SAUDI ARABIA: Look what they found at the Grand Mosque in Mecca

10-viSaudi police found a human head in the car park just near Masjid Al Haram (grand mosque) in the Gulf Kingdom. A few minutes later, they found a headless body around one km away and police believe they belong to each other.

Emirates 24/7  Police rushed to the grand mosque park in the western town of Mecca after receiving calls by shocked visitors that they had seen a human head inside the park. “We believe the head belongs to this body. The body had apparently snapped off the body because of decomposition and rolled down to the park due to the rain,” Mecca police spokesman Lt Colonel Abdul Mohsen Al Miman said.


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  1. Islam literally means “submission” in its native tongue. Nothing good can arise from this, and the people who turn a blind eye are just PC assholes who stick up for these cruel barbarians.

  2. To be fair its quite entertaining, of course you get the real interbred, I am going to kill your mother/father etc etc, but the best is when you get a musloid who thinks that the people here are uneducated about islam and the ways of the vicious prophet, they have stumbled on the site and think they can defend islam. Out comes their stall, the taqqiya begins, it always starts well usually with love for all, as not mentioned anywhere in the book of shit, or the famous plagiarized Jewish line killing one blah blah blah…
    However suddenly they find themselves in deep shit, of all people, a non muslim female, like the very well versed and funny writer Istanbul Chick takes them and their crappy defence of the pervert prophet and islam apart, they soon slink off into the abyss wishing hell on all and sundry.
    This is Pat Condells site feedback page, a quite interesting barometer to the musloid defence of their “faith”. Makes you want to pervert to islam, they make such a great case for it.

  3. Plz block Muslim dickheads from commenting here. They brain wash us and convert us. They r the most cunning animals on earth.

  4. You have Created a website and posts Abusive comments about Islam. Is that what you are thought in the Bible . On the Day of Judgement (recompense) when you are asked about your attitude towards other Divine Religion , and other Prophets of God ( Mohammed (phub) Included ) . If your answer is always on that day . Do you Think Hod will grant you paradise ? Did Jesus preach to you to abuse or disrespect other Prophets of God . Why are you misleading yourself , your Family and your Generation . Your Generation will become
    A wasted generation until
    The day you seek the Truth about God . Seek God in the Islam way and you will find the Truth. Don’t rely on what you are being preached to in Church becos your pastor was not there when Jesus Delivered his Sermon . He is dependent on what imperfect Missonaries have compiled in the Bible .
    Be Wise. May God lead you to the Straight path and may He help
    You find the Truth .

  5. This new is fake..!! 100% fake
    However the force u applied to rubber band to pull backward it moves quite similar fast.. to the force applied
    similary my ISLAM is pure u try ur best..
    I hope Allah.. will peace on u..
    U can feel the presence of oxygen when u r last living ur breath..
    Before ur death feel ISLAM and convert into islam.. ISLAM is the Path of peace.. My brother god has given u everything dont forget allah..

    • Yes Yusuf. I agree. You are killing each other at an alarming rate. The rubber band you sling at non-muslims is definitely coming back to you. Peace in the name of Jesus-Christ.

  6. Those Allah Barbarians and their idea of soccer. It’s all very logical. They had no ball. The only problem was what to do with the remains. OH that’s it…leave the body part in the Grand Mosque at Mecca. it’s so normal there no one will notice!!

  7. Islam follows a homosexual child molester who supports hurting people for pleasure.
    This religion, and its people need to be eradicated from this earth. pile the bodies so high that when oil is poured over and lit, one could see the fire from space

  8. Kashif Naseem…..We don’t need to defame Islam. From what I have seen, your cult shows nothing but hatred towards any one that does not worship your cult. I have not seen anything “good” from it yet. When there is an obsession to force others to abide by your cultist rules, force people into worshipping your cult, there is nothing loving, peaceful or caring towards another human being about your cult. Instead you want to force everyone to worship your pagan god, force Sharia Law, force women to be more or less slaves (because Islam has no regards for a woman as a human being what so ever), force people into not being able to even speak their thoughts about Islam, the men have no sexual control over themselves and when they rape a woman, it’s the woman’s fault. Ummm, NO, it is not the woman’s fault, it’s the man’s fault who can’t keep their damn frick’n verga in their pants….SICK! It seems that cultist Islam is nothing but a frick’n control freak. Need I go on???? So to you Kaship Naseem…..chinga tu madre!!!! Oh wait, you probably would, then kill her because it’s her fault!!! So no we don’t defame Islam…..the people that worship this cult defame it on their own without our help!

    • I read your comment and I am sorry if you feel this way about Muslims. The characteristics you just described being a Muslim cannot be generalized to all the Muslims in the world for example raping. Last time I checked the most number of rapes that take place is in India by Hindus. Saudi Arabia is a very conservative place for men and women. Not many rapes there either. So, I guess I am safe to generalize that rape takes place irrespective of one’s religion. In USA army, women are allowed to be recruited, and guess what? most of them got gang raped during their mission. the USA soldiers were not Muslims, what happened there? I guess the same and usual, they couldn’t keep their wiener inside their pants. So, your argument against Islam is invalid and I am beating you with logic!

      Have you ever been forced to worship Muslims god? Have you ever met any Muslim who literally forced you verbally or physically into worshiping their God? Stop watching or reading content that stereotypes Muslims. We as Muslims have to apply Sharia Law in Muslim Countries for good reasons. We are not imposing sharia law to non-muslims, are we? are you being judged through sharia law? NO!

      Let me give you an example; Malaysia is a Muslim country with three races. 1 muslim race, the other two non-muslims. there is Sharia Law applied ONLY to Muslims in Malaysia but not to non-muslims, for them other non-sharia laws are imposed. So non-muslims are NOT forced to be treated by sharia law, no way! we Muslims don’t do that!

      In many Muslim countries, some parts (in minority), muslim men don’t allow their women to work merely not because they are slaves but its the respect given to them in our religion. Women in Islam has the highest prestige in the society and many Muslim men make sure to abide by that. Don’t mistake slavery with giving respect to women.

      Let me recall 1 event took place in Afghanistan; 1 birtish reporter got stuck and captured by afghanistani Muslims. They held her captive. When they released her, she immediately converted herself to Muslim. she states that during her captivity, she was expecting worse from Muslims, rape and torture and all, but instead she was blessed otherwise; with kind heartedness and respect! NO RAPE! This is just 1 event I have recalled, there are countless events where non-muslims women converted themselves to Muslims just because Islam holds women in high respect! Only if you could open your eyes! And get up from your couch and do some cultural exploring.

      • Excuse me…. most number of rapes are by Hindus in India???? Really? Really? Well at least we don’t fuck our own mothers, sisters and brothers wives asshole. We don’t commit rapes when we are still juveniles. We definitely don’t gang rape women and tear their body into two halves like the incident in Bengal. Fuck ur Islam, tell ur pedophile followers to leave our country mother fuckers. U bastards are spoiling our country by giving birth to 10 kids each. Son of a bitch don’t u ever take Hindus name again. Fuck u…fuck ur Allah…. god fuck u all

        • Sudheer: you forgot to factor in the population ratio for comparison purposes. Many more Indians than Swedes or Norwegians. So, naturally, the numbers would be higher in India. We all know that muslim men rape Indian women.

          As to Saudi Arabia and others, rape crimes are not reported. Family dishonor.

        • butthurt? cuz you know truth hurts… so yeah…. fuk you too. and yeah by the way, i saw the news flashing about an indian who died in the cow dung and piss during worshiping cow nuts and its ttities. that’s right you cunt, indians drink piss all day and sprinkle that piss on their heads for holy spiritual thingy yet totally un-hygienic, its true what they say, not muslims though but british and other white nationals, india is the producer of many uncurable diseases…. damn… that’s gotta hurt to live in a place like that, you whiny stinky sore-excuse of a human.

  9. ” “We believe the head belongs to this body. The body had apparently snapped off the body because of decomposition and rolled down to the park due to the rain,” Mecca police…”‘
    I’m sure the reporter meant “The HEAD had apparently snapped off the body..” BUT REALLY!!!! Since when does a human beings head SNAP off of it’s body after the person is dead?????? Unfreaknbelievable!!!!.

  10. Religion of piece – a little piece here a little piece there here a piece there a piece everywhere a piece old Muhammed had a mosque

  11. Could this be the beginning of a new Night of the Walking Dead Muslims? So how long was this body hanging around that its head finally snapped off? If only this were to happen to the Millions of savages that venture to that den of hate called Mecca.

  12. Seriously though, I don’t see the motive of your post relating the headless body in Holy Place Makkah. Are you trying to defame Islam through your stupid posts to people who are ignorant about Islam or have no idea of its origin?

    Your website is itself a propaganda. You are spreading negativity hence putting people in captivity of negativity.

    • KN, I don’t have to defame Islam, Muslims do that for me as seen in more than 13,000 posts here taken right from the international media. Don’t kill the messenger, Muslims are causing the world to hate them by their own sadistic, subhuman behavior.

      • Right right, you don’t have to defame Islam. Come on, just by navigating and reading your topics, its obvious that you LOATHE Islam. Be respectful of other’s religion. If I decided to hate Christianity or Bhuddism or any other religion, I will make sure and go way out of my way to bring and publish the posts with the heading “Christians raped women” or bla bla bla …. The point is, you can find negative stuff in every man/women following any religion. Go judge the person, not their religion. I am sure I can find thousands of news related to any religion I want to defame and post on the internet for people to see.

        • KN, you’re right, I do loathe Islam and want to see it made illegal in all civilized Western countries. The purpose of this blog for 5 years has been to defame Islam and its paedophile prophet inbred followers. There have been over 40 million visitors to this blog who now know the truth about your filthy death cult posing as a religion.


        • The good news is, out of your 40 million visitors, there are many who don’t like your website including non-muslims. So you can just bury yourself alive along with your website because the dream you wish to see come true is never gonna happen.

          btw, how did I ever land on your disgusting website? some group of non-muslim friends recommended me to have a look at what you guys are spreading. They themselves hate your content! Let alone any Muslim.

          And also for 5 years you are trying your best to defame Islam while millions of people are getting converted to Islam every year; people from Germany, Australia, Korea, Japan, Africa, America, Canada, Britain, China, Indonesia, and many other countries. So good luck!

          You go find as many pathetic exaggerated news against Islam as you want, but one day when you meet a true Muslim in your life, you WILL change your views about Muslims. InshAllah!

    • KN: Yesterday, 44 muslims were gunned down in Nigeria mosque by fellow muslims. And that is only one area in Nigeria… many more elsewhere in the Islamic world were killed also. Every day… not one day without killings and bloodshed.

      We understand very well that WE are your primary target, after the Jews, and if we are not present, you kill each other.

      Who is defaming who? Allahu Akhbar!

      • Oh so allow me to judge you as well (since you are judging Islam based on havoc caused in Nigeria), so you are a pathetic lazy-ass person sitting on the couch watching CNN all day or in general watching media to keep yourself updated with the world, congrats, you have officially made a fool outa yourself through the Illuminati agenda to control the world esp the minds of weak souls.

        Might as well go and worship satan.

        A person who can’t even think conspiracy behind any news very well presented to you by our beloved world wide media is as good as dead. There is very old news for this matter, Connecticut school shooting where many innocent white kids died. I have done some research myself and concluded that this attack was purely staged by USA itself to pass the law about Americans citizens not being able to possess weapons. Now tell me, USA brags about human rights and national security all the time, why did they stage that school attack just to be able to pass the law, if they really cared about the human right to live? Should I or anyone go and blame Islam for this?

        You see, I thought outside the box, I can’t be controlled by media easily. There are many Americans and other nationals who are like me.

        • KN: So sorry, my love, but I would NEVER CONTAMINATE my intelligence with CNN. The last statistics confirmed that 70% now get their news from the blogs and websites, such as BNI.

          I speak French and relatively good Spanish also. A lot of websites there also.

        • Okay, you don’t contaminate your intelligence with CNN, can I ask you why? CNN or BBC is no different from BNI when it comes to talk about Islam and its terrorism. So you wouldn’t contaminate your mind with CNN but rather read blogs on the internet like BNI. You just contradicted yourself, honey.


        • No I asked her a question and concluded that she is contradicting herself because she made no sense with that CNN thingy.

    • A peaceful religion of acid baths and beheadings by animals who live in the mindset of 1000+ years ago. Go ahead say something like “what about the crusades by christians?” So i can say where are all of the hospitals, missionary outreaches amd humanitarian efforts fronted by mosque leaders. Ignorance is thinking that you can convince people that factuality doesnt exist when yiu try to spread lies….

    • What’s wrong Asshit? Does this upset you? Are you offended by a minority amount of people who share true facts about Islam and it’s followers with each other? Being that Muslims constantly attack, murder, rape and torture innocent people daily just for being Christian or Jewish, your comment is so ridiculously ironic, I’m having a hard time typing this because I’m laughing so hard at you. Muslims constantly are torturing and murdering innocents due to the actions of a tiny minority, the movie “Innocence of Muslims” is a perfect example. It’s hilarious that you have any issues about this blog because all the “negativity” against Muslims, is 100% self inflicted. You should be speaking out and stopping the members of the Muslim community who are responsible for the “defamation” of Islam. You Muzlims don’t even realize that murder, torture and rape of non-Muslims is supposedly blasphemy in the Qu’rag.

      This story isn’t made up, it’s fact. Explain how reporting the savage bloodthirsty Muslim acts in the name of “Allah” is propaganda? How is reporting news of Muslim actions propaganda? If Muslims acted like humans and weren’t responsible for so much violence and hate, there’d be no “Propaganda” against Muslims and Islam. The fact is a simple one that even someone as moronic as you should be able to understand. Cutting the head off of another human being and then putting the head in a parking lot for everyone to see, is vile and disgusting.

      You’re the typical hypocritical Muzlim moron who blames Western societies for oppression of Muslims and Islam. Here’s a little reality, The only people who oppress Muslims and Islam,

      Is Muslims and Islam.

      Western civilized Societies considers a 53 yr old man having sex with a 9 yr old girl as a Pedophile. Muslims consider a 53 yr old man who has sex with a 9 yr old a “prophet” and strive to be just like that 53 yr old pedophile rapist Muhammed.

      • Exactly! there are only LIMITED stupid narrow-minded satanic people like you who like to share stuff against Islam. There is a reason why people like you are in minority and can never go in majority form. Good! be minor and get crushed!

        I don’t even want to write long essays to prove you wrong, cuz that’s just how ignorant you are!

    • The presence of that head and body does not make your place of worship holy.
      I doubt you even have any rites of purification to do after you encounter such a thing.
      Islam is profane.
      Mohammed is a false prophet.
      Your “allah” is a demon.
      You are a people of blood sacrifice. We judge you. We find you wanting in charity, virtue and above all, in holiness.

  13. I laughed so much when I read that story. I was thinking ‘do they have that many headless bodies hanging around that they can’t match up the heads they find’.

  14. As the song goes,..”..and I shouted it should ave been me..oh-oh it should ave been me”…..

  15. Someone who knew mohamMAD for who he TRULY is (HINT: NOT because he’s a “prophet” ~ he’s NOT! ;^)

    • Come up with something new…The head chopping crap is in all of your video’s. Time to come up with a new platform. Why don’t you Muslims just cram your heads in your asses and walk aroung for effect. That might get people’s attention. This doesn’t phase us anymore, it has lost its effect.