK that will dish out street ‘justice’ to anyone who offends a Muslim


IED stands for Islamic Emergency Defence but its creation is as explosive as the initials it is based on – Improvised Explosive Device and no doubt only slightly less lethal. The organization claims ‘vigilantism’ is a legitimate method by which Muslims can legally defend themselves.


HuffPo  (h/t Susan K) Anjem Choudary, notorious radical Muslim hate preacher who is an attorney who prefers to be economic parasite and live off the state, has lent his support to the Islamic Emergency Defence, with an emergency phoneline to report ‘Islamophobia.’


The new organization, which Choudary has promoted on his Twitter feed, ostensibly aims to combat ‘Islamophobic’ abuse, saying “it should not be the case that Muslims are intimidated into pacifism, or adopt a silent approach in the hope that the problem will just ‘disappear’.

“Hooliganism, for want of a better word, is unfortunately, on our streets and Muslims are being systematically targeted with physical and verbal abuse.”


The group’s initial’s IED are seen by some as being deliberately inflammatory, the same acronym as “Improvised Explosive Device”, bombs used by militants to kill soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The group denies any deliberate parallel. Ex-Scotland Yard commander and terrorism expert John O’Connor told the Sun: “This is mocking Servicemen killed by IEDs. It shows their warped state of mind.

The Commentator  The organization claims it exists to defend ordinary Muslims, which it says are “one of the most oppressed communities in Britain”. But soon after launching, the organisation was given the vocal support of the intolerant and controversial cleric Anjem Choudary, who has been the front man for the extremist, now banned Islam4UK and al-Muhajiroun groups.


These organizations promoted Shariah law, and activists routinely waved placards telling British soliders to burn in hell. Choudary’s group was recently implicated in violent scuffles on London’s Edgware Road.

The organisation claims “vigilantism” is a legitimate method by which “Muslims can legally defend themselves” and stated yesterday, “We invite all non-Muslims to embrace Islam and save themselves from the hell-fire”. 

Here’s what the IED says about itself:


Muslims at present are one of the most oppressed communities in Britain. Despite having lived peacefully amongst non-Muslims for decades the British public has been whipped up into a frenzy by the ruling elite, and some, such as the far-right, have taken extreme measures to intimidate Muslims across the country; this intimidation has included, but is not restricted to, verbal threats, damage to property, assaults and even extreme violence.

With many Muslims now feeling worried and concerned for their safety a unique platform has been launched by Muslims and for Muslims to provide immediate support and assistance to those targeted for anti-Muslim hate crimes.


Islamic Emergency Defence is much more than just a think-tank. Our aim is to build a national network of Muslim volunteers who are ready and able to protect and defend any Muslim from verbal and physical abuse.

We have already launched an emergency hotline that provides instant access for any Muslim to report an incident, which inshaa’allah will be resolved in a swift and Islamic manner; however, we cannot emphasise enough how much we need your support, particularly from the Muslim youth.

As for those who are planning or who have committed anti-Muslim hate crimes they must know that their hooliganism will not be tolerated by the Muslim community anymore, and if the police and national government continue to stand by and do nothing, then Muslims must stand side by side to support each other.


We would like to remind all Muslims that to aid another Muslim facing aggression is an Islamic obligation, and that we will all be held accountable before Allah on the Day of Judgement if we sit by and do nothing:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever sees a believer humiliated in front of him and does not support him, and was able to, Allah will humiliate him on the day of Judgement.” [Musnad Imam Ahmed, v3, pg 487]

To conclude, we would also like to mention that our ethos is totally Islamic; our central body functions purely upon the guidance of the Quran, the teachings of the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the understanding of his noble companions (may Allah be please with them all).