BRITAIN FIRST’s Operation Fightback – fighting Islamization for the soul of the British people

1Britain First is a modern, responsible patriotic political movement that uses the latest campaigning methods to fight the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people who have, in effect, been left defenceless, voiceless and marginalized by the political ‘elite.’

BRITAIN FIRST  We are now effectively second-class citizens in our own country. Political correctness is now a widespread oppressive force in many peoples’ lives. Decent people now feel fearful at expressing their views on many subjects for fear of being labelled ‘intolerant’.


Today, Britain is a place where British history, traditions and culture are effectively forbidden and systematically discouraged.

Our politicians and the media elite ignore the wishes of the majority on issues such as pensions, capital punishment, the EU takeover of our country and rising fuel costs.


Even the few patriotic politicians we have offer little in the way of an effective solution to the problems this nation and our people now face.

Christianity in Britain is under ferocious assault: many Christians now face discrimination and persecution because of their beliefs in many areas such as employment, business, and adoption.


British workers are finding it increasingly difficult to get a job because of the failed policies of unbridled free trade, mass immigration and recession created by the banks.

Many dishonest MPs are abusing the expenses system, all paid for by the British taxpayer.


Local people are routinely pushed to the back of housing queues to make way for incoming economic refugees and migrants – this must stop, fairness must be applied to all, not just favoured groups who play the ‘victimhood’ card to gain an unfair advantage over the local community.

Immigration is spiralling out of control placing unsustainable demands upon this country’s resources, with health care, housing and the environment are all being seriously damaged by these unbearable and unfair burdens.


The rapid growth of militant Islam is leading to the suppression of women, freedom of speech and racist attacks.


Thousands of hardworking people are now suffering institutionalized discrimination in housing, access to local services and in benefits, due to the massive influx of bogus asylum seekers, ‘migrants’ and criminal gangs.


Politically correct policing, media bias and insane local authority policies mean that millions of our people suffer these injustices in silence. Enough is enough.

It is time to defend the victims of this widespread discrimination and secure equal rights for the silent majority.


This is exactly what Britain First seeks to do: to lobby, cajole, expose, demonstrate and organise on behalf of our beleaguered people.


Why not join the growing legions of disaffected Brits taking a stand against the betrayal of our country?

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