STOP WHINING! Would somebody please tell these Muslim thugs and criminals that they ‘lose’ their rights when they go to prison

Inexplicably, they don’t lose their right to file frivolous lawsuits in Missouri. Six Muslim inmates, including four federal prisoners, held in the Greene County Jail have sued the sheriff and other officials for $20 million, claiming discrimination based on religion.


News Leader  In a handwritten complaint filed in federal court, the inmates say they have been denied congregational Friday prayer, no access to religious materials such as the Quran and Hadith and insufficient space for daily prayers.

The men are seeking $20 million in damages under the Civil Rights Act, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act and the U.S. Constitution.


“This institution is violating several fundamental practices of a common religion,” the complaint reads. “The policy and procedure of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department is designed to prejudice and deiscreminate (sic) against any religion not christain (sic) in nature,” the legal document says, misspellings included.

The documents were filed July 24, during Muslim observance of Ramadan. Although the holy month was not mentioned specifically in court documents, the inmates do make mention of fasting. During Ramadan, many Muslims only eat before sunrise and after sunset. “We are not recieving (sic) our meals until 10:30 p.m. when we should be getting them at 8 p.m. so that we can break our fast.” 


The inmates cite overcrowding in the jail as the reason they are not being given “the proper place or space to pray in our cells.” The inmates also claim they are being punished for trying to clean themselves (their idea of “cleaning” themselves is to splash water on their hands, feet and body cavities at a special footpath  no soap involved) before prayer.

“Being a Muslim in this facility is causing us cruel and unusual punishment and anguish.” (Oh, Boo Hoo, suck it up, you are in jail) All six inmates are representing themselves in the lawsuit. (Oh, that should be fun. Whatsa matter, even CAIR won’t to take this ridiculous case?)

Although he declined to address specific accusations, Sheriff Arnott described generally the accommodations afforded Muslims in the jail. “We do have Qurans,” Arnott said, adding that the texts can be found in the jail library and inmates are allowed to have the books in their cells.


He said the kitchen will prepare meals at special times to allow for the observance of Ramadan. Alternative food choices are available to allow for the diets of various religions, Arnott said.

As far as providing a religious leader to inmates, Arnott said the jail relies on the Islamic Center of Springfield. “Last year, we couldn’t get anybody from the Islamic center,” Arnott said. “But they can still practice.” “I’m not aware of anything that would impede them from practicing their religion.”