Father of Chechen Muslim terrorist friend of Boston Marathon bombers arrives in Florida to a full media circus arranged by CAIR operatives

largeThe father of a Muslim terrorist suspect killed by law enforcement officers while being questioned about his relationship with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects is looking for answers about why his son was shot multiple times. During a press conference Tuesday at the Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations office in Tampa, Abdulbaki Todashev spoke publicly via translator about his son.

“I came to America to rely on [the] American legal system, that I will be able to pursue and achieve the justice for my son… I hope and pray that no mother and no father will ever have to endure and go through what I’m going through right now. My son was a very good boy and he is innocent and he was simply killed.” (Aren’t they all?)


Supporters announced Tuesday that Todashev retained Tampa attorneys Barry Cohen and Eric Ludin (Of course, two Judenrats) to try to compel prosecutors to file charges against the law enforcement officers involved in the shooting death of his son, Ibragim Todashev in May. The legal team will also consider civil action. Ludin, one of the attorneys, said there doesn’t appear to be any reason for officers to have opened fire.

The onlhy good Muslim terrorist is a Muslim terrorist with a hole in his head
The only good Muslim terrorist is a Muslim terrorist with a bullet hole in his head

Initial reports from the FBI claimed Ibragim Todashev lunged at officers with a knife. Other speculation has surfaced suggesting Todashev may have had a gun or a sword or that he may have simply just engaged in a physical altercation. Ludin said there is no evidence suggesting Todashev had a weapon. He added the slain man was a mixed martial arts fighter and that was how he was connected to the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. (Oh, so I guess the throat slashing murders of three Jews that he was suspected of along with the Boston Marathon bombers is of no significance?)


The Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations of Florida, or CAIR, has also jumped on board to find some answers. Executive director Hassan Shibly said Todashev was recovering from knee surgery and was functioning as a “disabled fighter.” Shibly showed photos of Todashev’s knee with dozens of staples holding together the incision after the surgery, but was not able to provide an exact date of the surgery. (Oh, Boo Hoo)

The ACLU of Florida requested a Department of Justice probe into the shooting, but that was declined. Yvette Acosta MacMillan, a staff attorney with the ACLU, said the agency also requested reports from the FBI and the medical examiner’s office – both of which were also declined.