Open Letter to Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham from a concerned Egyptian

I have chosen to delete the author’s identity for security reasons as he is in Egypt.

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Subject: Fwd: Pirouettes in Politics : An open letter to Senators McCain and Graham
Date: August 12, 2013 2:14:29 AM GMT+02:00


Dear Senators:

It’s me again , this time to tell you that I watched with great interest your news conference of August 6th in Cairo and the letter you sent to the Washington Post of August 10th 2013:


In your news conference you demanded the release of the deposed president Mohamed Morsi (currently detained and charged with high treason , murder , embezzlement of state funds to name but a few ) along with other unsavoury members of the Moslem Brotherhood most of whom are charged with incitement to commit murder (a crime which, if convicted , carries the death penalty or at least life imprisonment in the US – and by coincidence in Egypt also ).


Gentlemen , I will not question your motives for publicly interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state like Egypt which is supposed to be a close ally of the United States by requesting the release from jail prisoners who are charged with well documented crimes – however I will question why by the same token your country adamantly refuses calls for the release of the prisoners in Guantanamo most of whom are members of Alqaeda (which happens to be an offshoot of the Moslem Broyherhood)- or release of the blind cleric Omar Abdel Rahman who is of the Brotherhood – and yet you ask Egypt to do exactly what you refuse to do!


In your letter to the Washington Post you gentlemen back-pedalled quite a bit from your original position , this time omitting your request to release Morsi and his gang . However parts of your letter left me a little perplexed:


A) “It is essential for Morsi’s supporters, including the Muslim Brotherhood, to accept that his actions generated massive public discontent and that he will not be reinstated as president of Egypt; that they must refrain from acts and incitement of violence; and that eventually they will need to move out of the streets and into the political process, because there is no good or effective alternative to advance their interests.”


B) ” We were among the strongest critics of former president Mohamed Morsi’s undemocratic actions, and we sympathized with the millions of Egyptians who took to the streets last month to protest Morsi’s abuses of power. But as we said again this week in Cairo, we find it difficult to describe the circumstances of Morsi’s removal from office as anything other than a coup. Unsuccessful leaders in a democracy should leave office by losing elections.”



(A) : Where and when did you publicly inform the Moslem Brotherhood that Morsi would not be re-instated as President of Egypt and to refrain from acts and incitement of violence ? Why did you not state this in your news conference of August 5th in Cairo?

(B) : You say you were the strongest critics of Morsi’s undemocratic actions – Where and when did you publicly criticise him – I can’t seem to remember?


You say “Unsuccessful leaders in a democracy should leave office by losing elections” and then contradict yourselves by describing Morsi’s actions “generating massive discontent” and his acts as “undemocratic” and that you “sympathized with the millions ( 30 million to be precise )who protested against his abuses of power . Democracy ? What democracy did Morsi offer during his year in power ? Egypt’s constitution does not allow for impeachment (Morsi saw to that in his despotic “cooking” of the constitution that he rammed down our throats).

Although 30 million people simultaneously exploded on June 30th, ditto on July 3rd and slightly more on July 26th and took to the streets of Cairo and all the major towns and cities of Egypts’ 27 Governorates demanding the removal of the fascist terrorist Morsi and his gang , asking for the army to intervene and protect the anti-Morsi protestors from a blood-bath – do you actually mean to say that you consider that enormous outpouring of protestors – qualified as the biggest protest in history – as a coup and not a revolution?


And that we should have waited another 3 years of (in your words) “massive discontent , undemocratic rule , abuses of power, millions protesting in the streets, etc etc “? Not at all a good idea !

Had we followed this ridiculous and insane path of self-destruction , Morsi would have totally destroyed the country and Egypt would have quickly been transformed into another Somalia under the fascist rule of Morsi and his gang of terrorists .

I look forward to reading your comments on the above.

xxxxx xxxxxxxx
Cairo – Egypt
email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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