Shhhhh! About that ‘humanitarian’ crisis in Gaza…


Contrary to what you hear from the media, Gaza is not an “open-air prison.” Everyday, Gazans are shopping in sparkling new malls, buying food in supermarkets and specialty stores, enjoying beautiful beaches, water parks, hotels and 5-star restaurants. Gaza even boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool.

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Palestinians enjoy a day at the beach in Gaza City

















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As you can see, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Many Gazans have money, food and even luxuries that much of the world goes without. What is missing, however, is a stable, democratic government. The moment any Gazan speaks against Hamas or Islam in even the smallest way, they are punished severely with torture and death. A surplus of money also means that Hamas can pay terrorists to kill Israelis through suicide attacks and missiles.




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  1. Oh, and how do I know so much about gaza? I lived there for 5 years.
    So unlike you I actually know what it’s really like there, not just following what I’m told by the Israeli government.

  2. As usual, I’ve managed to find comments from Israelis, or people pro Israel, and unsurprisingly what a lot of racist drivel.
    I’ve seen sites like this before, showing only the best of the best available in Gaza,
    but what you’ve failed to mention is that the vast, vast majority of Gazans can only dream of actually buying at those stores.
    The stores are more of a day out than anything, because they are far too expensive for most people to actually do a weekly shop there. They usually come out with something very meager, usually if there is anything on special offer.
    As for the parks etc, people do go to those, but again they are not frequented by many very poor Gazans, and most Gazans only visit them as a very special treat once or twice if they’re lucky per year.
    There are many hundreds of thousands of people in gaza for whom life is very hard and bleak, yet they persevere, they often don’t complain, and do the best with what they have.
    Israel is a state built on terror, ethnic cleansing and racism.
    I am just waiting for the day when Israel is no more, which will not be too far into the future.
    The state of Israel can only continue to exist with the support of the U.S, and slowly, just ever so slowly the U.S are tiring of Israel.
    Furthermore, worldwide condemnation of Israeli war crimes, breaching international law and ignoring various conditions of the Geneva Convention are becoming more and more widespread and due to the slaughtering of hundreds of innocent men women and children, people, thankfully to your illustrious leader, are now seeing Israel in its true colors.
    Fascist, racist liars that are not fooling anyone any more.
    Israelis are arrogant and love to humiliate Palestinians and anyone affiliated with Palestine. Before long it will be them that return the favour. When you are all turned around and sent to your real homes, I mean where you lived before you went to Palestine and stole it. The Muslims are far stronger then you will ever dream of
    being. Imagine, Hamas have only what munitions they’ve smuggled and homemade rockets that your useless IDF can’t even find with all the technology and big boys toys you get given from the US!! Ha ah, pathetic, and you call this war!!?
    It’s like an elephant fighting a kitten! Wars are bought between armies, not an army attacking a civilian population who do not even have the option to flee since they are under siege and the Egyptian government are as complicit in all this as you.
    Now you’ll say that Hamas hide their rockets in schools, correct?
    Well, yes and no, they’ve only stored stuff whilst the schools are unused, whilst although wrong, is not the same as stockpiling rockets in schools currently being used.
    However, even if it were true, that does not give the disgusting state of israhell the right to attack a school full of refugees.
    Additionally, there is no truth in accusations of Hamas using human shields, in fact to the contrary, the IDF use palestinian human shields.
    So, for all you fascist idiots spouting your fascist crap, just go and have a good look around what you call Israel, really Palestine of course, because it won’t be yours much longer.
    Go and read a book on what Israel really is, ie Palestine, there are so many lovely pictures of it on the internet. In the future you will be kicked out of your homes and helpless other than to stand back and allow the millions of Palestinians returning to their homeland, to enter your homes, not a bad start to compensating what Israel has done.
    Revenge is so sweet, and best served cold.
    Sweet dreams baby killers.

    • Sarah, Hamas gets tens of billions in foreign aid and spends it on tunnels and missiles instead of building their infrastructure and economy. You get the government you deserve. Say what you will about Israel, the Arab states and Egypt are supporting the IDF this time, not Hamas.

      So blow it out your ass.

  3. jews cant enter gaza but these assholes are always screaming that they want to enter Israel. fucking hypocrites
    im so sick of the world even paying attention to these whiny assholes.
    they want jews dead so they create these lies all day while they dont contribute to society one bit. they dont even want to pay their electricity bills. Fucking waste. and the UN focuses most of their efforts to “help” these fat fucking uneducated unemployed lairs.

  4. Muslims live the high life in Gaza. Relax; play, and live in luxury. They don’t go without a single thing. ALL provided by non-Muslim Western taxpayers who are STRUGGLING to survive.

  5. Major problem with first paragraph: There is no ‘humanity’ in Islam, only the duality of ‘the Best of People’ and ‘the worst of beasts’.

    Naturally, the ‘worst of beasts’ (Jews and Christians) are mere cockroaches who should be exterminated like vermin. Moslem MELODRAMA goes back to Mohammed. By MELODRAMATIZING everything, Moslems exaggerate, so they can annihilate the disbelievers in their prevaricating, plagiarizing, psychopathic, pedophile pirate…and feel good doing it. Islam constantly twists the conscience and turns it upside down and backwards.

    The only ‘crisis’ in Gaza is the one caused by the Egyptian army filling in the smuggling tunnels.

  6. what is missing are females moving around at will , beach scene with nary a bathing beauty to be seen , store full of male shoppers . I thank God I was not born a muslim .

    • They will eventually destroy all the rest of Gaza too WITHOUT using any outside help. Islam creates Bronze Age destructomaniacs who enjoy murder and mayhem. Just say ‘jihad’.

      They will destroy Gaza and create a real ‘humanitarian crisis’ just like in Syria at present. All of it will be gone. They’re demented by delusional Islam.

  7. Oh QUICK ! Lets get a leaky boat and fill it with rifles and mortars and mines with bags of rice on top and sail through the illegal and cruel blockade of Gaza. These poor deprived muslims are being starved out by the cruel Zionists who hope they all sicken and die.
    Whata load of crap ! C’mon all you bleeding hearts. Find a starving person so we can use them for a hallmark of all the people of Gaza and tell the world how deprived they are.

  8. Looks as nice as most American City’s. Doesn’t all the electricity come from Israel?
    Yep definitely best to keep this on the DL. O.o

  9. OMG, worse than Gitmo! Those poor, poor undernourished souls in that wretched, heart-rending middle-east gulag! What misery!

    Seriously, how can ‘informed’ westerners be so stupid, and I understand many people in Gaza have health problems from overeating and lack of exercise. Once again it’s the MSM to blame for not showing the ‘informed’ leftist dummies how their ‘impoverished’ darlings really live.

  10. So this makes the blockade floatila people look like fools. Which of course they are. Shame on the evil mainstream media who continues to hide the truth.

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