EGYPT: Pro-Morsi supporter shot dead as protests for reinstatement of the ousted leader continue

20137216941567621_20One killed and many others injured at pro-Morsi march after security officials postpone plan to crack down on Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins. Clashes broke out when Morsi supporters came under attack as they marched towards the interior ministry.  The Muslim Brotherhood alleges that Egyptian policemen dressed in plain clothes had opened fire with live rounds at one of its marches in Cairo, wounding five people. 

al-Jazeera  Supporters of the new military-installed government hurled stones at the Muslim Brotherhood marchers and threw bottles at them from balconies. Police then fired tear gas to disperse the crowd. Local residents taunted them, calling them “terrorists” and saying they were not welcome before throwing stones at them. Morsi’s supporters also responded by hurling rocks. According to reports, 12 Morsi supporters were also arrested during the fighting at the ministry. They were accused of trying to break into the building and attacking the ministry’s security and government employees.

Interim president Adly Mansour appointed 25 new provincial governors replacing Muslim Brotherhood appointees. 17 of them are generals in the military or police, chosen for their security backgrounds.